Send a text anonymously

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Send a text anonymously
Send a text anonymously

Communicating in an increasingly digital society can be overwhelming. While most people value their privacy, it can be difficult to remain anonymous. If you want to send a text message and still want to remain anonymous, you can do this in several ways. Read on to learn how to send a text anonymously.


Method 1 of 4: Via an email account

Send an Anonymous Text Step 1

Step 1. Create a new email address for yourself

It is better not to use your personal account as the recipient will be able to view your personal information (name, email address, etc.). Instead, choose to create a completely new and free email address (on Google, Yahoo, etc.) and make sure that no personal information about yourself is entered.

Get a Guy's Phone Number Step 1

Step 2. Find the phone number of the person in question

Make sure you find out the phone number and make sure it belongs to the person you want to message.

Although you are sending an email, in addition to the recipient's email address, you will also need his or her phone number

Send an Anonymous Text Step 3

Step 3. Find out which telecom provider the person in question is with

The person who wants to send you a message will have a telecom provider, such as KPN, BEN or T-Mobile. All these telecom providers make it possible to send a message to someone's phone via e-mail. To find out which telecom provider someone is with, you can either ask the person or use one of the following sites to look it up:

Send an Anonymous Text Step 4

Step 4. Combine your contact's phone number with his or her operator's email

In other words, you will compose an email that the person will receive on his or her phone instead of in his or her email account. Simply enter the ten-digit phone number (no hyphens or spaces) and then choose one of the following email templates for the specific operator:

Send an Anonymous Text Step 5

Step 5. Compose a new email using your new email account

Once you have gathered all the necessary information about the person you wish to contact, you must log into your new email account and compose a new email. Enter the phone number and corresponding email template from the list above. Then click Send.

  • Leave the subject line blank to make the email look more like a real text message.
  • Your contact will receive an anonymous text message.

Method 2 of 4: Via an iPhone app

Send an Anonymous Text Step 6

Step #1. Select an app for your iPhone

While there are no iPhone apps that hide a real phone number, there are quite a few apps that will create a new, fake number with which you can send messages. The list below contains some examples of possible apps:

  • Pinger
  • TextPlus
  • TextNow
  • Burner
  • Wickr
  • back chat
Send an Anonymous Text Step 7

Step #2. Open the App Store

After that, look at the bottom right corner and click Search.

Send an Anonymous Text Step 8

Step 3. Type in the desired app

Or you can perform a general search by entering Anonymous Text. Various results will appear. Click on the desired app, then click DOWNLOAD (most such apps are free) and install the app.

Send an Anonymous Text Step 9

Step 4. Enter your Apple ID password

After you click Install, the system will ask you to confirm your password. Enter this in the appropriate text box. Then click OK.

Send an Anonymous Text Step 10

Step 5. Click Open

Once the app is installed, click Open. You will be prompted to log in or sign up. Click sign up and enter your phone number. Remember that you must enter a real phone number at this point. You will probably receive a message from the app with a confirmation code. After you have successfully logged in, the app will ask you to create a new fake number. Or you can let the app automatically create a number for you.

Keep in mind that some apps, such as Burner, are free to download but do charge for sending anonymous texts

Send an Anonymous Text Step 11

Step 6. Send your text

Once you have installed the app, you simply have to write a text in the app. Enter your contact's phone number and click Submit.

Your contact will receive an anonymous text message

Method 3 of 4: Via an Andoid app

Send an Anonymous Text Step 12

Step 1. Select an app for your Android

There are some options that allow you to hide your own number while continuing to send messages with your Android phone. Below is a list of some possible options:

  • Anonymoustext
  • Anonymous Texting
  • Private Text Messaging
  • Anonymous SMS
Send an Anonymous Text Step 13

Step #2. Open the Google Play Store

Click on the Google Play icon and then click on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen. Click Store Home.

Send an Anonymous Text Step 14

Step 3. Click on the search icon

Click the search icon in the top right corner. Then type in the app you want or do a general search by typing Anonymous Text.

Send an Anonymous Text Step 15

Step 4. Choose an app to send anonymous messages

Once you have made a choice, you have to click on the app you want to download. Some apps are free, others you have to pay.

Depending on whether the app is free or not, you will have to click Install or click the price of the app

Send an Anonymous Text Step 16

Step 5. Open the app

Once the app is installed, you can simply open the app. Some apps will offer you some free messages, but others will require you to pay before you can use the app's services.

Send an Anonymous Text Step 17

Step 6. Enter your contact's phone number

Click the option to compose your message and enter your contact's phone number. Write your message and click Send. Most apps are very user-friendly and will guide you through all the different steps.

Your contact will receive an anonymous text message

Method 4 of 4: Via online sites to send anonymous messages

Send an Anonymous Text Step 18

Step 1. Choose a site to send anonymous messages

You can do a basic search on the internet such as Anonymous Text Messages or Free Anonymous Messages.

Send an Anonymous Text Step 19

Step 2. Read the rules of the website you have chosen

The standard rules usually prohibit using the services to commit fraud, stalking or other crimes. Additional rules can be about costs, how often you can use the service, privacy and many other things.

  • Some free text messaging services have been taken off the internet because they were abused. Verify that the service you want to use is still active and carefully read the Terms and Conditions listed on the website.
  • Know that these services can find out your IP address. In other words, don't use these services to do anything illegal because you will be caught.
Call London Step 1

Step 3. Enter false information about the sender if necessary

Some services require you to enter a phone number, but that's not always the case. If you need to come up with a fake phone number, you can make it more convincing by adding a random number to your area code. You can also choose something that is obviously fake like 555-555-5555.

Services that specialize in anonymous text messages usually don't require you to enter a phone number. Instead, the service will usually create a fake phone number itself to send the message

Send an Anonymous Text Step 21

Step 4. Type in the recipient's phone number

This information is required in all cases. Enter the recipient's full ten-digit phone number, including the area code. Some anonymous text messaging services will also ask you to select the specific operator.

Send an Anonymous Text Step 22

Step 5. Write and send your message

Type the message, review the website requirements, and then click the Submit or Submit button.

  • Your contact will receive an anonymous text message.
  • Some of these services limit the number of characters. Usually this corresponds to the number of characters you can send in a text message via your mobile phone, so somewhere between 130 and 500 characters.


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