How to Make a Watermelon With Vodka: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Make a Watermelon With Vodka: 13 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Make a Watermelon With Vodka: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Amaze the guests at your party by serving a refreshing alcoholic watermelon. An alcoholic watermelon with vodka is a unique drink and snack combination that is worth trying. Fill an entire watermelon with vodka or prepare punch to serve in a hollowed-out watermelon. Whichever way you serve your alcoholic watermelon, it will definitely be an eye-catcher at your next party, picnic or barbecue. Just make sure you let your guests know that the watermelon contains alcohol so that they can enjoy it responsibly.


Fill a whole watermelon with vodka

  • 700 ml vodka
  • 1 whole seedless watermelon of about five kilos

How to make a watermelon punch bowl

  • 700 ml vodka
  • 1 whole seedless watermelon of about five kilos


Method 1 of 2: Filling a whole watermelon with vodka

Make a Vodka Watermelon Step 1

Step 1. Using the vodka bottle cap, draw a circle on the watermelon rind

Buy a whole seedless watermelon and a bottle of narrow-necked vodka a day or two before the party. Place the watermelon on a tray or in a bowl to keep it still. Open the bottle and use the cap to draw a circle on the top of the melon with a pen.

  • It is important that the watermelon remains still and does not roll away. If the watermelon is not stable, pink liquid will flow out, making a mess in your fridge.
  • If necessary, cut a thin slice from the rind at the bottom of the watermelon so it doesn't wiggle or twist. Don't cut deeply into the edible flesh, though, or the watermelon may leak.
  • It can take 12 to 24 hours for the vodka to fully soak into the watermelon, so plan ahead.

Step 2. Cut the circle out of the rind to make a hole in the watermelon

Use a narrow kitchen knife or a pumpkin cutter to cut out the circle you just drew. Pierce the skin and cut through the green-white layer until you get to the pink part.

If you want to move the watermelon, don't throw away the cut watermelon so you can use it as a cap. Otherwise, throw away the watermelon piece

Step 3. Poke holes in the pink flesh of the watermelon with a skewer

Insert the pointed end of a barbecue skewer into the round hole you just made. Push the skewer into the watermelon and pierce the pink flesh with it as if you were aerating it. Repeat this several times until you have enough openings for the vodka to soak in.

  • Do not push the skewer all the way to the other side of the rind, as this will allow the vodka to flow out of the watermelon.
  • This step is important to be able to fill your watermelon completely with vodka. If you don't do this, the alcohol won't soak into the fruit at all.

Step 4. Using a funnel, pour vodka into the watermelon

It takes a while for the vodka to soak into the watermelon, so don't just hold the bottle up to the hole and expect it to work. Instead, insert a funnel into the round hole at the top of the watermelon. Pour vodka into the funnel until it is full, then place the watermelon in the refrigerator until the liquid has been absorbed.

  • Always pour 120 to 250 ml of vodka into the funnel.
  • Gently push the bottom of the funnel into the pink flesh to keep it stable.
  • A five-pound watermelon soaks up about 700 ml of vodka in total. So you will have to pour vodka into the funnel three to six times, depending on the size of the funnel.

Step 5. Wait for the vodka to soak into the watermelon before pouring vodka back into the funnel

When the first vodka has been drawn into the holes in the watermelon, you can refill the funnel with vodka. Repeat this process several times until the watermelon is completely saturated with vodka.

  • If the first vodka you poured into the funnel hasn't set in the watermelon after three to four hours, poke more holes in the flesh with the skewer or use a spoon to partially mash and remove the flesh to get more to create space.
  • You'll know when the watermelon is full, because then it won't absorb any more vodka and the vodka stays in the funnel.
  • When the watermelon is completely filled with vodka, you will be able to see a thick pink liquid through the hole instead of the firm flesh.

Step 6. Put the watermelon with vodka in the fridge the night before the party

Cover the hole with plastic wrap and refrigerate your unique drink for about eight hours. Keep the watermelon upright so that the moisture does not flow out of the hole.

Make a Vodka Watermelon Step 7

Step 7. Serve the watermelon with vodka right after you take it out of the fridge

This unique drink is best served chilled, so don't leave it out of the fridge for too long. Have someone hold a glass in front of the hole in the peel. Then tilt the watermelon to pour the drink. Do this carefully, but make a spectacle of your unique cocktail and the 'bottle' it comes in.

