Show your girlfriend how much you care

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Show your girlfriend how much you care
Show your girlfriend how much you care

You know you care about your girlfriend, but you worry about not showing it enough. Maybe she's starting to look like she's seen it. Here are a few tips to add some color to your relationship and show her that she's the most important thing in the world to you.


Method 1 of 3: Things you can do every day

Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 1

Step 1. Be direct

Don't assume your girlfriend knows how you feel about her. Be sure to tell her exactly how you feel. Ambiguity leads to uncertainty and this can put a strain on your relationship.

Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 2

Step 2. Ask her how her day went

You are her confidante, so listen to everything she has to say. Help her to calm down by talking through all the problems she encounters. Show empathy with her and share highs and lows. This will help create a mutual bond.

Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 3

Step 3. Listen

The importance of listening in a relationship cannot be overemphasized.

  • Even if what she's saying bores you, keep paying attention to it, because it's important to her.
  • Learn to listen 'between the lines' and draw conclusions about what you can do.
  • Listening shows her that you are part of her life and will gain her trust.
  • Don't just listen, respond to what she says. Join the conversation, but don't take over.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 4

Step 4. Give her simple compliments

Always be sincere, because it's obvious when you're not.

  • Let her know that she looks very radiant today.
  • When she gets a different haircut, say something positive about it.
  • Compliment her on something she has done in class/at work.
  • Make a positive comment about the clothes she wears.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 5

Step 5. Trust her

If you don't trust your girlfriend, she won't trust you. Any good relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust.

  • If she's going out with friends, don't call or text her every 20 minutes. Give her the opportunity to have fun without you.
  • Avoid jealousy. Let her talk to other guys/men without interfering and being protective. Just because you two go out doesn't mean she can only talk to you.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 6

Step 6. Be respectful

Always treat her with the utmost respect, even if you are arguing.

  • Be respectful of her even when she's not around. Don't gossip about her behind her back.
  • Bring up things that bother you right away. Don't bottle them up, but be open and direct.
  • Respect her intelligence. Don't assume she needs help with everything.
  • Don't immediately put down all her ideas. A relationship is an equal partnership.
  • Never resort to name-calling or physical abuse.

Method 2 of 3: Nice surprises

Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 7

Step 1. Write her a love letter

A handwritten letter shows her that you care enough to share your feelings with her. Make sure the letter is handwritten; a typed and printed note is not enough! Here are a few opening lines:

  • 'I've been thinking about you all day…'
  • "I wish I could be with you now, but this letter will have to do first…"
  • 'I can't wait to see you again…'
  • Place the letter where it will have the greatest impact. Ideally, finding the letter should come as a surprise. For example, if you know she has to read certain pages of a book for school, put it between those pages. If you sleep together, write a note on the bathroom mirror with soap, or put a note on her nightstand.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 8

Step 2. Don't forget to say you love her

She will never forget the moment you declare your love.

Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 9

Step 3. Contact her again before she goes to sleep

Text her or text her before going to bed. Think of this as an "instop phone call," and it's a very powerful way to show her that you care.

  • Calling before bed lets her know she's on your mind.
  • You are the last thing on her mind before she falls asleep.
  • It gives her someone to talk to about problems she encountered that day, which will help her sleep better.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 10

Step 4. Surprise her with a sweet treat

  • You have chocolate ranging from cheap to quite expensive. It doesn't have to be a rib of your body, but look a little further than a regular bar of chocolate. Look for a chocolate shop and remember that less is more.
  • Imported candies are a luxurious way to show her you care, and can be a surprise to try. They are also not ridiculously expensive.
  • Bake cookies for her. This shows how attentive you are and how well you know your way around the kitchen.
  • If she doesn't like sweets, surprise her with her favorite snack.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 11

Step 5. Give her flowers

This is one of the most traditional ways to show your affection, and it is very effective. They are colorful and cheerful, and the freshness is a vitalizing gift. However, flowers can be very expensive, so save them for a really special occasion.

