Convert a JPG to a PDF: 8 steps

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Convert a JPG to a PDF: 8 steps
Convert a JPG to a PDF: 8 steps

Converting your images to a PDF can make it easier to organize them, send them to someone else, and make them easier to read -- when it comes to images of text documents. Converting an image to PDF only takes a few seconds. Various settings are possible, depending on whether you just want to convert a few images, or whether you've collected a whole pile that you have to go through.


Method 1 of 2: Using an online service

Step 1. Find an online converter

There are several companies that offer free file conversion that allows you to quickly convert-j.webp" />

  • Convert My Image
  • smallpdf

Step 2. Upload your image

Click "Choose File", "Upload", or "Select-j.webp" />

  • Some services have a file size limit. If you find this to be the case, look for another provider or method.
  • You may have to click on an Upload button after selecting the files.

Step 3. Convert the file

Click "Convert" to start the conversion process. Some services give you even more options, such as margin size and page layout. The conversion process should only take a moment.

Step 4. Download the file

When the conversion is finished you will see a link to the PDF. You can then save this as usual. It is likely that the name of the file is the same as the original image and sometimes the name of the service is appended to the file name.

Method 2 of 2: Using a PDF printer

Step 1. Download and install CutePDF Writer

This is a free program that installs like a printer. If you want to print a document, choose CutePDF Writer as your printer and your document will be converted to a PDF. This is especially useful if you need to convert a lot of images, because you don't have to upload anything and no watermark is added.

  • Click the "Free Download" link on the left side of the CutePDF webpage. Do not click the "Free Converter" link.
  • You can download CutePDF Writer from the program's creators' website. During the installation you will be asked several times to install toolbars for your browser. So pay attention to that and make sure you refuse them.
  • You also need to install a PS2PDF converter. Ghost script is recommended. This is an open source conversion tool that can also be downloaded for free from the CutePDF website.
  • There are several other virtual PDF printers available, but CutePDF is one of the easiest to get up and running.

Step 2. Open the image you want to convert

Just open the image in any program that allows you to view and print images. CutePDF is not a program, but behaves like a (virtual) printer and therefore works with any program that allows you to print.

Step 3. Print the image

Click File and then Print (or similar; it depends on the software). Find the selection menu of the available printers and click on it to open the list. You should now see CutePDF Writer as one of the options. Select the printer and continue printing.

Your PDF will be created according to the settings you've chosen, so make sure you're happy with the preview before printing it out

Step 4. Save the PDF

A few seconds after you click Print, a dialog box will open allowing you to save the PDF to your computer. Make sure to give the file a meaningful name, as the auto-generated name isn't exactly useful for organizing your files.

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