Bleach your hair

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Bleach your hair
Bleach your hair

Going to the hairdresser can be expensive, but people have bleached their hair at home for decades-and so can you. The bleaching process is a little different for everyone, depending on your current hair color. However, it is quite easy to do. When you've bleached your hair, treat it with a toner and you'll have beautiful beach blonde hair in an instant.


Method 1 of 3: Getting ready to bleach your hair

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 1

Step 1. Start with healthy hair

Do not dye your hair in the months before bleaching it, or use other chemicals in your hair. You will be able to bleach your hair a lot better if it is relatively strong and untreated. Your hair will therefore be better able to withstand the aggressive bleaching process.

  • Use a natural shampoo and conditioner to get strong hair. Avoid products that contain sulfates and alcohol, as these ingredients will dry out your hair.
  • Do not use hairspray, gel, serum and other products full of chemicals.
  • Use as little hot tools as possible to style your hair.
Bleach Hair Blonde Step 2

Step 2. Buy bleaching powder

Pick a shade you like and then head to the local drug store. You can buy bleaching powder in bags and buckets. It's probably cheaper to buy a bucket if you plan on bleaching your hair more often.

  • Grab a hair dye brush (to apply the agents to your hair), a bowl, and plastic wrap.
  • If you have very dark hair, buy a color corrector for removing a red-gold shade. You add this product to the bleaching powder to make it work better, so you don't have to bleach your hair twice. You may need two tubes of color corrector if you have long and thick hair.

Step 3. Decide how strong the developer needs to be

Use developer with volume 20 or 30 if your hair is blond or light brown. If your hair is black or very dark in color, you may need a 40 volume developer. This product does a lot of damage to your hair, so try to use it only when absolutely necessary. The lower the volume, the less the product will damage your hair.

Step 4. Buy permanent hair toner

You need toner if you want platinum blonde hair. This will take the yellow and orange color out of your freshly bleached hair. Some toners will give your hair a white color, some will give your hair a warm golden tone, and other toners will give your hair a silvery shine. If you are not sure which remedy to choose, ask for advice from an employee of the store where you are.

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 3

Step 5. Ventilate the room

The chemicals you'll be working with are strong, so open a window. Arrange all gear for easy access so you can work faster and inhale fewer fumes.

Before you start, put on plastic gloves to protect your hands. If you get bleach on your skin while bleaching, wipe and rinse your skin immediately

Method 2 of 3: Bleaching your hair

Step 1. Mix the bleaching powder with the developer

Follow the directions on the package of the bleaching powder so that you know how much of each ingredient to use. Then put the powder in a mixing bowl. Stir the appropriate amount of developer into the powder with a spatula or spoon.

  • The mixture will not appear blond, but will have a bluish white color or a blue color.
  • Now also add the color corrector to the mixture, if you use such a product. Follow the instructions on the packaging for this.

Step 2. Apply the bleaching powder to completely dry hair

Use the hair dye brush to apply the mixture to your hair section by section. Make sure to soak your hair well with the mixture. Work from the ends of your hair upwards to within a few centimeters of your roots. To prevent your roots from turning orange, do not apply bleach near your scalp while treating the ends.

  • If you have dark hair, wait 20 minutes after applying the bleaching powder to your ends and then apply it to your roots.
  • Have a towel handy to wipe the bleach mixture from your face and arms.
Bleach Hair Blonde Step 6

Step 3. Cover your hair with a sheet of plastic wrap

Set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes. Check the color of your hair by toweling the bleach mixture from one section at the front. If your hair is still dark, reapply a little bleach to the area you wiped and let the bleach mixture sit in your hair for another 10 minutes.

The bleaching powder makes your head feel warm. The drug can also sting. If it starts to hurt, wash it right out of your hair

Step 4. Keep checking your hair until it is light enough

Check your hair every 10 minutes until you like your hair color. Do not leave the bleaching powder in your hair for more than an hour. It won't lighten your hair, and you can seriously damage your hair and scalp.

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 7

Step 5. Rinse the bleaching powder from your hair with cold water

Keep rinsing until the water runs clear. Do not use shampoo as you have just removed all the oils from your hair. Now treat your hair with a deep conditioner or a hair mask.

If possible, do not use shampoo for 24 to 48 hours

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 8

Step 6. Dry your hair with a towel and then let it air dry

Don't blow dry it after bleaching it, as you can damage your hair even more. Your hair should now be a yellow-blonde color. You can stop now if you like the result. If you want platinum blonde hair, you will have to treat your hair with toner.

Method 3 of 3: Toner your hair

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 9

Step 1. Prepare a mixture of toner

In a mixing bowl, mix one part toner with two parts 20 volume developer. The mixture will be blue in color. Remember to wear gloves so you don't get any of the mixture on your hands.

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 10

Step 2. Apply the toner on dry hair

Use a clean hair dye brush to coat your hair with toner section by section, exactly the same way you applied the bleaching powder to your hair. Pay special attention to your hair roots if they have turned orange.

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 11

Step 3. Leave the toner in your hair for about half an hour

Read the directions on the package so you know how long to leave the toner in your hair. Usually that is about half an hour.

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 12

Step 4. Rinse the toner from your hair with cold water

Rinse your hair until the water runs clear. Use a bleached hair shampoo to wash all the toner out of your hair.

Bleach Hair Blonde Step 13

Step 5. Treat your hair with conditioner

Use a deep conditioner for colored hair. You will need to handle your hair gently for the next few weeks. Don't use hot tools to style your hair too often and don't use too many products with chemicals in them.


  • Regularly treat your hair with a deep conditioner after you bleach it.
  • If in doubt, make an appointment with the hairdresser.
  • To keep your hair blonde, bleach your roots every 4 to 5 weeks.
  • If you're not happy with your hair color after the first attempt at bleaching your hair, wait 24 hours and then bleach the orange areas or areas you missed.


  • Do not use household bleach to bleach your hair. These chemicals are dangerous and should not be used on your body.
  • Developer with volume 40 or 50 is very strong and is likely to seriously damage your hair. It could even make your hair fall out. These products are intended for very dark hair.
  • Bleach your hair as little as possible if you have a sensitive scalp or suffer from dandruff.
  • Remember to wear gloves and protective clothing.

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