Retweet: 10 steps (with images)

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Retweet: 10 steps (with images)
Retweet: 10 steps (with images)

Retweeting is one of the most used actions on Twitter and is ideally suited to share interesting tweets from others with your followers. Twitter offers two options for retweeting messages: manual and automatic. These two options each have their pros and cons. Read on to learn more about both retweet options.


Method 1 of 2: Automatically Retweet

Retweet Step 1

Step #1. Know when to use the automatic option

Automatic retweeting is basically nothing more than clicking the built-in “Retweet” function. This way you immediately share the tweet with your followers. However, this feature does not allow you to respond to it. It's a good option if you're in a hurry, or if you simply don't have anything to add.

Retweet Step 2

Step 2. Hover your cursor over the tweet you want to retweet

You will now see the “Retweet” option. It is the rightmost of the two options. The other is the “Favorite” function. Click on “Retweet”.

Retweet Step 3

Step 3. Confirm the retweet

After clicking “Retweet” a window will pop up. In this window you will see the selected tweet, and you will be asked if you actually want to retweet it. Click on “Retweet” at the bottom right of the window.

Retweet Step 4

Step 4. Realize that the tweet will now be shared with all your followers

The tweet will now automatically appear on the feed of all your followers, and on your own, as a retweet. The name of the original tweeter will now appear at the top of your tweet. Your name will appear below the tweet, next to the retweet symbol.

Method 2 of 2: Retweet manually

Retweet Step 5

Step #1. Know when to use the manual option

Manual retweet, also known as 'classic retweet', is when you manually copy and paste a tweet into the text box and send it from your own account. This method is generally considered the better one because it allows you to tweet questions or comments yourself (as long as it's under 140 characters). Plus, if you manually retweet, the original tweeter is more likely to read your retweet.

  • With Twitter's classic web interface, you have to manually copy and paste the text you want to retweet. When you send a receipt on your iPhone, you can download the “Classic Retweet” extension for Chrome or Firefox. This will automatically copy the text, but still give you the option to edit it before sharing the tweet.
  • Be aware of Twitter etiquette. Retweeting a tweet manually without adding a comment is usually bad Twitter etiquette. It looks like you are taking credit for someone else's tweet. In addition, you deprive the original tweeter of the chance of more retweets.
Retweet Step 6

Step 2. Start a new tweet with the prefix “RT”

This is an abbreviation of the word “retweet”. Enter one space after the letters “RT”.

You can also write "retweet" in full, although that doesn't seem so sensible with only 140 characters at your disposal

Retweet Step 7

Step 3. Enter an “@“followed by the username of the person you are retweeting

Entering the username is enough, you don't have to unsubscribe the full name of the person or company you retweet. If you want to retweet wikiHow, for example, write “RT @wikihow”.

This step is required to mention the original tweeter, and to ensure that the retweet shows up in his/her feed

Retweet Step 8

Step 4. Copy the tweet you want to share with your followers

Paste the text in the text box, after “RT @username”. Remove unnecessary characters and double-check the links to make sure they are correct.

If the text is long then you can abbreviate words like “and”/“en” to “&”, and words like “to” to “2”, etc. Be careful not to change the meaning of the tweet, and make sure you don't leave out any important details

Retweet Step 9

Step 5. Add your own comment to the tweet

As long as the entire tweet stays under 140 characters, you can add comments and/or questions to the tweet to your heart's content before retweeting it. Most people write their own comment before the “RT”. However, it is also possible to post your comment after the “RT”.

  • Your own addition doesn't have to be long or deep-it can be something as simple as "Read this!" or “Agree!”.
  • If you keep your addition positive, your retweet can be seen as a compliment. The original tweeter may even respond to you!
Retweet Step 10

Step 6. Click on “Tweet” to post your message

Tweet the message as you normally would. Your tweet will now appear in your followers' feed as well as in the feed of the original tweeter.


  • An alternative format for manual retweeting is to copy and paste the message, and put “via @____” at the end.
  • Third-party Twitter support software (such as TweetDeck) have different methods of retweeting.
  • Please note that Twitter's automatic retweet feature does not allow you to edit a tweet. Some therefore experience this option as limiting.

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