Accept That He Just Doesn't Like You That Much (with Pictures)

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Accept That He Just Doesn't Like You That Much (with Pictures)
Accept That He Just Doesn't Like You That Much (with Pictures)

Sometimes you just have to accept that the guy you like doesn't feel the same way about you. When you find yourself wondering, "Why isn't he calling me? Why doesn't he care?" then it's time to move on to other men -- there are plenty of them. As much as it hurts, you have to face the reality that he just doesn't like you that much -- and move on. You deserve a relationship with someone who won't leave you wondering how he or she feels about you!


Part 1 of 3: Facing the truth

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Step 1. Stop making excuses for his behavior

If a man really likes you and is ready for a relationship, then it will be obvious to you. Otherwise, he's either stringing you along, he's not ready for a relationship for some reason, or he doesn't want to tell you the truth himself.

Maybe he was hurt in his last relationship and is still healing from that experience, or he simply isn't interested for whatever reason. It's not up to you to figure out why he isn't calling or to try to fix the situation

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Step 2. Be aware of the signs of a one-sided relationship

If you constantly need to reassure yourself that he will eventually show interest if you just wait a little longer, then you're probably in a one-sided relationship. Some say distance enhances love, but his distance probably just makes him seem more alluring to you, while being free to come and go as he pleases.

  • Some behavioral signs to watch out for include one partner showing more interest than the other, doing things like asking about the other person's life/day, inviting the other to events, asking the other about what he or she likes find, and so on. Another sign could be that one person prioritizes the relationship more than the other, such as checking for confirmation of plans, thinking about the other before making plans, making time for phone calls or dates, and so on.
  • If you find yourself listening to sad songs and staring at the phone that may never ring, then you're probably in a one-sided relationship.
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Step 3. Don't try to be someone you are not

It's dangerous to change yourself to be something you think he wants. Take it seriously when trusted friends and relatives notice or comment on how you're changing yourself to "get a man." Changing yourself for someone won't lead to a healthy relationship. And it's so much more fun to be with someone who cares about the real you, knows and admires them.

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Step #4. Watch out for the red flags you've been ignoring

Often behavior speaks louder than words, and when you stop making excuses for him and see his disinterested behavior for what it really is, you will free yourself to find a more balanced relationship with someone who deserves your love. After all, you deserve someone who can't wait to spend time with you, not someone you have to coax into even calling you.

  • If you're not sure about his feelings for you, constantly wondering how your relationship is going or whether or not he wants a relationship with you, he probably just doesn't like you that much.
  • If he tells you he doesn't know what he wants, believe him! He doesn't answer your interest, and you deserve a relationship that doesn't leave you wondering what your place is in his life.
  • If he calls you or wants to see you on the weekend, but is completely unreachable during the week, then something's going on. You may tell yourself that he is busy with work or school, but when a man is really interested in a committed relationship, he will find the time to communicate with you.
  • If he often talks about his ex, he probably isn't over him or her yet, so he isn't ready for a relationship with you.
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Step 5. Be honest with yourself

The best way to deal with the pain of rejection is not to lie to yourself as if you don't care. Just accept the truth that you misjudged his interest and got hurt in the process.

  • Think about the possibility that your feelings for him have grown simply by the fact that they are not reciprocated. We often want what we can't get.
  • Keep in mind that there are things that are not under your control. You can't make someone like or love you, or even change their behavior no matter how much you want to. He or she must be willing to do it himself.
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Step 6. Acknowledge your feelings

Your feelings are real and valid, and it can help to know that falling in love with someone is behavior that is completely normal, human and healthy. Even if love isn't reciprocated, it's important to recognize that you have deep feelings for someone.

  • Talk to a trusted friend or counselor/psychologist to help you process your feelings and avoid the urge to suppress them because they are painful.
  • Give yourself permission to think about how you feel about him, but try to limit your thoughts to just a few minutes a day so they don't become all-encompassing and obsessive.
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Step 7. Be kind to yourself

Think positively about yourself, and keep in mind all your good qualities and activities that you love. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, go for a walk on a beautiful day, or spend some time with a good friend.

  • Create a mantra. Think of a short, positive thought to say to yourself when you're feeling down and need reassurance that everything will be okay. This could be something as simple as, "keep your head straight and your heart open."
  • Meditate in a quiet place for a few minutes each day. Think of this experience as an opportunity for personal growth, and keep in mind that you won't always feel that way. The way you deal with your loss will help you grow stronger as a person.
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Step 8. Take back your power

Your worth as a person has nothing to do with his perception of you. Remember that his lack of interest in a relationship with you doesn't mean you're not worthy of a great relationship with the right person. Never let another person's interest or lack of interest determine your own self-worth.

Put yourself in his shoes. There's a good chance he's not trying to hurt you. Have you ever had to gently reject someone you had no interest in? Keep in mind that next time you may be the one who isn't very interested in someone who has unrequited feelings for you

Part 2 of 3: Letting go of false hope

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Step 1. Control your expectations

Once you've found some clarity about the situation and found out that your feelings for him aren't reciprocated, then it's time to control your expectations about what will happen in reality. The expectation that today will be that he asks you out, wants to get back together, or finally realizes that you are the girl of his dreams only helps you stay in the painful cycle where you get hopeful and then keep getting being disappointed again.

