See if a girl likes you from a text message: 9 steps (with pictures)

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See if a girl likes you from a text message: 9 steps (with pictures)
See if a girl likes you from a text message: 9 steps (with pictures)

It's hard to tell if a girl likes you from a text message. Talking to her in person is much easier to tell than with a text message. When someone is standing in front of you, the non-verbal communication is much more noticeable. But even in text messages there are certain nonverbal cues, which - if you know where to find them - can give you a nice idea whether a certain girl likes you or not.


Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 2 Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 1

Step 1. Note how often she initiates a conversation

If you're always the one who has to take the initiative, chances are she's not very interested in you. But if she strikes up a conversation a little too often, she might not be interested either. When a girl likes a guy, she tries to show her interest without standing out too much or seeming desperate. And that's how she will start half or more of your conversations, but certainly not all. If a girl starts all the conversation, it's a sign that she doesn't care if she seems desperate because she sees you as just a friend. Although they prefer to hang on to your every word, most girls will resist that urge. You can even say that a girl who likes you is likely to end the conversation first to show how interesting she is and that she has a busy social life without you. If a girl often ends the conversation with "I have to go, go to the movies with my best friend later," she may be interested in you. But if she usually just stops texting without saying goodbye, she's probably not interested.

Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 3

Step 2. Count the emoticons

You don't have to count them exactly, of course, but take note of how often she uses emoticons and which ones the most. The wink is most commonly used by girls who want to flirt. The more often she uses a wink emoticon, the more likely she is to like you. A regular smiley can also have that meaning (or not), but if she sends extra large smileys that's a good sign. If she likes you, she'll also use a blushing smiley face or a kissing emoticon more often.

Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 4

Step 3. See how much interest she is in what you have to say by looking at her answers

If she gives well-thought-out answers to your comments, it is a sign of a higher level of interest in your thoughts and, therefore, in you. On the other hand, if she gives very short answers like "OK" or often leaves the conversation with little but "brb" she probably doesn't have much interest in you. If she regularly jokes back when you say something funny, or asks questions to keep the conversation going, you can infer that she wants to stay in touch with you as long as possible.

Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 5

Step 4. Think of it as encouragement if she starts teasing you

Messages such as "wish you were here right now…" or "if you were here right now…" are usually meant to make you wonder how that sentence would continue, especially if it ends with "…." texting is suggestive in a fun way without being over the top, and is meant to make you think a little more about her and wonder about her feelings and intentions.

Step 5. Pay attention to the content of her messages

If it's mostly about practical things like a homework question, it's probably not about you. But if her messages are personal and contain questions about your life, she may be interested in you. That is certainly the case if you follow up on plans you mentioned in previous posts.

  • Another promising type of message is the random question. Pay attention to something unimportant, such as 'Which would you rather: survive a year on only your dirtiest food or never eat your favorite food for the rest of your life?' those are a sign that she's looking for an excuse to chat with you because she's thinking about you.

    Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 6
Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 7

Step 6. Note the punctuation

Pay special attention to how many exclamation marks she uses. The more exclamation marks the more excitement at the chance to chat with you. "Hello there" says more than a single "hi".

Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 8

Step 7. See how many unnecessarily long words she uses

Not all girls do this, but many girls put extra vowels and consonants in words. For example, she can send something with words like "hooii", "ookeeee", "eeeeeecht?" or "byyyeee". It's about mimicking the flirty tone of a real conversation.

Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 9

Step 8. Watch for giggles in the messages

Every happy smile is a positive sign, but they are not all the same. You can send the well-known abbreviations like 'LOL', 'ROTFL' and 'LMAO' to everyone, whether you are in love with them or not. "Haha" is a clearer sign, because she wants you to see your hair really smiling. “Hihi” or “giggle” are the equivalent of a real giggle rather than a real laugh, and girls are more likely to send a giggle message if they want to make a cute impression.

Tell if a Girl Likes You about Text Step 10

Step 9. Ask yourself if she regularly sends cues

A well-known clue via text message is a proposal to meet. An invitation to a party is fine, but a better invitation is of the 'we'll see' type, where she mentions inconspicuously something like 'I'll go to the pool, maybe I'll see you there?' but actually it usually means she really wants to see you herself. And now. And if she really wants to see you, that's a pretty clear sign that she's interested in you.


  • If she asks you about school, she might want to meet up, but she's afraid
  • Don't be so childish: approach her, flirt with her and see if she likes you. And if not, then get on with your life!



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