Using Cheat Engine: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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Using Cheat Engine: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
Using Cheat Engine: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

By using Cheat Engine when playing games you can save a lot of time. In this article you can read how to use it, we take Plants vs. Zombies as an example.


Use Cheat Engine Step 1

Step 1. Download Cheat Engine

You can find it at

Use Cheat Engine Step 2

Step 2. Download the game you want to play with Cheat Engine

In this example we will take Plants vs. zombies.

Use Cheat Engine Step 3

Step 3. Open both the game and Cheat Engine

Use Cheat Engine Step 4

Step 4. Click on “open processes” at the top left of the Cheat Engine window

Use Cheat Engine Step 5

Step 5. In the “process list” click on the option “PlantsVsZombies.exe”

Click on "open."

Use Cheat Engine Step 6

Step 6. Select the value you want to change

For example, if you start a new game at Plants vs. Zombies you will see that you only have 25 suns.

Use Cheat Engine Step 7

Step 7. Enter the value at Cheat Engine

Enter 25 in the "Hex" field and click on "New Scan". Now all kinds of data will appear in the table on the left where it says "Address" and "Value".

Use Cheat Engine Step 8

Step 8. See if the value changes in the game

For example, if you grab a sun in Plants vs. Zombies your energy is 100.

Method 1 of 1: Use Cheat Engine Manually

Use Cheat Engine Step 9

Step 1. Type the value in the "Hex" field

Type the value 100 in the "Hex" field and click "Next Scan". Now you only see one address and one value in the left table.

Use Cheat Engine Step 10

Step #2. Double click on the value

In the example it is 100. If you double click on it, an option will appear in the table “Add Address Manually”. Now double click on 100 in the table “Add Address Manually”.

Use Cheat Engine Step 11

Step 3. Change the value

For example, in the "Change Value" window, you can change 100 to 999999 and click "OK".

Use Cheat Engine Step 12

Step 4. Check if the new value appears in the game

in plants vs. You should now have 999999 suns with zombies.


For more examples, see


  • It doesn't work with "Art Money", it just changes how the game looks. It does not change the actual values.
  • Never choose more than one value at a time in the left column.

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