Becoming Popular on TikTok

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Becoming Popular on TikTok
Becoming Popular on TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform where users use popular songs to create lip sync skits and videos. To become popular on TikTok, you need to consistently create videos that appeal to the majority of TikTok users. You can do this by taking it seriously and making lip-syncing videos that showcase your skills, or you can go humorous and create comedy skits using existing songs. To increase your chances of becoming popular on the platform, focus on a particular style or genre and participate in popular trends and challenges.


Method 1 of 4: Developing a niche and getting noticed

Become Popular on TikTok Step 1

Step 1. Emphasize a specific type of music or video to attract a unique audience

One way to get noticed is to focus on a distinctive music genre such as hip-hop, jazz, or country. If you are a fan of a specific style of music, use it as much as possible in your videos to gain like-minded followers. Concentrating on a specific video style can also help. Comedic skits, perfect lip-syncing, and challenge-only users are all popular with their engaged audience.

  • You can focus on a specific video style and music genre while simultaneously creating whatever you want. Focusing on a particular style doesn't mean you should make just one type of video, but it will help you build a following.
  • TikTok videos are between 15 and 60 seconds long, but most videos are no longer than 20 seconds.
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Step 2. Prefer to create awesome lip sync videos if you are good at it

Lip syncing is the foundation on which TikTok was founded, and most users make these kinds of videos. If you opt for this traditional element of TikTok, make lip-syncing videos. Memorize 6 to 15 seconds of a song and try to match the lyrics perfectly with your lip movements. To make it easier, you can mute your microphone so you can sing out loud!

Lip sync requires you to know the lyrics of a song. Listen to a song several times before making your video so that you can memorize part of it

Become Popular on TikTok Step 3

Step 3. Become a meme user by focusing on creating comedy videos

TikTok has its memes and comedic formats. From Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" to the surprised time traveler, there's no shortage of comedic material. Follow comedic hashtags and search for popular meme users to discover new jokes and build a following among that audience.

If you're good at comic timing and not so interested in lip syncing, this is a great way to get popular on TikTok

Become Popular on TikTok Step 4

Step 4. Choose popular songs to know the growing trends

Click the “Discover” tab to find popular trends. Check out the first 5 to 15 TikToks in the trendy section every start of the day to see if there are any new songs that the users are most interested in. If there is a new trend related to a new song, incorporate it into your daily video so that it will show up when other users look up this tag later in the day.

  • The popular songs on TikTok are not necessarily the same songs you hear on the radio.
  • In general, people react to things they recognize. If you can take advantage of a popular trend, it's easy to increase your following.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 5

Step 5. Pick weird or unique songs once you're well established

When you have a few hundred followers, you can attract new viewers by mixing-and-matching it. Every 2-3 days, ignore the “popular music” and “trend” tabs and search TikTok's other musical categories to find something different. Pick a separate song that stands out when users scroll through the feed so your videos get more views.

  • Children's music such as "Baby Shark" can usually be used to make funny videos.
  • Use songs from popular soundtracks and replay the scenes with your friends.


Slightly older users are more likely to respond to music that was popular between the years 1999 and 2009. Find well-known songs from this period to attract these users as well.

Method 2 of 4: Creating content

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Step 1. Make at least one video a day

The best way to stay relevant to TikTok and gain new followers is to create new content every day. The more videos you create, the more likely you are to gain new followers. Once you create videos on a regular basis, you will develop a group of followers who watch your videos regularly. When you can increase the number of views of your videos, your videos will be visible to a larger number of new users!

Your videos don't always have to be big productions. It's perfectly fine to create simple sing-along videos when you're running out of inspiration on a particular day

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Step 2. Dress up and use costumes when you have time

If you wear a costume or have a cool background in your video's thumbnail, users are more likely to click on your video. Dress up based on the theme of the song. You can tune a song to this by wearing clothes related to it.

For example, a funny top hat and an old tie can go well with an old swing or ragtime song. You can also go the humorous way by dressing up in a Halloween costume while pretending to sing a serious song

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Step 3. Film in unique locations to make your videos interesting

Most users record sing-along videos in their bedroom or living room. However, there's no reason why you shouldn't record your TikTok video outside. Try performing your act in public places to provoke reactions from the passers-by. Take advantage of unique scenery pieces when you travel and record near points of interest.

  • When you're allowed to use your phone at school, shooting at lunchtime or during recess can be an excellent time to involve your classmates in the production of your skits and videos.
  • You can easily adjust the look of your room by turning off the light or using a few red or blue lamps.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 9

Step 4. Adjust the speed of the song and use a few filters for a comical effect

Try mixing-and-matching every now and then by adjusting the speed of the song or by using a filter. Press the + at the bottom of your screen before you start recording, add your song and then press the “speed” button to adjust it. To add filters, press the + and then press the filter icon to scroll through the new additions.

  • New filters are becoming popular when they first appear. It is recommended that you experiment with the new filters when they are released.
  • Some users may annoy their followers when they use filters or adjust the speed of their videos too often. Don't do this every day so as not to alienate your audience.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 10

Step 5. Participate in popular challenges as often as possible

A challenge is a format or joke where you use an individual song, and some challenges can dominate the trendy videos tab for weeks. To make such a video, study a few samples and also try to resize it to your style. Participate in a challenge when she becomes popular. Take your time making such videos as they are likely to get more views than your normal videos.

  • Popular challenges include the hashtags #idolchallenge, #InMyFeelingsChallenge, and #UnMakeupChallenge. There's even a popular hashtag #wikiHowChallenge with loud music and wikiHow graphics!
  • For example, the hashtag #wikiHowChallenge involves using the Comethazine song “Walk” and finding a random wikiHow image at the beginning of the video. Then mimic the image by assuming the same position as the beat drops. Each challenge uses different songs and jokes.


