How to Get More Followers on Instagram for Free: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Get More Followers on Instagram for Free: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Get More Followers on Instagram for Free: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

If all goes well, you don't have to pay anything to get followers on Instagram. On the other hand, if you want to gain a lot of followers for free, you will have to follow some basic procedures such as posting regularly, communicating with other users, and publishing unique and varied material. Other things you can do to get more followers are adding hashtags to your posts, and linking the accounts you have on other social media to your Instagram.


Method 1 of 2: Using General Tips

Get Free Instagram Followers Step 1

Step 1. Include specific information in your bio

You can personalize the information already in your bio by tapping Change Profile on your account page. A professional page on Instagram contains at least the following:

  • A link to your website (or another account you are active on, on one of the social media platforms).
  • A description of the content you want to publish.
  • A name that is easy to remember and that succinctly summarizes the content of your page.
Get Free Instagram Followers Step 2

Step 2. Link the accounts you have on other social media to your Instagram

You do this from Linked accounts in Instagram's Settings menu. By linking the accounts you already have to Instagram, you also spread your publications within the other platforms, so that more people will see your profile.

Get Free Instagram Followers Step 3

Step 3. Choose a theme for your page

If you don't have a more or less specific topic in mind to publish about, you and your followers will quickly become confused and/or distracted. You are of course free to come up with your own topic, but some easy topics to post about are:

  • Cook
  • outdoor sports
  • city ​​trips
  • fitness
Get Free Instagram Followers Step 4

Step 4. Publish often

It's best to post seven days a week, at least once a day. You can also grab the attention of your followers in a number of ways:

  • Vary your content (but not your subject)
  • Post dynamic content (such as videos or boomerangs)
  • Post around 8 AM or 11 PM (5:00 PM or 2:00 AM EST)
Get Free Instagram Followers Step 5

Step 5. Communicate with other Instagram users

An easy way to gain new followers every now and then is to follow other users and like and comment on their posts. Moreover, this way you immediately build friendships or professional relationships.

Get Free Instagram Followers Step 6

Step 6. Listen to the feedback you get from other users

Once you have a good number of followers, there is a good chance that some of them will send you certain requests. If you take your followers' feedback seriously and think the suggestions fit the content of your Page, see if you can incorporate their suggestions into your posts. The better you can keep your followers happy, the more likely they are to continue following you.

Method 2 of 2: Using popular hashtags

Get Free Instagram Followers Step 7

Step 1. Become familiar with the use of hashtags

By adding hashtags when you post a photo on Instagram, you ensure that people who search for a certain topic, or a certain hashtag, end up on your page.

Using hashtags is also a great way to reach a wider part of the Instagram community

Get Free Instagram Followers Step 8

Step 2. Check most used hashtags for the most used hashtags

It is best to put ten to twenty such hashtags with your photos. That way you ensure that your photos are seen more often, so that you will get more followers faster.

Instagram tends to look down on misleading hashtags. So you can't simply put all kinds of hashtags that are popular, but have nothing to do with your subject, with your photo

Get Free Instagram Followers Step 9

Step 3. Create posts based on the theme of hashtags that are currently popular

So, since you can't put irrelevant hashtags with your photos, try to create material that matches those hashtags.

For example, if the hashtag "#love" is currently being used a lot, you could take a photo that matches your theme and include the word "#love" as a hashtag in the description

Get Free Instagram Followers Step 10

Step 4. Add hashtags to your photos

You can do this after you have taken a photo, from the screen from which you are going to publish the photo, or you can edit previously taken photos after you have published them.

The hashtags should match your photos, but they should also fit your central theme at the same time. When using hashtags, always keep an eye on both your publication and the subject of your account


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