Download Yandere Simulator: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

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Download Yandere Simulator: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
Download Yandere Simulator: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

This wikiHow teaches you how to install the trial version of the Yandere Simulator game on your Windows PC. Although the official version of the game is still in development, the unfinished sandbox version can be played right away by downloading the installer from the developer.


Download Yandere Simulator Step 1

Step 1. Go to the website

This is the official website of Yandere Simulator, which is hosted by the developers.

  • The official version of the game has not yet been released, but can be expected in 2020 or 2021.
  • Some antivirus apps may see Yandere Simulator as a virus because the application is not signed by the developer. As long as you download an official copy of the installer, you should be fine. The only place where you should download Yandere Simulator is or Always use your own common sense when downloading apps from the internet.
Download Yandere Simulator Step 2

Step 2. Click on the Download tab

You'll find it somewhere in the top center of the page.

Download Yandere Simulator Step 3

Step #3. Scroll down and click on Download Launcher

It's a pink button somewhere in the middle of the page. This will download the installer.

  • You may need to Save click to start the download.
Download Yandere Simulator Step 4

Step 4. Click on the downloaded file

You should find it in the default folder for your downloads, usually titled Downloads.

Download Yandere Simulator Step 5

Step 5. When a security message appears, click Yes

Then the Yandere Simulator installer will be launched, which will download the files needed to run the test version of the game.

Download Yandere Simulator Step 6

Step 6. Click Play when the download is complete

You can follow the progress of the download in the bottom center part of the screen. Once you have downloaded all the files, the game will open as soon as you press play clicks.


  • Use the W+A+S+D keys to move your character.
  • You move the camera with the mouse.
  • Hold down the left ⇧ Shift key to run.
  • Use the 1+2+3+4 keys to choose a weapon.

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