Styling short hair (men)

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Styling short hair (men)
Styling short hair (men)

You have a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to styling short hair. You can go for a highly stylized effect like the pointy short pompadour, or you can keep it classic with a simple side parting. If you have a simple haircut, such as a crew cut, there are several ways to modify your hair so that it looks more or less formal. If you really want to style short hair, invest in a good wax, modeling gel, or pomade to make styling your hair easier.


Method 1 of 5: Choosing the right product

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 1

Step 1. Choose a gel to keep your hair in shape and leave a little shine

Hair gel is the most common hair product for a reason -- it tends to provide the strongest hold. If you have very specific styles in mind and plan to spend a lot of time outdoors or running around, use gel to shape your hairstyle.

Most gels tend to add some shine. This can make your hair look a little damp if you use too much of it

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 2

Step 2. Choose a hair wax or mud for a fairly firm haircut with less shine

Wax and mud are thicker than gel and hold a style fairly firmly. The big difference is that wax or mud gives your hair less shine. This is the best choice if you don't really want to look like you've spent a lot of time on your hair, as it will be more difficult to tell if you've actually put anything in your hair.

  • These products are also called hair clay.
  • Wax, unlike gel or pomade, can be adjusted after it has dried and is still dimensionally stable.
Style Short Hair (Men) Step 3

Step 3. Select pomade for a light backing that will still give some shape

Pomade has become one of the most beloved hair products for men in recent years. It's popular because it offers a light hold without being too obvious that you've put any product in your hair. It won't hold your hair firmly in place, but it will help maintain an overall shape once it's in your hair.

Pomade is thicker than wax, but offers less firmness. This makes it a great option for those with thicker hair who don't need as much help holding a shape

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 4

Step 4. Use a volumizing mousse if you have thinner hair

Although not as popular among men, a volumizing mousse will thicken and straighten your hair. This is a great choice for those with thinner hair that tends to hang after being styled with thicker products.

Method 2 of 5: Doing a Pointy Short Haircut

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 5

Step 1. Wet your hair and pat it partially dry

Run your hands under a stream of water and run your fingers through your hair to wet it. You can also choose to shower and pat your hair mostly dry with a towel.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 6

Step 2. Apply some of the product to your hair after patting it dry

Scoop a dab of the product into your hand and work it into your hair, running your hands over the top of your head through your hair. Start at the roots and run your hands back to spread the product.

  • This model is a great one for men with shorter side hair who want a sleek, simple haircut that looks natural and neat at the same time.
  • You don't need a lot of product to style your hair. Using more than a small dot may leave blobs of product in your hair.
Style Short Hair (Men) Step 7

Step 3. Pull your hair back by running your hands through your hair as you dry it

Plug in a hair dryer and set it on a low setting. Spread your fingers and brush your hair over and over. Dry the hair from the left side of the right side of the head at the same time. The direction you dry will determine which side of your hair goes up to the top in the front.

If you have longer hair on the side, comb it or flatten it so it doesn't stick out on the side

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 8

Step 4. Pull your hair up to a point at the front of your head

Starting at the edge of the crown, direct the hair in the front half of your head straight up and toward the center of your skull. The hair at the top of the front should come together in a point, equal to the center of your crown.


Don't worry if you're feeling a little ridiculous. You can always flatten it a bit when you're done, if you don't like your hair being so high.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 9

Step 5. Use a flat iron on the peak to hold it in place

Plug in a flat iron and set it to low (if you can set it). Clamp the flat iron over the peaks where the two sides of your hair meet at the top for 1-2 seconds. This will heat and fuse the edges so your peak will last all day.

This step is optional. You can always choose to leave it as it is. However, the peak will hold up sooner if you work the tips with a flat iron

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 10

Step 6. Strengthen the vertical section of your hair with a hair product

Scoop a small amount of styling product into your hand. Rub your hands together to distribute the product over your fingers. Pat the sides of your crown and the ends of your hair where the two sides meet to hold the hair in place.

Method 3 of 5: Creating a vintage pompadour

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 11

Step 1. Partially wet your hair

You have to get your hair wet before you can style a pompadour. Take a shower and wet your hair with a towel to get rid of the excess water. You can also choose to wet your hands and then run your fingers through your hair.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 12

Step 2. Apply the product to your hair after patting it dry

Squeeze a dab of the hair product into your palm. Then, gently rub the product over your hands and distribute it evenly throughout your hair, from root to ends.

This is a bit of a haircut from the old days that has become quite popular in the past 5-10 years. It's a useful way to make short hair look longer than it actually is, although it will be difficult to accomplish this if the front of your hair is tapered shorter than the top of your hair

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 13

Step 3. Push your hair back to the crown as you blow-dry it

Set a hair dryer to a low temperature. Run your fingers through your hair and push the front of your hair up and then back as you dry it from the front.

