Growing Character (with Pictures)

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Growing Character (with Pictures)
Growing Character (with Pictures)

Character, from the Greek word "χαρακτήρας", is a term originally used for the stamp on a coin. It is known today as the sum of all personal qualities such as integrity, courage, persistence, honesty and loyalty. Character is arguably the most important core value a person can possess as it defines who a person is. Strengthening one's own character is like transforming yourself into a productive person, within the personal sphere of influence. Read on below for some advice on strengthening your character, or training your moral discipline.


Strengthen Character Step 1

Step 1. Understand what a strong character accomplishes

Character consists of having qualities that allow you to control your instincts and passions, exercise self-control, and resist the myriad temptations that constantly confront you. Moreover, having character means being free from bias and prejudice, and is about showing tolerance, love and respect for others.

Strengthen Character Step 2

Step 2. Understand why character is important to yourself and especially to others:

  • Character helps you to exercise your free will, and gives you the ability to deal with adversity. It will ultimately help you achieve your goals.
  • You can use it to investigate the causes of bad luck, instead of just complaining about it, as many people tend to do.
  • It gives you the courage to admit your own mistakes, frivolity and weaknesses.
  • It gives you the strength to brace yourself when the tide turns against you, and keep climbing despite all the obstacles.
Strengthen Character Step 3

Step 3. Show empathy

The most important way to make your personality stronger: show empathy for others, especially the weaker minds, and love others as yourself. This can come at a cost and prompt you to examine your own motives so that you can sympathize generously with others. Empathy differs in meaning from sympathy, because empathy requires you to project yourself and take action if necessary (look within and help the other person clear their path); while sympathy implies an emotional but passive response, such as listening, watching and imitating, without exposing oneself to it.

Strengthen Character Step 4

Step 4. Look for the truth

Choose reason over pure emotion. A person of strong character will reason with all facts and not be biased/biased by emotions. Arrange most matters by reasoning, and avoid getting caught up in the chaos of your sensations, realizing that "taste is indisputable" and hunches and attraction are inexplicable, while reason is based on evidence.

Strengthen Character Step 5

Step 5. Don't be a pessimist or an optimist, be a leader

A pessimist complains about the wind, an optimist expects the wind to blow from a more favorable angle, but the leader takes action and adjusts the sails to ensure they are ready for any type of weather.

Strengthen Character Step 6

Step 6. Beware of irrational impulses

Aristotle and Aquinas distinguished seven human passions: love and hate, desire and fear, joy and sorrow and anger. While good in their own right, these passions can bypass our intellect and cause us to indulge in the wrong things: overeating, irrational fear, or being overwhelmed by anger or sadness. The answer to this is always look before you jump and maintain good habits, to free yourself from the bondage of your own passions. Excessive sensual appetites are the hallmarks of a weak character; the ability to delay gratification and self-control is a sign of strength.

Strengthen Character Step 7

Step 7. Be content with yourself (don't imitate others)

Appreciate your own values ​​and that which you have. Thinking the grass is greener elsewhere is a recipe for a lifetime of grief; remember that this is actually a projection of your assumptions about how others live. Better to focus on how you live.

Strengthen Character Step 8

Step 8. Be brave enough to take calculated risks

If you avoid the struggle, then you must forgo the victory and the joy associated with it. Be neither cowardly nor aloof, and do not shirk your rightful duties, but be courageous in order to contribute to the advancement of mankind.

Strengthen Character Step 9

Step 9. Push aside any outside suggestions that hinder a decision you've made

Every individual has their own interests in mind, consciously or unconsciously. Do not impose your will on others, and do not allow others to impose their will on you. Keep realizing and accepting that different people will make different suggestions, and you can't please everyone. Find the right way and follow that path, without turning to the right or left. Steer yourself and never stray from the right path.

Strengthen Character Step 10

Step 10. Learn to do good and shun/avoid evil

Seek peace and earnestly strive for it. focus not on personal goals that trample on the needs of others, but pursue noble and dignified motives, which can benefit society as a whole. If you look for purely personal gain, you will eventually come into conflict with others and fail. If you seek that which is mutually beneficial, then everyone can benefit from it and you will also gain sufficient personal gain.

Strengthen Character Step 11

Step 11. Learn to control your feelings

Avoid you by letting anything but common sense guide your decisions in everyday life. It can often be difficult and sometimes impossible not to give in to deep feelings, but you can learn to suppress and overcome their expression by relying on your common sense and good judgment.

