Curling your hair with a pencil

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Curling your hair with a pencil
Curling your hair with a pencil

There are many well-known ways to curl your hair, from using a brush and blow dryer to leaving rollers on overnight. However, you can also curl your hair with an everyday item that you probably always have in your bag. As long as you have a pencil (or pen), you can get beautiful and natural curls in your hair.


Method 1 of 2: Create curls without products

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 1

Step 1. Take a shower and dry your hair until damp

It is best to shower and then towel dry your hair. Wring the excess water from your hair. Take a clean towel and then gently pat from roots to ends. Your hair should not be soaking wet. It should only feel a little wet.

If your hair is too wet, the moisture in your hair may make the curls heavier. Your hair should be wet enough to style

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 2

Step 2. Divide your hair into manageable sections

Most people recommend using smaller pieces for better curls, although the process may take a little longer. The smaller the section of hair, the tighter your curls. If you take larger sections of hair, you will get loose and large curls.

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 3

Step 3. Take a piece of hair and wrap it around the pencil

Take the first section of hair, wrap it around the pencil, and then rotate the pencil 180 degrees so that the hair does not slide off the pencil. Continue to twist the rest of the hair on the pencil. Leave about one to two inches of hair on top so the curls can frame your head.

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 4

Step 4. Secure the pencil and let it sit for two to three hours

The longer you leave your hair twisted on the pencil, the better your curls will be. If you want to do the next section, take a hair tie or clip and wrap the elastic around the curl in the pencil. Continue with the next section of hair and another pencil.

You can also choose to pin the pencils to your hair and sleep with them overnight. This will give you the most natural curl

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 5

Step 5. Unravel your hair from the pencil

Your hair should feel dry. Start with the first parts you turned on the pencil. The parts done later take longer to curl. If you feel the curl is too tight, use your fingers to gently run through the curls until you get the desired length and style.

Method 2 of 2: Using a hair straightener

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 6

Step 1. Comb or brush your dry hair

Run the brush or comb through your hair and make sure there are no tangles. Work your way through each section of your hair, pulling from the roots to your ends.

Use a wide-tooth comb for curly hair and a fine-toothed comb for straight hair

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 7

Step 2. Take a small piece of hair and twist it around the pencil

As you wrap it around the pencil, bring the hairpiece closer to one end of the pencil to bundle the hair together. Make sure you can't see the pencil under your hair, but don't overlap the hair on every twist either. This creates a more natural curl that continues from top to bottom. It will also help you place the tongs on your hair and not on the pencil.

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 8

Step 3. Take your straightener and press it on the hair wrapped around the pencil

Make sure your tongs are not too hot, otherwise your hair could burn. For fine and chemically treated hair, use a low heat setting below 200 degrees. For thicker or coarse hair, set it to 200 to 300 degrees. Never go above 400 degrees. Wait about three to five seconds for each twist and gently press the hair onto the pencil. Be careful not to press the hot tongs with your fingers. After processing, let the curl sit for about 10 seconds.

For extra hold, spray some hairspray while letting the curl sit

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 9

Step 4. Slowly unravel the hair from the pencil

If you feel like it's too tight (almost feather-like), run your fingers through your curls once or twice. Don't keep combing through your hair or the curls will come out. After you get the look you want, continue editing in your own style.

Curl Your Hair with a Pencil Step 10

Step 5. Finish it off with hairspray

Keep the hairspray at least 12 to 14 inches away from your hair. Choose a medium strength hairspray to style curls to last all day. Enjoy your bouncy curls!


  • Use a heat protectant before using a hot appliance on your hair.
  • Apply a hair mask regularly.
  • Clean your straightener after use.
  • You can also twist your hair around a pencil and blow dry it. This works best on wet hair.


  • Don't let the straightener get too hot and don't let it sit on your hair for too long, as it can burn or permanently damage your hair.
  • Turn the straightener off after use.

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