Straighten your hair as much as possible during this step. Once the roots of your locks have dried vertically, gently push the ends of your hair back


Try to get your hair straight up and back. Do not move it to either side as this will create a separation.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 14

Step 4. Comb your sides back as you dry them

Once you've lifted the top of your hair and pushed it back, take a comb or stiff brush. Comb or brush the side of your hair back. As you comb, dry the sides with the hair dryer set on a low heat.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 15

Step 5. Apply hair product to the top of your hair to hold it in place

Once your hair is dry, scoop a small amount of styling product into your hand. Rub it into your hands to distribute it and run your fingers lightly through the top of your hair. Adjust the shape of the top of your pompadour to match your style and to strengthen your hair.

  • Do not change the general direction of your hair after drying it. You won't be able to add more hair or put it to the side after the hair dries.
  • Add details or change small elements with a comb, if you wish.

Method 4 of 5: Choosing the classic side part

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 16

Step 1. Wet your hair and pat it dry

You have to wet your hair before you can style it. Take a shower and pat your hair partially dry, or wet your hands and run your fingers through your hair.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 17

Step 2. Scoop up some hair product and run it through your hair

Squeeze a dot of product into your hand and rub the cream or mousse through your hair. Make sure to rub the sides and back of your head with it as well.

This is a simple, stylish haircut that is suitable for job interviews as well as for a night out on the town. It works with almost any head shape, and can be easily modified to be more or less formal

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 18

Step 3. Choose one side of your head to part near the top

You can wear a parting on either the left or right side of your head. Some people have a natural part, where their hair tends to stand in one direction or another. If you have a natural parting, use it to make the parting easier. If you don't, choose which side you think looks better depending on the shape of your head.

The part will be at the top right or top left, where the side of your hair merges into the top of the head where the hair thickens

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 19

Step 4. Part your hair with a comb, running the top to the side

While the hair product is still wet, start with the comb at the point on your head where you want to part. Place the teeth of the comb exactly on the line where you will make the part and comb the top over the center of your head. Comb your hair to the side, moving the comb in the same direction, away from the part.

The line of parting should look like a single, continuous line on the top of your head

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 20

Step 5. Comb the sides of your hair straight down and let your hair air dry

Your sides don't need to be combed as much as your top, but they should be combed flat. Use the same comb to comb the hair on the sides of your head straight down. Be careful on the parting side so that you don't comb any of the hairs from the top.

Do not use a dryer on the parting side. It will only lift individual hairs from the part of your haircut where you parted your hair and will look messy


You can use paste to strengthen your hair for a shinier effect, or let the hair dry naturally for a less formal effect.

Method 5 of 5: Creating a 'crew' haircut

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 21

Step 1. Wet your hair and dry it a little

Take a shower and pat most of your hair dry, or scoop up some water and run it through your hair. Pat your hair dry with a damp towel to remove most of the water.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 22

Step 2. Work some hair product into your hair

Take some modeling wax, gel, clay or pomade and work it into your hair. Make sure to rub the sides and back to coat every section of your hair.

The crew is a very common haircut where the sides are cut extremely short and a little more hair is left on top of the head. Since you can't do much with the sides, crew styling comes down to adjusting the hair at the top

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 23

Step 3. Comb your hair back on top for an 'undercut' effect

For a hipper effect, take a fine-mesh comb and place the teeth directly below your front hairline. Comb your hair on top straight back. Comb the top of your hair straight back and the sides down for a vintage undercut style.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 24

Step 4. Work your hair towards the center for a pseudo mohawk

To give your crew a little attitude, scoop a dab of hair product into your hands. Place both hands on top of your head in the parting. Use your fingers to rub your hair upwards and towards the center on both sides. Pinch the crown of your hair to strengthen it.


You can join the ends in the middle with a flat iron if you want a really sleek effect that keeps the shape longer.

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 25

Step 5. Rub the front of your hair upwards for more volume

If you want a little more volume without being too noticeable, comb or brush the top of your hair forward. With the top of your hair brushed or combed forward, go by hand and run it up through the front hair. Pull up the hair near your hairline with your fingers and make small, manual adjustments to give your hair some shape.

This gives your hair a bit of volume without making it look overly coiffed

Style Short Hair (Men) Step 26

Step 6. Go for a messy style (like you just got out of bed), by rubbing your hair randomly

For a relaxed, sleepy effect, simply mess up the top of your hair with your hands. Once your haircut has become a complete mess, make small adjustments by hand or with a soft brush to shape your haircut to your liking.

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