Knowing If Someone Is Pregnant: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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Knowing If Someone Is Pregnant: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
Knowing If Someone Is Pregnant: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Sometimes you end up in a very awkward situation when you ask a woman if she is pregnant and what turns out? She's not. Maybe you're just curious or want to know if you should offer her your seat on the bus. Whatever the reason, there are some well-known clues that can help you determine if she's pregnant or not. This way you can avoid asking her the question and avoid awkward situations. However, it is best not to assume that someone is pregnant. Avoid asking a woman directly and wait for her to bring it up herself.


Method 1 of 2: Determining if a woman is pregnant early on

Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 1

Step 1. Look at her clothing style

When a woman is pregnant, she often wears looser clothes or clothes that can hide a 'bump'. If her belly gets bigger, she should buy maternity pants or clothes in a larger size. If you notice that she is wearing strange clothes compared to her usual style, or buying larger sizes, it could be that she is pregnant.

Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 2

Step 2. Listen to what she says about her eating habits

Many pregnant women change their diet and want to eat different foods. So pay attention to complaints or comments about food, which can help you determine if she is pregnant.

  • Craving something: Not all pregnant women suffer from this, but some women find that they want to eat strange food combinations (like pickles with ice cream) or that they only want one type of food (like citrus fruits or Chinese food). So pay close attention when she talks about what kind of food she wants!
  • Food aversion: Pregnant women sometimes suddenly don't want to know about a certain food, even though they never had any problems with it before. If you know she loves sushi and suddenly she feels sick just thinking about fish, she may be pregnant.
  • Hydration: Hydration is extremely important to provide a fetus with the essential nutrients it needs. That is why many pregnant women make sure that they drink enough. A pregnant woman may suddenly attach great importance to adequate hydration or carry a bottle of water with her all the time.
Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 3

Step 3. Look for signs of nausea

Just like changing dietary habits, many pregnant women experience nausea, also known as "morning sickness," in the early months of pregnancy. This can cause changes in their eating habits, for example that she suddenly only eats crackers, but the nausea is not only caused by food. Many women feel nauseous throughout the day and not just in the morning as the name suggests. So watch out for signs of nausea or vomiting. The symptoms are different from regular indigestion or the flu, because morning sickness is intense and lasts longer than a regular flu, which lasts only a few days.

Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 4

Step 4. Watch for complaints of pain or discomfort

Pregnancy is accompanied by many changes in the body that can cause pain throughout the body. If you suddenly hear her talk about pain in her lower back and a headache or dizziness, it could be due to a possible pregnancy. If she talks about pain or discomfort, ask questions about whether she's hurt herself, or if she's exercising and see what she says. For example:

  • "Oh no! How long has your back hurt?"
  • "I heard you say you're a little dizzy today, does that happen often?"
Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 5

Step 5. Keep an eye on her behavior

In addition to physical changes, the behavior and habits of pregnant women often change. Closely observe the person who could be pregnant and pay attention to the following behaviors:

  • Going to the toilet more often can indicate a pregnancy. This is due to a change in hormones and the pressure of the growing fetus on the other organs can cause constipation, urge to urinate more often and vomiting.
  • Mood swings are common during pregnancy, as the fluctuating hormonal levels cause fatigue and more extreme emotions (for example, being very happy one moment and suddenly crying uncontrollably for no apparent reason).
Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 6

Step 6. Listen when she talks about her sleeping pattern

Many pregnant women complain of exhaustion, especially during the first trimester. If you notice any of the following, she may be pregnant:

  • She is clearly too tired to perform everyday activities.
  • She often says she feels exhausted or exhausted.
  • She sleeps a lot or at odd hours (at work or at school).
Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 7

Step 7. Ask what her future plans are

A subtle way to determine whether a woman is pregnant or not is to ask about her future plans. A pregnancy normally lasts nine months and by asking about her plans around that time, you can find out if she is pregnant now. If she is actually pregnant, she will be too advanced in the third trimester to travel. So you can ask if she would like to make a trip within a few months. You can also ask her if she has any plans for the summer and maybe she'll let you know that she wants to tidy up a nursery!

Method 2 of 2: Determining if a woman is pregnant at a later stage

Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 8

Step 1. Look at the shape of her belly

A woman's body changes greatly during pregnancy, especially in her abdominal area. The belly should grow with the baby. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish belly fat in the same place, but pregnancy has certain specific characteristics. Weight gain in the abdominal area that resembles a well-shaped bulge with no apparent weight gain in other parts of the body is most likely caused by pregnancy. If you happen to bump into her, know that a pregnant belly feels firmer than belly fat.

Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 9

Step 2. Keep an eye on her breasts

Wider and larger breasts are a typical physical phenomenon, as breast tissue is very sensitive to hormonal changes. If you do not know the person, this is not a useful tip, because you cannot compare the size with that before the pregnancy. But sometimes women have exceptionally large breasts compared to the rest of their bodies because they swell later in pregnancy due to milk production.

Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 10

Step 3. Look at her feet and ankles

Swollen ankles are common in pregnant women, especially around the fifth month. This happens because the body holds back more water and produces more blood and body fluids when one is pregnant. She may also wear extra-comfortable support shoes or flip-flops to help with the pain of walking with swollen feet and ankles.

Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 11

Step 4. Look at the way she walks around

As the body begins to change and grow, the mobility of pregnant women also changes. Keep an eye out for these typical signs:

  • Waddling gait and a different way of walking are common signs of pregnant women as their bellies grow and their feet swell. This makes it more difficult for them to keep their balance.
  • Many pregnant women hold their stomachs or place a hand on their stomachs when they walk around. They do this both for their balance and to promote the bond that is growing between mother and child.
Tell if Someone is Pregnant Step 12

Step 5. Listen for shortness of breath

In addition to changes in mobility, many pregnant women also experience shortness of breath in the second and third trimesters. This is because the growing fetus needs more oxygen and because the uterus expands which puts more pressure on the lungs and diaphragm. Getting out of breath from the slightest exertion is common and in combination with other signs of pregnancy, you can draw your conclusion.

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