Be playful (with pictures)

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Be playful (with pictures)
Be playful (with pictures)

With the stress of everyday life and all the other serious problems in the world, it's not always easy to be playful. Still, everyone can make more time for laughter, games, and a more positive outlook on life. Being more playful will lower stress and make you see the world in a more optimistic light. How do you do that? Stop messing around and follow these steps.


Part 1 of 3: Being playful with others

Be Playful Step 1

Step 1. Learn from children

Spending more time with children is the easiest way to become more playful. Don't play with them to teach them more about life, but learn from them. See how they view life and how they approach it. Children approach everything with curiosity, enthusiasm and fun, and we can learn a lot from that. Learn to approach life in this more playful way.

If you don't have children of your own, sign up for volunteering with children, or spend some more time with the children of friends or relatives. It is of course not wise to just approach the children of completely unknown people

Be Playful Step 2

Step 2. Play with a pet

If you have a dog or cat (or know someone who has one) you can spend more time with animals. It doesn't matter whether you walk or fetch a dog, or play with your cat and a toy. Playing with animals will allow you to adjust your perspective. You will be able to approach your life a lot more playfully and less structured. You can even act as a dog walker or look after your friends' cats when they go on vacation. If this idea really appeals to you, you can also volunteer at an animal shelter.

Spending time with non-humans can also help you break through the fabric of life. This way you can learn to approach things less tightly orchestrated

Be Playful Step 3

Step 3. Get dancing

Go salsa dancing, take Zumba classes or go to the club with your friends. Throw your hair down and dance to totally ridiculous or stupid music. It doesn't have to look so slick; it's about feeling good. And the more you dance, the more you can let yourself go. You will feel relaxed and let go of your inhibitions, making you a lot more playful.

  • On dances with specific moves, such as “The Dougie”, “The Cupid Shuffle or even “The Harlem Shake” you can let yourself go even more because you are completely immersed in the moment.
  • You definitely don't have to be a good dancer to be playful like this!
Be Playful Step 4

Step 4. Laugh at yourself

Being able to laugh at yourself in front of others is a very important way to be playful. If you always take yourself seriously and can't admit that you made a fool of yourself, made a stupid comment, or did something hilarious inadvertently, then you will never be able to be playful. If you can laugh at yourself you will show people that you are fun to be around; and not a bummer who is continuously serious.

Laughing at yourself can also help you relax, which in turn can make you more playful

Be Playful Step 5

Step 5. Hit people gently (and not hard)

If you're hanging out with close friends and you're in the middle of a non-discussion, try gently hitting or pushing each other. This works best if, for example, you are walking on the beach or sitting somewhere in a park; it doesn't work as well if you're eating in a restaurant or at a formal event. Gently frolicking with your friends when the time is right can help you relax. This allows you to be more playful in the way you approach life and your friendships.

Just make sure that you know the other person well enough, and that you also take a pat or nudge every now and then

Be Playful Step 6

Step 6. Tlayer your friends a little

The ability to tease people is an important part of being playful. This means you know people well enough to make fun of their petty quirks, from their chocolate obsession to their clumsy nature. As long as the teasing isn't too mean or over the top, the back-and-forth teasing can make you a more playful person.

  • The more you tease people, the better you will know where their limits are.
  • Teasing will remind you to be more playful and not to take life too seriously.
Be Playful Step 7

Step 7. Start a tickle fight

Tickling fights are ideal for becoming more playful in everyday life. If you have a child, he/she will be your main target. Your partner is also excellent as prey. A good friend can also be a good target for the tickle fight, if they are the right person for it and you choose your moments carefully. Sit back, have fun and try to tickle the people around you - this is a great way to be more playful.

Again, just make sure you're comfortable with whoever is trying to tickle you. Look before you start

Be Playful Step 8

Step 8. Play games

Making it a goal to play more games is a great way to be more playful. Getting people together for a game night, or spontaneously pulling out a board game when you're with friends, can provide some welcome change. This way you can add a little variety to your social life, and you can become more playful. How about a musical chair? Maybe a game of Human Worse Je Not? Here are some other games you can play:

  • risk
  • A card game
  • Impress your friends with some magic tricks. See if they can figure out how you did them.
  • board games
  • Hints
  • twister
  • Flashing command
Be Playful Step 9

Step 9. Participate in more sports

Exercising without taking it too seriously is a great way to become more playful. Plus, you can spend more time with your friends. If you have a good relationship with your colleagues, or would like to, you can also organize a weekly or monthly bowling evening. Or start an indoor football team with your colleagues. You can also join an after-school volleyball team, or ask a close friend to play tennis or basketball with you.

