Making a nest box with camera

Making a nest box with camera
Making a nest box with camera

This nest box is low-maintenance and equipped with a built-in wifi camera, so no src=""">

Step 1. First saw these pieces from the plank according to these drawings

Nest box3

Step 2. Saw one cut diagonally (see red circle)

Nest box4

Step 3. Draw a 3 cm circle on one of the planks

This can be done around a beer cap, for example. Drill one hole first and cut out the rest with a jigsaw, or drill several holes and make the hole nice and round with a semicircular rasp.

Nest box5

Step 4. Screw the bottom on two sides

Make sure you pre-drill all wood parts, including the part where the end of the screw goes, otherwise the wood will crack. Gluing is not necessary. Use a support for stability while working.

Nest box6

Step 5. Now screw on the two sides

Nest box12

Step 6. Now saw the roof parts

Make an oblique cut for a 'real' pointed roof. This reduces the risk of leakage and is more beautiful, but also more difficult to make.

Nest box8

Step 7. Determine the cutting angle

For those who have a saw table: this is how you determine the cutting angle.

Nest box9

Step 8. Glue the roof parts together and screw them onto the house

You do not have to glue the roof parts to the house. The glue is very smearing, but that can be removed later with a spatula or chisel.

Step 9. Cut the Plexiglas to size

This can be done for a larger piece by cutting a few times with a sharp knife, preferably on both sides, and then breaking it. With a hacksaw you run the risk of cracks. Small corrections can be made with a sweet file.

Nest box10

Step 10. Place the Plexiglas

In the photo with a leftover L-profile and a slat, but it is also possible with a U-profile or with two slats.

Nest box11

Step 11. Connect the front parts to the hinge

In the photo there are holes in the front parts that do not belong.

Nest box12

Step 12. Attach the two locks

Nest box13

Step 13. Preferably make the two folding doors so that you can adjust the camera without disturbing the nest

Nest box14

Step 14. Use the leftover piece for reinforcement for those who want to place the box on a pole

That looks beautiful.

Nest box15

Step 15. Make the back with corners

Use stainless steel screws again.

Step 16. Wait for the tenants

In another article I will write about the camera and how to connect it.

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