How to Contact WhatsApp Customer Service: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Contact WhatsApp Customer Service: 9 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Contact WhatsApp Customer Service: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

WhatsApp is a unique app for sending messages, combined with social media and business use. Unlike many other companies, WhatsApp cannot be reached by phone, so you will either have to visit the contact page on their website or use the help section of the app if it works. On the website, you can email them questions related to Messenger support, business support, general business questions, and to complete a survey. If this fails, write a letter addressed to their headquarters.


Method 1 of 2: Send an email to WhatsApp

Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 1

Step 1. Select "Contact Us" to go to the support page

You will be redirected to the customer service page where you will see different categories such as 'WhatsApp Messenger Support', 'WhatsApp Business Support', 'WhatsApp Business Solutions', 'WhatsApp Solutions for Business', 'Privacy Statement Questions', "General Business Inquiries" and WhatsApp headquarters address.

Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 2

Step 2. Select 'contact us' under WhatsApp Messenger Support

This will redirect you to a page with an explanation of how to reach WhatsApp by phone. To contact them via the mobile app, you need to open the app and go to settings > help > contact us.

  • If the app encounters problems, you may not be able to contact them this way and will need to use a computer if possible.
  • Your question may have already been answered in the FAQ section, so we recommend that you visit this page first.
Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 3

Step 3. Send an email to the specific email address for the device you are using

The options are in a form from which you can choose between Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Internet or Desktop and Other for the platform on which you use WhatsApp.

Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 4

Step 4. Copy and paste the email address into the email form to contact them

When you send an email they will reply within minutes. You will receive a reply confirming that your message has been successfully received.

Add to your email your telephone number in full international format (with the country code) and then your question. If you are unsure about the country code, you can use WhatsApp's search tool to see what yours is

Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 5

Step 5. Send an email to WhatsApp Business Support for issues with WhatsApp Business

If you're a small business owner experiencing issues with WhatsApp Business, please email their customer support team and explain what's not working, when you're experiencing the issue, if the issue can be regenerated, and if you're getting any error messages. Provide a screenshot and include your phone number in full international format.

If your email does not contain enough information, WhatsApp Business Support will reply asking you to provide the above information

Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 6

Step 6. Mail chat logs to WhatsApp Business Support

If you can access WhatsApp then you should send your logs to customer service so they can review the issues you are experiencing when trying to send messages.

Open WhatsApp and then press the Menu button > Settings > Help > Contact us. Enter a description of the problem in the description field. Press Next > This is not an answer to my question

Method 2 of 2: Writing to WhatsApp

Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 7

Step 1. Write a letter to WhatsApp headquarters if the technology refuses it

If your phone and computer are not working or if you no longer have access to the internet, you can write a letter as a last resort.

WhatsApp headquarters address is: WhatsApp Inc.1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California 94025

Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 8

Step 2. Describe your problems clearly in the letter

Just like when writing an email, you need to add your phone number in international format with the country code along with the specific issues you are experiencing with your WhatsApp account.

Contact WhatsApp Customer Service Step 9

Step 3. Explain what is not working and what error messages you received

WhatsApp customer service will want to know when you experience the problem and if it can be regenerated.

  • For example, you could write, “Why does my screen keep freezing during a WhatsApp video call? This happens every time I try to make a video call. How can I solve this?' Then add your telephone number in international format.
  • Another example of a question could be, "My phone keeps saying I'm receiving WhatsApp messages when it isn't. This started about a week ago. Now this happens every day. How can I solve this?'
  • Explain that you want messenger support for your specific phone model or for the app on your desktop.
  • Do not ask a question that has already been answered in the FAQ section. Customer service determines how urgent a problem is and will not answer questions already answered in the FAQ.

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