Always use the challenge hashtag when completing a challenge. If you don't do this, you risk missing out on a large number of potential viewers.

Dance Step 6

Step 6. Dance as much as you can, even if you're not good at it

TikTok users love to dance, and music is a must. You will see it everywhere on the platform. Whether you're shooting serious lip-syncing videos or crazy comedy skits, users will always respond to music. When you're good at it, come up with your own skills for popular songs. If dancing isn't your strongest quality, make sure you have fun and make crazy moves to attract your audience.

Many popular challenges and hashtags use a specific dance. Study these moves and practice them by looking at examples before performing them yourself

Become Popular on TikTok Step 12

Step 7. Live stream video to connect with followers directly

You can use the TikTok app to stream live videos instead of publishing a pre-recorded clip. You can only use this feature if you have more than 1000 followers. TikTok followers love to chat and see the people they follow when they go live. Go live every now and then by opening your account and pressing the + button. Press the “Live” button to start the stream. Add some hashtags to your stream title so it's easy to find when searching.

  • Streaming can use a lot of bandwidth and you may not get good video quality because of this, depending on which location you're streaming.
  • While streaming, you can listen to music, show followers how to do makeup, answer questions, exercise or go about your daily activities. There really is no limit to what you can do while streaming!

Method 3 of 4: Publicity and increase in followers

Become Popular on TikTok Step 13

Step 1. Search for the trendy hashtags and associate them with popular songs

In your TikTok app, click on the “Trendy” tab to see some popular hashtags associated with the most popular songs. Use a trend by using the same number and hashtags, just like most popular users on the platform do. This may not be an original tactic, but it will get a lot of people watching your videos.

  • For example, the hashtag #FakeTravel was very popular when using songs in foreign languages ​​and with weird costumes to make it seem like the user was in a different part of the world.
  • Another popular example is the use of the hashtag #BadGuy when publishing a comedy video based on the Billie Eilish song "Bad Guy."
  • It's okay to use popular videos as a model for your TikToks. It is quite common for users to do this on the platform and is not really seen as copying but rather as a user participating in some way of making videos.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 14

Step 2. Use hashtags to make your content searchable and make it stand out

When using a Justin Bieber song in your video, use the hashtags #JustinBieber, #Bieber and the song title so that users can easily find your video. If your video is comical, feel free to be ironic or silly with your hashtags. For example, when you're singing a love song to your cat, you can use the hashtag #TrueLove, #HeHatesMe, or #We'rePurfect to add a funny element to your video.

Watch the videos of popular TikTok users to see how they use hashtags in their videos

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Step 3. Team up with friends who have a large fan base

An easy way to get noticed is to co-create videos with more popular users and ask them to tag you in their video. Let your friends know you're trying to get more followers and politely ask them if you can participate in one of their videos.

  • Duets are very common in lip sync videos.
  • If you're more into doing comedy skits, come up with an idea together and use a funny song to record it.


As long as you don't hurt anyone or damage anyone's property, playing pranks on friends or family members can make for excellent TikToks.

Become Popular on TikTok Step 16

Step 4. Submit your content to Youtube compilation channels

There are a large number of compilation channels on Youtube that include popular or funny TikToks in YouTube compilations. This can be a good way to become recognizable. Message a Youtube compilation user or comment on one of his videos to start a conversation or link them to your videos.

FakeEMeME, Succulent and Memecorp are the most popular TikTok authors on YouTube

Become Popular on TikTok Step 17

Step 5. Respond to videos from popular users as soon as possible

Follow popular influencers and TikTok Respond immediately as soon as you see that they have released a new video. TikTok's comment system makes the first comments stand out more. To ensure that other users visit your page, it is important that you respond as quickly as possible.

  • You can comment on how funny or recognizable a video is, or you can make a joke. Not many comments are exchanged in TikTok's comment section, so make sure to stick to the topic.
  • Your comments should not necessarily be funny or related to the videos. You can also just ask to view your page.
Become Popular on TikTok Step 18

Step 6. Follow and contact other users so that they visit your profile

When someone follows you or responds to your comment, you will probably immediately visit their profile to see who they are. You can get a lot of followers by responding to comments and following people who don't follow you yet. Make sure to link someone's name when you reply by putting an “@” before entering the username.

Try to avoid getting involved in public discussions. People don't want to click on your profile if they think you're rude or aggressive

Become Popular on TikTok Step 19

Step 7. Share your videos on social media and link your profile

Some of your friends or followers on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook may not know that you are also active on TikTok. When you make a particularly funny or interesting video, make it public by linking it to your other social media accounts so that you can share your content with a wider audience. Include a link in the description to your TikTok profile so that people can click on it and follow your account.

Encourage your friends to like and share your videos, especially when they appear in them

Method 4 of 4: Realize dancing

Step 1. Get the audio you will be using to dance to

Find which audio you want to dance to or import the audio while you're filming.

Step 2. Think of a dance

Think of a dance that you think is easy to follow and that goes well with the music and the beat.

Step 3. Film the dance

Once you've mastered your dance and it's good enough for the audience to follow, film it in the best possible way.

Step 4. Edit the dance

Add some filters when editing or producing your dance but don't overdo it. Make sure there is a relatively good amount of dancing to follow.

Step 5. Add a caption and post

Think of a dance name and add a description to the video.


  • If you just want to be famous, you can get frustrated. Prefer to have fun and the followers will come.
  • It can take a long time to have followers. Be willing to work hard and spend a lot of time on it!
  • Consider investing in good ring lighting if you don't have a location bright enough for filming.


  • Never exchange personal information online.
  • There may be unpleasant people commenting on your videos. Don't get mad when your video doesn't come across well. Some people just enjoy being mean, but don't let that discourage you!

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