  • Most supermarkets have bouquets for sale for less than €20.
  • If you know what your girlfriend's favorite flowers or colors are, talk to a florist and let them help you put together a bouquet.
  • If you know where to find wild flowers, pick them yourself and make your own bouquet. Just make sure you don't accidentally pick someone else's flowers.
  • If your girlfriend is having a bad day at work, have some flowers delivered. This can be very expensive, but show that you care and she can make her coworkers jealous.
  • A single flower can work just as well as an entire bouquet. It is the gesture of giving that matters most.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 12

Step 6. Give something simple

A surprise can add some color to an otherwise ordinary and dull day and really let her know you're thinking of her. Some suggestions:

  • Love coupon. Give her some coupons that she can cash in on by letting you do things for her. For example: romantic dinners, movie night, hugs and kisses to order, etc.
  • A piece of jewelry. Clothes can be expensive, but a nice piece of jewelry can make a great gift and you don't have to loot your bank account for it. Look for hats, scarves or handbags.
  • A bottle of wine and a few wine glasses.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 13

Step 7. Show her your affection when she least expects it

Surprise her and you will leave a much more lasting impression.

  • Surprise her when she's at work and give her a quick kiss.
  • Give her an extra hug before she goes to school or work.
  • Pull her against you when you are out for a walk on a cold day.
  • Grab her hand when you are out walking in public.

Method 3 of 3: Go all out

Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 14

Step 1. Get to know her friends and family

Do everything you can to like them and be friendly with them. They are an important part of your girlfriend's life, and you need to show that you respect that. This will let your girlfriend know that you take the relationship seriously.

Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 15

Step 2. Plan a treasure hunt

This can be a fun way to spend an afternoon and the thought and planning you put into it will show her that you care.

  • Make up a treasure first. This can be almost anything from a piece of jewelry to a dinner party, or something more personal.
  • Schedule the hunt. Decide how long the hunt can last and where you want it to take place. Frequently used places are the first place you met and 'our first time eating out together'.
  • Write this on notes. Post the first one where you know she will find them. Write something like 'I have a short game for you to play; the next clue can be found [location of next clue].'
  • Don't make the hunt too difficult, the aim is to keep it fun!
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 16

Step 3. Cook for hate

Not only is that a good idea for a date, it also shows that you know your way around the kitchen. Don't worry too much about failure, the thought behind it is much more important than the execution.

  • Plan your meal. Find some easy recipes with not too many steps. Try to time the preparations so that everything is ready on time.
  • Make sure the meal is balanced. Add vegetables and do not serve too large portions.
  • Pasta is usually a safe choice because it is fairly easy to cook and most people like it.
  • The dinner place should be cleaned before dinner. Light one or two candles and make sure all cutlery is placed correctly.
  • If you are old enough, add a modest glass of wine.

Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 17

Step 4. Make a Mix CD/Playlist for her

  • The idea of ​​the Mix CD can be traced all the way back to the days of the Mix Tapes. What matters is that you collect music that you feel she likes, alongside songs that show how much you care about her. Memory is strongly influenced by music, and a good Mix CD will be remembered for a long time.
  • Create the list of tracks. The idea is that you can run the whole thing without getting bored of wanting to skip track. Make sure the first song grabs her attention, and that the following songs fit together.
  • Most music software does allow you to burn CDs. See wikiHow for more instructions on how to burn a CD.
  • If she uses a service like iTunes or Spotify, you can create a digital playlist and share it with her. This offers the opportunity to create a longer playlist than is possible with a CD, but the lack of something tangible can make the gift feel less special.
Show Your Girlfriend How Much You Care (for Guys) Step 18

Step 5. Plan a picnic

In the same way as making dinner, you can plan a picnic to show her that you care and that you can think ahead.

  • Make sure the weather is good. The weather forecast changes all the time, so keep in mind that your plans could be changed if it suddenly started falling from the sky.
  • Prepare a light lunch. A picnic should be light and airy, and the food should reflect that. Make sandwiches, cut some fruits and vegetables to take with you. Make iced tea to go with it.
  • Keep the picnic somewhere nice. Depending on your location, you can look for a place with a lot of natural beauty. Along a river, the beach or a meadow are all excellent locations for a picnic. Go ahead and look for secluded places.

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