  • Keep your expectations for the day on things you can control, such as having lunch with a friend, getting to class on time, and enjoying some time in nature.
  • Start each day with a positive outlook. Don't let your own happiness depend on whether or not he comes in contact with you. You have no control over how another person feels or behaves. By controlling your own expectations of what you think is supposed to happen, you can give yourself some peace of mind.
  • Be open to every possibility. For example, if he hasn't called you for several days, you can let yourself stop stressing about the idea that it might happen today. By letting go of the expectation, you free yourself from the pain of not being fulfilled by that expectation.
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Step 2. Avoid magical thinking

Magical thinking is the tendency we learn as children to romanticize everything, and to find extra meaning and purpose in a relationship when it really doesn't exist. When you think you've found 'the right one', that fate brought you together, or that the two of you are meant to be together, it can be hard to hope that he will eventually see you as the perfect girl for him. to let him go.

  • Take off your rose-colored glasses. Show yourself through your idealized version of him to see his flaws. The truth is that there is no 'perfect' person or relationship. Magical thinking is unhealthy because it creates fairytale standards that no real person could ever meet.
  • Let go of unhealthy beliefs and rituals, such as getting up on one side of the bed every morning with the hope that this will cause him to call you that day. Accept that there is no causal relationship between your actions and his actions.
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Step 3. Let yourself grieve

When his lack of interest in a relationship has become undeniable, it's time to deal with the pain. Be kind to yourself, because you probably feel ashamed and rebuked yourself for opening your heart. Remember you are only human. We all have feelings, hope, and need for love. It's part of us. Forgive yourself because you never intended to hurt yourself.

  • Pamper yourself with a warm bubble bath or by going to the nail salon.
  • Talk to your friends and family, and let them comfort you. We have all experienced a similar situation.
  • Take yourself on a date to a movie you've been wanting to see.
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Step 4. Be indifferent

It can be hard to contain your feelings when you're around him, especially if you're working or in class together. Instead of focusing on him and your uncomfortable feelings, focus on doing your best work, or helping someone else out on a project.

  • Make plans to go somewhere else right after class or work so you don't have to worry about talking to him.
  • Always be nice but hold back when you do need to talk to him.
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Step 5. Delete his contact information

Remove his phone number from your phone so you don't feel the urge to text or call him. Also, remove him from your social media so you can't contact him that way, and so there's no risk of getting heartbroken all over again by seeing him with someone else.

Also make sure you delete his text messages and voicemails too so you can't go back to read or listen to them again

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Step 6. Fill up your calendar

Make sure to engage in new activities and enjoy your own life. Now is the time to sign up for those art classes you've been wanting to take, or take a trip somewhere.

Keep yourself busy with planning with friends as a way to deal with rejection and grief. Build a daily routine for yourself and spend time with friends and family to get support

Part 3 of 3: Moving on

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Step 1. Take your time

Having feelings for someone that are not reciprocated is a painful experience. Give yourself enough time to heal and reflect on what you have learned about yourself. Taking the time for introspection and self-evaluation can help you take stock of what happened, and notice patterns that may exist in all of your relationships.

Let go of your regrets about what happened, and see this as a time to heal your broken heart

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Step 2. Date other people

By being open to dating others, you will probably realize that the man who broke your heart wasn't the right one for you after all. There are plenty of other men!

Before jumping into a throwback relationship with someone else, say to yourself, "I hope I'm not going to find the right one. I'm not living in a fairytale, and I'm already complete. I don't need a man to be happy."

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Step 3. Heal your heart

You are just the way you are perfect; you are the most important person in your life. Build a life you can be proud of and don't let another man define your worth for you. Love yourself and make yourself happy before you love someone else!

  • Make sure your heart is completely healed before you share it with someone else. You may want to wait a while before dating someone else.
  • Build your self-esteem and confidence again. Your self-esteem is probably hurt. Immerse yourself in activities that make you feel confident, such as playing your favorite sport or preparing meals for your family.
  • Set aside some time in your life for the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled. Don't forget to spend some time alone as well.
  • Be patient with the healing process. It may take some time for your heart to recover from the pain of unrequited love.
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Step 4. Learn about healthy relationships

It is important that you do not carry the baggage of this experience into your next relationship. Observe the romantic relationships in your life, be it your parents' relationship or your best friend's relationship with her boyfriend, to ensure you can continue in a positive way. Ask the people in these seemingly happy, healthy relationships for advice and information.

  • You can also research online or borrow a self-help book on healthy relationships from the library.
  • Educate yourself about the characteristics of healthy relationships by visiting the following site:


  • Don't think too much. Just go on. There are plenty of other men in the world!
  • You can take your experience of unrequited love as a lesson, remembering how you've grown by learning to love yourself.
  • Remember, he wasn't worth your time anyway if he made you unhappy.


  • Don't make your loss known to the world, and don't wear your grief on the outside as an homage.
  • Don't call him when you're drunk.
  • Don't be vengeful and don't try to sabotage his future relationships.

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