By doing more sports, you will worry less about your work, and you will become a much more playful person

Be Playful Step 10

Step 10. Be sporty

Don't be a bad loser! There's no point in taking anything personally. If you worry too much about being polite and decent, you will lose playfulness and humor. If you accidentally say something inappropriate, apologize sincerely. But with the game comes a certain amount of competition and teasing that creates a healthy tension.

Be Playful Step 11

Step 11. Make lame jokes

Everyone likes jokes - it doesn't matter how corny they are. If you want to be more playful, you can learn some corny jokes to try out. As long as you don't tell them too seriously and make it clear that you're chaining, the jokes will be taken properly; if people can't laugh at it, they'll at least recognize your attempt at humor-whether it's a pun or an odd reference. You can try icebreakers, short anecdotes, whatever. Just try to make some jokes.

  • Try this one. Say out loud, “Polar bear!” If your friends look at you, just shrug and say, “What? I'm just trying to break the ice!"
  • You can also try a reverse knock-knock joke. Tell your friend you know a great knock-knock joke, and say, "Okay, you start…" Your friend will then say, "Knock-knock". Then you say, "Who's there?" Then you can laugh at your friend's confusion when he realizes he doesn't have an answer.
Be Playful Step 12

Step 12. Host a costume party

It doesn't have to be a carnival to be able to dress up. Dressing up helps people to let go of their identity and to look at life more playfully. You can always throw a costume party, and it will definitely make you feel more playful. Here are some good ideas:

  • Have everyone dress up as their favorite animal
  • Host an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Party
  • Have people dress up as their childhood idols
  • Have people dress up as literary characters
  • Host an alien party
  • Organize a transvestite party
  • Organize a mafia party

Part 2 of 3: Being playful yourself

Be Playful Step 13

Step 1. Take a walk without a destination

Get out of the house and set a goal to walk for half an hour in a direction you've never been before. Pay attention to what you see outside. For example, try counting the number of dogs, lampposts, oak trees or sunflowers. Don't go on the phone and don't think about your work; try to take in as much of the environment as possible.

You can bring your phone, but only for emergencies

Be Playful Step 14

Step 2. Make art for yourself

Don't make the art with the aim of selling it or impressing other people with it. Tell yourself you're making something for yourself-just for yourself. You can sculpt an image of your cat, write a short story about your childhood, write your own limerick, or sing a song about your least favorite vegetables. You can also create fun or meaningful works of art with oil and watercolor paints. Turn off your phone, computer, and other distractions so you can fully focus on your art.

Allow at least two hours for this. Concentrate completely on your creation; nowhere else

Be Playful Step 15

Step 3. Write refrigerator poetry

Hang some magnet letters on your fridge, and write a poem with the magnets every morning. Doing this in the morning will make you more alert, creativity will flow, and you will feel a lot more playful throughout the day. If you don't have time to write a poem every morning, try writing one every Sunday morning to participate in the whole week.

If you get a friend over, ask him/her to mix up the words

Be Playful Step 16

Step 4. Make funny faces in the mirror

This is a good way to stop yourself from taking everything so seriously. It's also a great way to relieve stress if you're in intense situations and could use a little distraction. Look at yourself in the mirror and pull at least four crazy faces. You may stick out your tongue, growl, pop out your eyes, or grind your teeth. Keep doing this until you manage to make yourself laugh.

If you have a friend who also has a few minutes to spare, send each other pictures of your funny faces

Be Playful Step 17

Step 5. Watch funny videos on YouTube

Who says you don't have time to watch cats playing with bananas on YouTube or EnzoKnol's funny videos? Everyone has five minutes to do that. So go to YouTube and find videos that shake your liver. You can also save your favorite videos as bookmarks so they can make you laugh every time - even if it's just a 10-second video of football blunders. Play the videos in succession when you need to blow off some steam. You will soon feel more relaxed and playful.

