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Log in to Twitter
Log in to Twitter

Twitter is a social communication service that is everywhere; you can access it on your computer, phone, tablet and even use it to log in to other websites. Because there are so many options, the way you log in differs depending on what you do. See Step 1 below to learn how to log in to Twitter from anywhere.


Method 1 of 3: Using the website

Login to Twitter Step 1

Step 1. Enter your login information

When you enter the Twitter website, you will see a number of fields on the right where you can enter your username or email and your password. Enter your Twitter username, or the email address you signed up with, and the password associated with your account.

  • If you have forgotten your password, click on 'Forgotten your password?'. You will be prompted to enter your email address, Twitter username, or phone number to reset your password.
  • If you don't already have a Twitter account, check out this guide to learn more about creating an account.
  • If you want Twitter to keep you logged in on the computer you're using, check the "Remember me" box. You don't need to log in again the next time you visit the site. Do not check this on public computers.
Login to Twitter Step 2

Step 2. Click on the 'Sign Up' button

After entering your details, click on the 'Sign up' button. If you've entered your credentials correctly, you'll be taken to your Twitter home page, where you'll see the most recent tweets from the people you follow.

Method 2 of 3: Using the mobile app

Login to Twitter Step 3

Step 1. Download the Twitter app

Twitter is available for free for almost any smartphone. You can find it in your device's app store. The Twitter app comes preinstalled on some devices.

Login to Twitter Step 4

Step #2. Open the app

When you first open Twitter you will be given the option to create a new account or log in with an existing account. If you are using a Google device, you will be asked if you want to create a new account with your Google address.

If you registered your Twitter account with your mobile number, you can log in via SMS on an iPhone. You will receive a text message with a code that you can enter in the app to log in

Login to Twitter Step 5

Step #3. Tap on 'Sign In'

This button is located in the lower right corner of the login page. You can enter your Twitter username or email address and password. Enter your details and tap 'Sign in' again.

Twitter can upload your contacts from your cell phone to try and find people you may know. The box to do this is checked by default

Login to Twitter Step 6

Step 4. Choose friends you want to add

After you're logged in, Twitter will try to match you with people you may know, even if you haven't checked the box to allow contact information to be uploaded. You can view the list and uncheck anyone you don't want to follow, or scroll to the bottom and tap the Skip button.

Login to Twitter Step 7

Step 5. Choose the accounts you want to follow

After choosing friends to add, you'll be asked if you'd like to follow one of the Twitter-recommended users. Click the '+' button next to the people you want to follow and click 'Next' when you're done.

Login to Twitter Step 8

Step 6. Edit your profile

After selecting friends and people to follow you will be given the option to edit your profile. This only happens the first time you log in to the mobile app. Check your profile information and make sure it still looks good on a mobile device. Tap the 'finish' button when you're done.

  • Long bios can be tedious to read on mobile, so consider making it shorter if it's on the long side.
  • You can change the profile picture to an existing picture on your mobile device or you can use your device's camera to take a new picture.
Login to Twitter Step 9

Step 7. Decide if you want to allow Twitter access to your location

After you've completed your profile, you'll be prompted to allow Twitter access to your current location. This allows Twitter to show tweets from your region. Turn this on or off according to your personal preference.

Method 3 of 3: Signing in to other sites

Login to Twitter Step 10

Step 1. Go to a site that uses Twitter to log in

At many sites where you can comment on articles, or other forms of interaction, you can log in with your Twitter account. This can save you time and ensure that you have as few different profiles online as possible.

Make sure the site you sign up to is a trustworthy site. Linking your Twitter account may allow you to see personal information and connections

Login to Twitter Step 11

Step 2. Click on the 'Sign in with Twitter' button

The functionality varies from site to site, but generally there is a button with the Twitter logo that you can use to log in with your Twitter account.

This is only available for sites that allow it. While there are many sites with Twitter connectivity, there are also many sites that require you to create a new account

Login to Twitter Step 12

Step 3. Enter your login details in the new window

When you choose to log in with Twitter, a new window will appear. This window displays what information the site can access from your Twitter profile. Please make sure to read this information before entering your login details.

Login to Twitter Step 13

Step 4. Use the site

Once you are logged in with your Twitter account, you can start posting. In general, your username on the site will be the same as your Twitter username, although you can change it later on some sites.

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