Strengthen Character Step 12

Step 12. Be neither lost nor miserly, but seek the middle way

The ability to look for the middle ground is the mark of a strong character capable of withstanding extremes.

Strengthen Character Step 13

Step 13. Stay calm under all circumstances

Tranquility is a state of tranquility that allows you to concentrate and collect your divergent thoughts and benefit from meditation. Contemplation leads to ideas, ideas lead to opportunities, and opportunities lead to success. Calmness is a sine qua non of a strong character. Without rest, a character cannot be powerful. Without rest, passion easily overheats, turning into an intense desire that gets in the way of common sense. Rust is not the enemy of feelings, but its regulator, offering them the right amount of expression.

Strengthen Character Step 14

Step 14. Focus on the positive things in life and leave little time for the negative

A doctor once told a young woman who complained about all kinds of problems for which she expected a remedy from him: "Don't think about it: that is the most potent of all remedies." Physical and mental pain can be relieved by willpower, by diverting the mind in a different direction, but can also be exacerbated by becoming absorbed in it.

Strengthen Character Step 15

Step 15. Fight fatalism

Each individual is responsible for his or her own development and happiness. To accept fatalism, that is, to believe that fate is fixed, is to discourage yourself from taking all the initiatives you can to improve your life and self. Fate is blind and deaf; it will not hear us, nor notice us. Instead, it is better to realize that recovering from calamities and changing your destiny into something better are the ways to strengthen your character and improve your lot in life. Work on your happiness; don't wait for someone else or something else to do this for you, because that will never happen unless you persist.

Strengthen Character Step 16

Step 16. Be patient – ​​to set, pursue and persevere with your goals with enthusiasm, in the short, medium and long term:

that is progress (success). Success is progress -- not a destination. A person of strong character will not stop when faced with obstacles, but will persevere to the end and overcome all obstacles. Learn to delay gratification in life, learn to wait as part of your development, and learn that time can be your friend; time to learn, apply what you have learned and see how you grow. It also helps to know what's worth fighting for and when to put things to rest; sometimes letting go is accepting a gift of life, rather than clinging to a sinking ship.

Strengthen Character Step 17

Step 17. Overcome all fears

Being timid is a stumbling block to success. Don't use superstitions based on superficial considerations, but accept facts based on solid reasoning. Do not build your foundation on sand, but rather build on a rock. Once you have conquered your fear, your character will be strong enough to think, be determined and overcome.

Strengthen Character Step 18

Step 18. Just as a gardener has to remove all weeds in order to grow crops, you will also have to expel from your mind all weak thoughts that act like weeds and sap your willpower

Beware of excessive emotions, and know exactly what they mean. When you find yourself absorbed in a certain overwhelming emotion, immediately do something else for 15 minutes to an hour to occupy yourself. Many great warriors have died when they reacted too impulsively to insults, and went into battle with their tormentors too quickly, without sufficient preparation, but acted above all hot-headed. Learn to overcome such weakness with some practice, and remember that anger is a common vice of everyone with a weak character.

Strengthen Character Step 19

Step 19. Be cool, circumspect, discerning and cautious in business

Cultivate your mind with logic, and run your business accordingly.

Strengthen Character Step 20

Step 20. Always be honest in everything and in every aspect of your life

If you are dishonest, you are dishonest to yourself, and that is an attack on your character.

Strengthen Character Step 21

Step 21. And lastly, excel wherever you are, and give your best in whatever you do

Work hard and shun vanity like the plague. Likewise, learn to value leisure for its ability to rejuvenate and inspire you to move forward with your good deeds.


  • Be a man/woman of your word and resist the temptation of lies; truth creates character. Also learn to be a decision maker.
  • Make sure you have discipline and self-control. Stay away from your bad impulses (including destructive acts 'or' actions you later regret) and obsessive-compulsive behaviors that can become a habit and disfigure your character.
  • Be happy. Happiness is health. Happiness gives you the strength to overcome monotony and dispel the boredom in life. This allows you to get the best out of everything. Happiness is a state of mind. It has been noted that smiles are more likely to be seen on the faces of those of modest means than on those of wealthy Wall Street bankers.
  • Get exercise to train your stamina. The mind and the body are connected. So train your physical stamina to strengthen your mental stamina.
  • Be a good friend. Dedicate yourself to your friend and be willing to make sacrifices. Never hold grudges and put aside all minor incidents. Live in harmony with others. Don't be selfish: always think in the interests of others.
  • Character and deeds are linked. Excellent habits lead to excellent character.

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