Adding Fonts to Photoshop: 10 Steps (with Images)

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Adding Fonts to Photoshop: 10 Steps (with Images)
Adding Fonts to Photoshop: 10 Steps (with Images)

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best image editing software programs in the world and is used by both amateurs and professionals. With this program you can, for example, add text to images and photos. Plus, you have a range of additional fonts that aren't standard on your computer, and adding additional fonts to Photoshop is also very easy: you can just add them from your computer's hard drive and the program will do the trick. the rest.


Method 1 of 2: Add fonts in Windows (all versions)

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 1

Step 1. Download your fonts from the internet

You can search for "free fonts" and then click "download" to download the fonts you want. There are hundreds of sites that offer fonts, and the first page you come across probably offers plenty of secure options.

  • You can also buy font CDs at computer stores.
  • Save all fonts in a folder on your desktop to keep everything as organized as possible. However, as long as you know where you saved them, it doesn't matter much either.
Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 2

Step 2. Open a window to view the fonts

It doesn't matter which version you use. Even with Windows XP, a version of Windows that is no longer supported and will no longer receive updates, you can install fonts. If they are in a zip file, right click on the file and choose 'extract'. You then find the font by looking at the extension (what follows after the. in the file name). Photoshop fonts have the following extensions:

  • .otf
  • .ttf
  • .pbf
  • .pfm
Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 3

Step 3. Right click on Fonts and select 'Install'

If this option is available, you're in luck: everything is already installed! You can even use Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to install more than one at a time.

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 4

Step 4. If the 'Install' option is not available, you can add it from the Control Panel

Some computers do not allow this simple installation of a font, but it is still very easy to install a new font. Click the Start menu and then click Control Panel. Then you see this image:

  • Click on 'Appearance and Personalization' (Note: skip this step in Windows XP).
  • Click on 'Fonts'.
  • Right-click in the list of fonts and select 'Install New Font' (Note: in Windows XP this is under 'File').
  • Select the desired fonts and click 'OK' when you are done.

Method 2 of 2: Add fonts on Mac OS X

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 5

Step #1. Find and download your new fonts

Search online for "Free Photoshop Fonts Mac." This produces hundreds of results, all of which can be easily downloaded and added. Save them in a folder on your desktop called "Temporary Fonts" for example, so you can easily find them again.

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 6

Step 2. Close all running programs

Most programs have font support and will automatically search for new fonts on your Mac. You obviously want to install the fonts before the programs start looking for them, so make sure everything is closed before you get started.

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 7

Step 3. Double click on the font itself to open the font catalog

The fonts may be in a zip file that you can open by double clicking. Then double-click on the font itself to open it in your font catalog. Fonts have the following extensions:

  • .ttf
  • .otf
Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 8

Step 4. Click "Install Font" when the font catalog appears

Your new.ttf or.otf file should now open in the Font Book. Then click Install Font in the lower left corner to install the font on your Mac. Photoshop then finds the font and handles the rest.

Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 9

Step 5. You can also go to your font library in Finder and move the fonts manually

There are two places to put the fonts and they are both easy to find. You can even put the following string directly into your search bar, as long as you insert your own username where it says. You must use one of these two locations and if you have administrator rights, use the first one. However, they both work.

  • Library/Fonts/
  • /Users//Library/Fonts
Add Fonts to Photoshop Step 10

Step 6. Click and drag the new fonts into the folder to activate them

Once they're in, they're ready to use. Open your programs again to use the new fonts in Photoshop.


  • Not all fonts are supported in Photoshop. Look for True Type or Open Type fonts to make sure they're supported. You may need to experiment with other fonts to see if they work in your version of Photoshop.
  • There are Photoshop fonts for Eastern languages, including Japanese and Chinese. These look nice and can be used as graphic art on their own.
  • Just make sure Photoshop is turned off when you install new fonts. If it was open when loading, you will have to close and reopen the program before the new fonts appear.

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