Take a Snapchat screenshot

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Take a Snapchat screenshot
Take a Snapchat screenshot

You can take a screenshot of Snapchat in the same way as you take a normal screenshot of your phone. However, if you don't want the other person to get a notification that you want to save their awesome image forever, things are a little different. Here's how to do both (the cunning, and the super cunning way).


Method 1 of 3: Take a screenshot with notifications

Step #1. Open a Snapchat on your phone

You could experiment with this by sending yourself a photo. You will automatically find yourself among your contacts, should you wonder where to find yourself.

Step 2. Keep the Snap open by touching the screen

The duration of the Snap should be long enough so that you can press the appropriate buttons before the Snap closes. The shorter the Snap, the more alert you need to be.

Step 3. While holding the Snap open with your thumb, press the appropriate keys to take a screenshot

How you do this differs per device, but hopefully the following instructions will suffice for you:

  • Screenshot iphone

    With the iPhone, press the 'Home' and 'Power' buttons at the same time. Your screen will flash and, if you have sound turned on, you will hear the shutter sound.

  • Screenshot htc one

    Android 4.0 or newer: If your Android device is new enough, it will run on Android 4.0 OS. Hold the Snap open, then press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously.

  • Screenshot galaxy note

    Galaxy Note and Galaxy SII: Simultaneously press the 'Home' and 'Power' buttons.

  • Screenshot galaxy s

    Galaxy S: Press the Back and Power buttons simultaneously.

Step #4. Go back to your Snapchat list

If you sent the photo to yourself you will see: “X minutes ago – Screenshot(1)!”. This means that the person who sent the photo has received a notification of your screenshot. If you don't want the sender to receive this notification (you cunning fox) then go to the next method.

If you don't want your photo to be saved, don't send it. An embarrassing photo can always haunt you

Step 5. Go to your photo gallery

If you add your photos, you will see the screenshot you just took as the newest photo in your camera roll. This one stays here “forever”.

Method 2 of 3: Take a screenshot without notifications

Step #1. Open a Snapchat

Hopefully you already figured this step out. Again, to test if it works, send a photo to yourself. If you don't get a notification of the screenshot, you've mastered it. Mother will be proud of you.

Step 2. Follow the exact same steps as when taking a normal screenshot

Basically, open a Snap, keep the screen open, and take a screenshot in the manner appropriate for your device.

Step #3. Before the Snap time expires, tap the Home button twice

So, take the screenshot, let go of the screen, and click the 'Home' button twice before the time runs out! Loud and clear?

Step 4. Check your notifications if you've sent the Snap to yourself

If you succeeded, it will say “X minutes ago – Opened.” If not, it says “Screenshot!(1)” This is what the sender sees when you take a screenshot. If it didn't work out, it's probably due to your timing. Try it with a longer Snap.

So it could be that that one photo that you thought had disappeared into thin air is still stored somewhere! If you really don't want to see a photo saved, don't send it

Step 5. Go to your photo gallery

There it is. Forever. Forever and ever until you decide to delete it.

Method 3 of 3: The Android method

Step 1. Follow exactly the same steps you take when taking a normal screenshot

So, open a Snapchat, keep the screen open, and take a screenshot by pressing the appropriate buttons for your device.

Step 2. Press and hold the 'Menu' button once you have captured the screenshot

You will now see a list of open apps, including Snapchat.

Step 3. Close the Snapchat app

You also have to act quickly here. Do it before the second hand reaches 0.


Third party apps like Snap Save can do this for you too. Dozens of such apps are likely to hit the market in the coming months. If it is not clear yet, do not send a photo if you do not want it to be saved


  • Often people send nude pictures of themselves to others. If you are in possession of a spicy photo of a minor, this can be seen as child pornography. So be extremely careful.
  • Snapchat isn't exactly discreet. Don't be a fool. Only send photos you won't regret.
  • The sender might get mad at you if they find out you're taking screenshots (if they get a notification, at least).

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