Mixing Music: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

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Mixing Music: 15 Steps (with Pictures)
Mixing Music: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Mixing two songs is a fun way to create original sounds. Whether you want to practice your DJ skills, or just create new beats, mixing songs breathes new life into old beats. Anyone can create new sounds by mixing and combining songs using online apps and free software.


Part 1 of 3: Finding software

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Step 1. Search for free mixing software

Search the web for free music mixing software. Check out the functionality of each program to make sure it can mix the songs the way you want. There are many platforms that make mixing music easy:

  • Mixx - Free DJ Mixing Software
  • Acoustica Mixcraft - Free 14 Day Trial Available to Download
  • ACID Pro - Sony Professional Music Software with Free Trial Available
  • Mix Pad Multitrack Mixer - Allows users to record or import their own music
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Step 2. Download and install the software of your choice

After choosing from the many options available, download and install the program you want to use.

Follow the installation instructions for the program

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Step 3. Open the software on your computer

After the installation is complete, you can start mixing songs right away. Some free demo versions of the software can only be used for a limited time after download. Start mixing songs right away to make the most of the free trial.

Part 2 of 3: Choosing music to mix

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Step 1. Think about the type of mix you are making

Music can be mixed for many purposes. While choosing music you will have to ask yourself why you are making the mix.

  • Choose music with striking beats for a dance mix.
  • Find songs that have similar instrumentation for a 'back to back' mix where one song transitions into another.
  • Try mixing an instrumental track with a lyrics track to create unique sounds.
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Step 2. Listen to the individual songs

Familiarize yourself with the tempo and mood of the songs you're trying to mix. Pay attention to the specific parts of the song that you want to stand out when you mix the songs.

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Step 3. Play both songs at the same time

Listen to the sound of the songs to make sure the songs go well together.

  • Pay attention to the tempo of each song to determine whether one of the songs should be speeded up or slowed down.
  • Consider the key of each song to make sure they sound harmonious.
  • Listen to parts where both songs complement each other and can be played together.
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Step #4. Switch between the two songs

In a good musical mix, the sound flows from one song to another. Try starting and stopping the two songs alternately to hear how they sound one after the other.

You can save time once you start mixing by listening to the natural transitions in the songs between the verses, the chorus and the transition between the two (the bridge). Note when these transitions occur

Part 3 of 3: Blending songs into each other

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Step 1. Choose an MP3 file of a song as a starting point

Import the track into the mixing program. Depending on the program you've chosen, you'll need to start a new project or file to start mixing.

Follow the instructions of the software to import the original track

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Step 2. Set the tempo of the song

You can adjust the speed of the songs by changing the BPM (Beats Per Minute) setting on most programs. Speed ​​up or slow down the song to match the tempo to the other song.

  • Look for settings in the software such as 'BeatMap' or 'Set Project Tempo'.
  • Use the program's metronome setting to determine the BPM for your song, by setting the metronome to have the same tempo as the song.
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Step 3. Import the second song

Add another audio track to your project and import the song you want to mix with the first.

  • Add instrumental tracks to combine this with a vocal original.
  • Combine multiple songs to create unique remixes.
  • Create your own mix by combining two songs.
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Step 4. Match the tempo of the songs

Use the BPM settings to match the tempo of the second song to the first.

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Step 5. Harmonize or adjust the pitch of both songs

Listen carefully to each song and adjust the pitch up or down depending on the sound of the song. Make sure the pitches match, otherwise the two songs won't sound right together.

Look for software options for adjusting the key ("Key Change") or pitch ("Adjust Pitch")

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Step 6. Make sure the drum beats of both songs are the same

Make sure your songs play the same rhythms by listening to the heavy drum beats and adjusting the songs so that they hit at the same time.

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Step 7. Adjust the volume levels of the two songs with the software

You can have one song and the other flow into each other, or have both songs play at the same time. Create your own mix by letting each song move in and out of the mix.

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Step 8. Save your project

Some programs allow you to export your finished song as a new MP3. Check the software you are using for the options available to save.


  • Play with the software to determine what sounds best.
  • Make sure the kicks of the drums happen at the same time so that the numbers match.

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