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Download whatsapp
Download whatsapp

Thanks to WhatsApp, it's easier than ever to call and chat with family and friends these days! WhatsApp allows you to send photos, videos and text messages to people all over the world, even if they don't have a phone connection. Exactly how you should download WhatsApp partly depends on the type of phone, tablet or computer you use. Therefore, follow the instructions below that apply to your device. Once you have downloaded WhatsApp you can create an account that you can use immediately.


Method 1 of 4: On a mobile with iOS (an iPhone or an iPad)

Download WhatsApp Step 1

Step 1. Open the


app store on your iPhone.

Tap the app store icon. It is shaped like a white 'A' against a light blue background. Make sure that you have entered all necessary information in the app store, such as your email address and payment information, and that you have signed in to Apple with your username.

  • WhatsApp is free, but iOS won't let you download apps if you still have payments open.
  • Before you download WhatsApp, first check whether your device is equipped with iOS 9 or a newer version.
Download WhatsApp Step 2

Step #2. Tap on Search

This tab is at the very bottom right of the screen. Tapping it will take you to a new page in the app store. There you can search for the names of specific apps.

If you don't have Wi-Fi, you'll need to activate your mobile data to open the app store and use the search function

Download WhatsApp Step 3

Step #3. Tap on the search bar

To do this, tap the "Games, apps, stores and more" field at the top of the screen. At that point, the keyboard will appear on your iPhone's screen, allowing you to type.

Download WhatsApp Step 4

Step 4. Find WhatsApp

Type in whatsapp and tap the blue button To search at the bottom right of the keyboard. You may be given a few different options, but the full name of the app you want is "WhatsApp Messenger."

The app is produced by 'WhatsApp Inc.'

Download WhatsApp Step 5

Step 5. Tap on BUY

This button is located to the right of the 'WhatsApp Messenger' heading almost in the middle of the screen. As soon as you click on it, the 'Buy' button changes into a spinning wheel.

  • If you have downloaded WhatsApp before, instead of the buy button, you will see a cloud icon with 'Download' here.


    see on it.

Download WhatsApp Step 6

Step 6. When prompted, scan your Touch ID fingerprint

A small screen will now appear at the bottom of the screen asking for your fingerprint. Hold your thumb or index finger against the area designated for your Touch ID to instruct WhatsApp to download the app to your iPhone.

  • If you don't have Touch ID, or if your Touch ID isn't associated with the app store, you'll need to click to install Tap the bottom of the screen and enter your Apple ID password when prompted.
  • Skip this step if WhatsApp download starts automatically.
Download WhatsApp Step 7

Step 7. Wait for WhatsApp download process to complete

With most internet connections via Wi-Fi or LTE, WhatsApp download should take no more than a few seconds. Once you have downloaded WhatsApp, you can immediately create a WhatsApp account by clicking the app icon on your phone.

  • If you want to open WhatsApp and create an account immediately after downloading the app, you can click TO OPEN to tap. You will find this option to the right of the 'WhatsApp Messenger' heading.
  • If you've previously had a WhatsApp account and want to import your data, open the app and check your phone number when prompted. Once your data has been saved, it will be downloaded immediately.

Method 2 of 4: On a smartphone with Android

Download WhatsApp Step 8

Step 1. Open the


Google Play Store.

Tap the icon of the so-called Play Store from Google. It looks like a colored triangle. This way you open the Play Store, and there you can search for apps and then download them.

Check whether your Android phone has OS or 4.0.3 or a higher version

Download WhatsApp Step 9

Step #2. Tap on the search bar

You can find it at the top of the screen. The on-screen keyboard will then appear, allowing you to type.

You will then see: 'Search apps & games'

Download WhatsApp Step 10

Step 3. Type in whatsapp

A drop-down menu will then appear with results that match the search query. The app that you must have is called 'WhatsApp Messenger' in full from WhatsApp Inc.

There should also be a green check mark next to the app you are looking for. That means that Google has been able to verify that this is the original version of WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Step 12

Step 4. Click INSTALL

Next to WhatsApp you should see a large, green button that says 'Install'. Tap it and the app will be automatically installed on your smartphone.

