Get more likes on your Instagram photos

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Get more likes on your Instagram photos
Get more likes on your Instagram photos

Instagram is a great way to share your memories of favorite moments with family, friends and any followers. If you post a lot of photos but don't get as many likes as you'd like, follow the steps below to learn how to get more.


Method 1 of 7: Make use of hashtags

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 1

Step 1. Use hashtags

Hashtags are easy ways to organize your photos using keywords. They can help to be discovered by others so that your photos are more likely to get more likes. The more hashtags you use, the more often your photos will be viewed.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 1

Step 2. Use multiple hashtags at a time

For example, if you take a picture of your golden retriever, you can use hashtags like #goldenretriever, #dog and #pet.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 3

Step 3. Use the most popular hashtags for greater impact

Some of the most popular hashtags are #love, #me, #cute, #friday and #coffee.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 4

Step 4. Search the list of most searched hashtags and try to use it

But by using a very popular hashtag, your photo may not be found.

Method 2 of 7: Applying filters

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 5

Step 1. Apply filters to your photos

This means using other apps to edit and filter your images to make them look even better. Early-bird, X-Proll, Aviary and Valencia are popular filters that give your photos a unique look.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 6

Step 2. Use apps on your phone to give photos a special look

These apps include Camera+, Pro HDR, Snap-seed, and Pixlr-o-matic, and they will make your photos look more beautiful.

Method 3 of 7: Taking photos that people will want to see

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 7

Step 1. Post the correct photos

Often people will post anything like their lunch, their cat, or their empty beer bottles. If you want to get more likes, think of Instagram as a gallery. The goal should be to display only the best, highest quality images. The higher the quality of your photos, the more likely you are to get more likes on Instagram. Here are some examples of photos that will appeal to most people:

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 8

Step 2. Post personal photos of you and people important to you, such as family and friends

Choose only the best photo of a particular occasion.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 9

Step 3. Unique Photos

People will like your photos if it's something they've never seen before.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 10

Step 4. Photos of your pet

Just a few good pictures of your dog or cat and you're guaranteed to get a few likes. Be sure to pick out unique moments from your pet.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 11

Step 5. Don't post too many pictures of your food

Way too many people already do this, so only post images that are really great.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 12

Step 6. Combine multiple photos into one using apps like Diptic

People are more likely to like your photo if you've taken multiple photos on the same subject. You can put four similar images in one list, or different moments of a trip or occasion.

Method 4 of 7: Participate

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 13

Step #1. # Become an active member of the Instagram community

In order to receive, you must give. Take the time to comment on a friend's photo, or like a photo you see. The more often you do this, the more likely others will appreciate it. If you never appreciate your followers' photos, you won't get much in return.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 14

Step 2. Go to other people's accounts (especially those with more "following" than "followers")

Like about 15-20 of their images. If they notice you, they will probably want to like some of your photos too, and maybe even become a follower!

Method 5 of 7: Be aware of the time

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 15

Step 1. Post your photos at the right time

You can post the most amazing photo in the world, but no one will like it because it's the middle of the night. Most of the activity around your posted photo will happen in the first few hours, so make those hours count. Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Place them around the middle of the day, during the work week, those are the times when people get bored at work and surfing the web. Don't post them too early in the morning, or late in the afternoon, because people will be too busy commuting to notice your photos.
  • Post your photos a little after dinner. People tend to surf the web when they are tired at night.
  • Post your photos on special occasions. Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day are popular moments to post photos. Even if people should be too busy to notice your images, they're more likely to get noticed.
Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 16

Step 2. Don't post your photos on a Friday or Saturday night because most people won't like them

People may notice them, but would rather not admit that they have nothing better to do on the weekend than looking at your photos.

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 17

Step 3. Don't forget to stay active after posting your photos

Optionally, comment on the photos of friends or like photos of others to get the attention of friends.

Method 6 of 7: Creating links

Gain More Likes on Your Instagram Photos Step 18

Step 1. Link your Instagram account to your Facebook account

This only takes a minute and will ensure a much larger audience.

Method 7 of 7: Using other applications

Step 1. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store contain hundreds of applications that allow you to like photos, earn "coins" and spend them on likes (Example: You can find it on the App Store or Google Play Store using search terms like "Get likes," "Get likes for Instagram," or "Instagram likes."

Step 2. Download one of these apps

Check out the reviews to see which apps are the most reliable and work. Once you're comfortable with the app you've selected, download it.

Step 3. Log in to your Instagram account first

Step 4. Start liking photos of others

Most apps have a button to skip photos, if you're serious about stating which photos you like and don't like.

Step 5. Spend your coins on the number of likes you want for the photo you want to use the likes for

Know that the app may not deliver all 100% of the likes you want. Watch the number of likes on a photo grow!


  • Don't post too many photos at once. Followers get bored or don't even bother watching them all at once. In addition, postings often fill people's newsfeed and that can get annoying. Try using a timer to check if the posts are staggered.
  • Plain old "selfies" are boring, and can come across as arrogant if you post them too much. Use fun editing apps like Squaready and Snapseed to make them look unique.
  • Be sensible with the use of hashtags. Don't use hashtags when posting a comment. Only add relevant hash tags. Also be aware that when people have posted the hashtag #lfl (like for like), they may not like.
  • Never overdo it with the hashtags. Use the ones that say something meaningful about your photo. It's okay to use tags like #instacool now and then, but don't use it with every photo.
  • Use an editing app to edit photos before uploading, rather than using filters.
  • Follow people who like to see the kind of photos you post.
  • Keep your followers engaged and happy with unsubscribing from contests every now and then. Make sure the games are fun and motivating.


  • Do not post inappropriate images or they will be removed.
  • Keep selfies and snack images to a minimum.
  • Don't ridicule others, because sooner or later your followers will notice and may unfollow you.

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