  • You can put the vodka bottle upside down in the hole if you want to make it look nice. Keep the cap on so the watermelon doesn't overflow and make a mess.
  • You won't be able to cut and serve slices of watermelon. With this recipe you can make alcoholic fruit juice.
  • Do not put a tap in the hole, because the pieces of pulp will clog it.

Method 2 of 2: Making a watermelon punch bowl

Step 1. Cut the top and bottom of the watermelon

Use a large kitchen knife to cut a thin slice from the bottom of the watermelon. Do not cut through the pink flesh, but only cut away a thin part of the skin so that the watermelon remains stable on a tray. Cut a thicker slice off the top of the watermelon to expose the flesh.

  • The less you cut off the top of the watermelon, the deeper your punch bowl will be.
  • Try cutting one to three centimeters thick from the bottom of the watermelon and a six to eight centimeters thick slice from the top.

Step 2. Scoop the pink flesh out of the watermelon with a melon spoon

Stick a melon scoop into the pink flesh and lift it up, just like you would when grabbing a scoop of ice cream. You do this to make pink watermelon balls. Place the balls in a large bowl. Keep spooning the flesh out of the watermelon until you've removed almost everything. Make sure that you have a thick layer of greenish white rind at the bottom of the hollowed out watermelon.

  • If you don't have a melon scoop, try using an ice cream scoop, spoon, or cookie scoop.
  • Try making neat, round watermelon balls if you plan to serve them whole. However, if you want to puree the pulp in the blender, you can just cut it out of the watermelon in chunks.

Step 3. Soak the watermelon balls in vodka for several hours to make a fruit-filled cocktail

Pour about 700 ml of vodka into the bowl with the watermelon balls. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate the vodka and pulp for three to four hours.

  • If you choose this method, you'll be able to fill your guests' glasses with watermelon-flavored pink vodka and floating fruit chunks.
  • Place the hollowed-out watermelon in the freezer while you have the bowl with the watermelon balls and vodka in the fridge. Your punch bowl will be able to keep the drink cool during the party this way.
Make a Vodka Watermelon Step 11

Step 4. Marinate the watermelon balls briefly in vodka to serve as a snack

Prepare the balls by pouring 250 to 500 ml of vodka over them. Place the watermelon balls in the fridge for half an hour and then drain the liquid. Freeze the watermelon balls for four hours before serving on a plate or in the hollowed-out watermelon.

  • Serve the watermelon balls whole if you prefer a fresh alcoholic bite-sized snack rather than a drink.
  • After draining the watermelon balls, keep the remaining watermelon flavored vodka for later cocktails.
  • If you soak the watermelon balls in the vodka for longer, they will become mushy and better served in a drink.

Step 5. Puree and strain the pulp if you prefer alcoholic fruit juice

Use a blender or food processor to puree and juice the watermelon pieces. Puree the pulp in parts, because you will have a large amount of pulp to process. When you're done pureeing, pass the liquid through a sieve to get all the pips and chunks out.

  • Add about 700 ml of vodka and chill the drink in a large bowl for about three hours before serving in the hollowed-out watermelon.
  • Leave the hollowed-out watermelon in the freezer while you chill the drink. The watermelon can keep the drink cool when you're ready to serve it.
Make a Vodka Watermelon Step 13

Step 6. Serve the alcoholic fruit in the hollowed out watermelon

If you made alcoholic fruit juice or fruit-filled vodka, carefully pour the liquid into the hollowed-out watermelon. Use a punch spoon to fill your guests' glasses. If you've soaked whole watermelon balls in vodka, place them in the hollowed-out watermelon and serve with toothpicks or a serving spoon.

To have a cocktail with your friends, place the hollowed-out watermelon in the center of the table and grab a pair of straws. That way you can drink your homemade drink together with your friends


  • It is important that you let your guests know that your treat contains alcohol. Decorate a skewer with a label that reads "alcoholic watermelon" and insert it into the rind so your guests know not to drink it if they don't want or cannot drink alcohol.
  • It can take a day or more to prepare an alcoholic watermelon, so plan ahead.
  • Use citrus-flavored tequila, rosé, or vodka if you want a different flavor.
  • Add sparkling wine and fresh lime juice or a combination of Chambord and vanilla to regular vodka to give your alcoholic watermelon a more refined touch.
  • Decorate the glasses with a slice of lime to give them some color.


  • Never drive if you have been drinking alcohol. Take responsibility and keep your friends and other road users safe by pointing out a Bob, taking public transportation or using a taxi service to get home.
  • Keep your alcoholic watermelon away from children and minors. This recipe contains alcohol and should not be consumed or eaten by people under the age of 18.

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