If you have downloaded WhatsApp before, this button will say 'Open.' In that case you can open the app directly

Download WhatsApp Step 13

Step 5. Tap 'Accept and Continue' when prompted

This way you ensure that WhatsApp is installed on your Android phone.

You hereby indicate that you agree with the privacy conditions of WhatsApp. If you would like to read them before agreeing, click on the 'Privacy Terms' text to open a separate website with the terms

Download WhatsApp Step 14

Step 6. Wait for WhatsApp to be completely installed

With an internet connection based on Wi-Fi or LTE, WhatsApp download should not take more than a few seconds. Once the download process is complete, you can continue installing WhatsApp.

  • If you want to open WhatsApp to enter your information and use the app immediately after downloading, you can click on OPEN right click on the screen.

Method 3 of 4: On a PC (on a computer with Windows or a Mac with OS)

Download WhatsApp Step 15

Step 1. Open WhatsApp website to download the program

To do this, go to in the web browser on your computer. When you have opened the website you will see a number of options; you can choose to install WhatsApp on your phone or on your PC.

  • To use WhatsApp on your computer, you must first have the mobile version installed on your iPhone or on your phone with Android. You must also always register via your telephone first.
  • WhatsApp will automatically determine whether you are using a computer with Windows or a Mac.
Download WhatsApp Step 16

Step 2. Click on the DOWNLOAD button

It's a green button on the right side of the page. That way you instruct WhatsApp to start the download process to your computer.

This button will also show your computer's operating system

Download WhatsApp Step 17

Step 3. Wait until the installation process download process is complete

This will take a few minutes. Once the WhatsApp EXE (for Windows) or DMG (for a Mac) file download process is complete, you can proceed.

Do not turn off your computer while WhatsApp is being downloaded and installed

Download WhatsApp Step 18

Step 4. Install WhatsApp

This process may vary a bit depending on your computer's operating system:

  • Windows - Double click the file WhatsAppSetup and wait for the installation process to complete. WhatsApp will then open automatically.
  • Mac - Double-click the DMG file, then drag the WhatsApp icon to the apps folder on your computer.
Download WhatsApp Step 19

Step 5. Sign in to WhatsApp

Once you have WhatsApp installed on your computer, you can use WhatsApp on your phone to scan the QR code so you can sign in to your WhatsApp account. If you have not yet created an account in WhatsApp, you must first create one on your phone before you can log in on your computer.

The version of WhatsApp you use on your computer is directly linked to the WhatsApp version on your phone. If you turn off your phone or remove the app from your phone, you will no longer be able to use WhatsApp on your computer

Method 4 of 4: Tips for the elderly

Download WhatsApp Step 19

Step #1. To get started, sign up with Apple or Google

Downloading WhatsApp will be much easier if you are already logged in with your Apple or Google ID before opening the Appstore. If you don't have an ID yet, create one first, then log in.

  • If you're using iOS (on an iPhone or iPad), open the "Settings" app and click "Sign in to your [device]." Enter your Apple ID and password and sign in.
  • On an Android smartphone, open the "Settings" app and click "Accounts" > "Add Account" > "Google." Enter your username and password as instructed and sign in to Google Play.
Download WhatsApp Step 20

Step 2. If you have a special smartphone for the elderly, follow the instructions for a smartphone with Android

If you are the proud owner of a Jitterbug, i.e. a simplified smartphone for the elderly (that has a touchscreen), you can follow the steps as described in the method to install WhatsApp on a smartphone or tablet with Android. Open Google's Play Store, search for WhatsApp, then click "Install" and then "Accept and Continue."

If you're having trouble, go back to the section that explains how to install WhatsApp on an Android smartphone for more specific instructions

Download WhatsApp Step 21

Step 3. Add contacts from your phone to WhatsApp

For example, if you want to use WhatsApp with your family members, and you already have their phone numbers, WhatsApp will import those contacts automatically. If at any time you want to add a new contact to WhatsApp, just add it to your phone. It is then automatically saved in WhatsApp as well.

You cannot delete contacts from WhatsApp; so once you add a contact, it will stay in your contacts list forever


  • Once you have downloaded WhatsApp, you can link your own mobile number and contact list to the app.
  • If you are unable to download WhatsApp on your smartphone or tablet, you may not have enough memory or need to upgrade your OS. Check your settings to find out why the app download is not successful.

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