If you're feeling really playful, you can also create and upload your own YouTube video

Be Playful Step 18

Step 6. Laugh alone

You can laugh in the company of others, but of course you can also do it yourself. Do what you have to do to make yourself laugh. Watch videos on YouTube, read the comics in the newspaper, watch Wire Steel while you stay at home, a series like The Big Bang Theory, or stand-up comedy. Do this until you're in a rut. If you can laugh on your own, you will become a more playful and cheerful person, and it will be easier for you to laugh with other people.

If you find something that really makes you laugh, it can help you share it with others. You may have found a rock-solid video on YouTube that will be an absolute hit at parties

Be Playful Step 19

Step 7. Practice yoga

Yoga contains a good dose of playfulness, and is about discovering what your body can and cannot do. Yoga exercises can be done in a variety of ways, and most yoga courses leave plenty of room for flexibility and playfulness. Whether you choose the eagle, the mountain pose, or the cobra - in yoga you can express your creativity.

Yoga offers room for discovery, which is exactly what you need to be more playful. Don't be afraid to try things outside your comfort zone - that's what yoga is all about

Part 3 of 3: Taking it a step further

Be Playful Step 20

Step 1. Be more energetic

The more energy you have, the more playful you can be. Fatigue is one of the reasons people stop being playful. They are then too tired to play games, or too tired to take the world less seriously. So try to eat three balanced meals a day, get enough rest, and socialize with friends. Avoid things that make you so tired you can't even smile.

There are millions of ways you can become more energetic. For example, you can choose to change socks halfway through the day, or wear more colored clothes to radiate more energy

Be Playful Step 21

Step 2. Say “yes” more often

This is also a good way to become more playful. As a child you said "yes" to all the new things that were presented to you. As you got older, you got used to your habits and routine, and interest in new things waned a bit. So if you want to be more playful, you should accept invitations more often. So say “yes” more often when someone asks you to go to the zoo, if you want to learn how to juggle, or if you want to go pottery together. It will definitely benefit you.

  • Make a goal of saying yes at least 30% more in your every day life.

      Try to say “yes” at least 30% more often in your life

  • Stop making excuses. The next time you decline an invitation, ask yourself what's really holding you back. Is it fatigue? Laziness? The fear of trying something new?
Be Playful Step 22

Step 3. Step out of the comfort zone

Stepping out of the comfort zone will allow you to become a truly playful person. Do something that really scares you. For example, go to swimming lessons, have dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant, or chill with a group of people with whom you have nothing in common. This will teach you that there is more to learn and do than you ever thought possible, and that the very things that made you feel uncomfortable can be the most satisfying.

  • You can never really be playful if you keep doing the same five old, boring things every week. At least once a week, try to do something you don't feel comfortable with.
  • Hang out with people who challenge you to try new things.
Be Playful Step 23

Step 4. Make time for playfulness

Many people are not playful enough because they simply don't have time for that. Set aside at least three hours a week for your “playtime”. You can even put in your calendar that you shouldn't take life so seriously during these hours. You may think that scheduling fun and carefree actions misses the mark, but it isn't at all. On the contrary, making time to be playful is half the battle.

Be Playful Step 24

Step 5. Don't let others knock you down

Stay positive if someone starts rolling their eyes when you joke or flirt. Think about what a child would do: fall, get up, shrug, and find a new playmate.

Be Playful Step 25

Step 6. Live in the here and now

Living in the here and now means living as if there will be no tomorrow. This will take some practice, but eventually you will live a fuller life. To do this, you must be able to recognize beauty in every moment and every activity. The most playful people are those who are completely “tuned in” to the present. They are so fascinated by the world around them that they always try to make the most of it!

Be Playful Step 26

Step 7. Smile more

Do your best to smile more. Smile more when you're alone, when you pass strangers on the street, when you're in the classroom, or when you're hanging out with old friends. In this way you will become a more playful person who is open to the positive energy in the world. You won't be able to be very playful if you've always frowned. Smiling more often will make you more open to all the games and all the fun the world has to offer.

You can even smile when no one else is around. Smiling when you are alone will make your perspective more positive and playful


  • If someone tells you to stop (for example, if he/she is in a bad mood or doesn't like playful behaviour), stop. It doesn't mean they don't like you; it means they just don't feel like playing.
  • While being playful has a lot to do with finding your inner child, there is a world of difference between "childish" and "childish". Playfulness does not necessarily involve outbursts of anger, childish ignorance or mischief.

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