Urinating in public

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Urinating in public
Urinating in public

Sometimes you suddenly have to go to the toilet while running or camping. In those situations you sometimes have to defecate or pee in nature if there is no toilet nearby. This doesn't have to be uncomfortable though! There are important things to keep an eye on in order to do this without any problems.


Method 1 of 3: Location

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 1

Step 1. Before going anywhere, read the information about waste

If you are going away for the day, you need to know in advance what to do with your waste in the area you are going to. You can usually check this over the internet.

In certain areas, you must take all your waste with you. This is especially true in areas where water pollution is a major risk. You can often buy biodegradable bags to store your waste in

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 2

Step 2. Avoid water, hiking trails, and camping areas

You should be at least 70 meters away from water, hiking trails, or camping areas when you poop or urinate to avoid water pollution, the spread of disease, litter, and unwanted attention from animals.

Try to find a place where you still have some light, this will make what you leave behind disappear faster

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 3

Step 3. Dig a hole with a rock or shovel (if you have one handy) about three feet deep and eight inches wide

This is also known as a cat hole. This hole should be deep enough to cover your waste and prevent contamination. Make sure you follow this rule.

Method 2 of 3: Your message

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 4

Step 1. Squat while doing your errand

Some people first look for a large rock or stump to lean against, but unless you have a physical condition there's no reason not to just squat.

Remember to hold your pants tight so you don't accidentally pee on them

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 5

Step 2. Wipe yourself

You can bring your own toilet paper and use it, even if you have to take it with you again. You can also wipe with some leaves, snow, a smooth stone, or something else.

Make sure you know ahead of time if there are any poisonous plants or trees growing in the area you're going to, otherwise you might pick up a poisonous leaf to wipe with and you'll be in big trouble

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 6

Step 3. Cover the hole

When you're done, cover the hole with some soil, twigs and leaves. That way no curious animals come to it, and the pollution does not spread and you prevent a dirty mess.

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 7

Step 4. Wash your hands

You have to keep your hands clean, also make sure you have biodegradable soap with you.

The advantage of this soap is that you do not cause any pollution of the water (algae) in the environment

Method 3 of 3: Peeing or pooping above the tree line

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 8

Step 1. If you are above the tree line and still need to go to the bathroom, you must follow the following rules

Even if you're above the tree line, shop away from hiking trails, water, and camping areas. It is best to do this in an area with rocks/stones and direct sunlight. In that case you have to 'grease' as backpackers call it.

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 9

Step 2. Find a flat stone that faces east or west

Sunlight on your feces will make it disappear faster without causing any problems. It is therefore best to do your message on a flat stone.

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 10

Step 3. Find another smaller rock that you can lift to spread your droppings over the other rock

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 11

Step 4. Now spread your droppings over the larger, flat rock

Even though this is dirty, it's the best way to make sure you don't harm other hikers and the environment. Your droppings will dry quickly in the sun, and gradually be blown away as the wind blows. This is the best option for getting rid of your feces if you can't bury it.

Go to the Bathroom in the Woods Step 12

Step 5. Use a smooth stone, snow or toilet paper to wipe your buttocks

If you use toilet paper, you must take it with you again. When you leave toilet paper in nature, you put something in nature that doesn't belong there.


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