How to Get a Verified Account on Instagram: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Get a Verified Account on Instagram: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Get a Verified Account on Instagram: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

More and more people want a blue verification check mark on their Instagram account. Unfortunately, it can take quite a bit of work to get that done. Instagram itself selects which users get a verified account and you can't sign up for this anywhere. Users chosen by Instagram are usually public figures or companies. Do you still want to try to get the blue tick? Then you can do enough to bring your Instagram account to the attention. For example, maintain active contact with other users or draw attention to your Instagram account via other social media channels. However, if you are unable to get your account verified, don't worry too much. There are countless other ways to show your followers that your account is truly yours.


Part 1 of 3: Getting enough followers

Get Verified on Instagram Step 1

Step 1. Use popular hashtags

Hashtags are the way to attract new followers, as many people browse Instagram based on search terms. Using popular hashtags makes it easy for users to find your posts and they may even decide to follow you.

  • Popular hashtags on Instagram include #love, #ootd (outfit of the day), #photooftheday, and #instagood.
  • Also use hashtags that relate to you as a person or the company you represent. For example, if you're a comedian, you can use comedy related hashtags.
  • Pay close attention to what is trending right now. For example, if something has been in the news recently, many people will follow the discussion about it through certain hashtags.
Get Verified on Instagram Step 2

Step 2. Reply to other users

Connecting with other Instagram users is one of the best ways to gain new followers. You can do this, for example, by liking posts and leaving comments on photos of others. The nicer your comment, the more likely other users will view your profile and then follow you.

Try not to leave comments that look suspiciously like spam. Other users are likely to become annoyed if you leave messages purely for mutual following. For example: "Hey! Cool photos. Follow me!" Rather post comments that are actually about the photo in question. For example: "Nice cat. I used to have a red hangover too!"

Get Verified on Instagram Step 3

Step 3. Use other social media to promote your Instagram account

If you have a lot of followers or friends on other social media, place a link to your Instagram account or make sure your Instagram posts automatically appear on Twitter or Facebook.

Get Verified on Instagram Step 4

Step 4. Post your photos at 2 AM and 5 PM

These are the times when most Instagram users are very active. Research shows that posts posted around these times get the most likes and comments.

To ensure that your posts are seen by as many people as possible, it is wise to also use popular hashtags around these times

Get Verified on Instagram Step 5

Step 5. Write a biography that will appeal to new followers

You can also use hashtags in your bio to increase the presence of your account in other users' search results. However, use hashtags that fit the way you want to present yourself. For example, if you're a comedian living in New York, you can use the hashtags #NYC and #standup to target users interested in these topics.

Part 2 of 3: Getting your account verified by Instagram

Get Verified on Instagram Step 6

Step 1. Prove that your account is really yours

Instagram will only verify your account if it is sure that the account is actually yours and not managed by someone else. To prove this, you can post things that only you can post.

  • Link your account to other social media channels, especially if they are already verified. Having your Instagram photos regularly appearing on your verified Twitter account helps a lot to prove that the Instagram account is actually yours.
  • Post photos that can only be posted by you. Pictures of landscapes or cities can be made by anyone. Rather post personal content to increase the chance of verification by Instagram.
Get Verified on Instagram Step 7

Step 2. Have your Facebook account verified

Getting your personal or business Facebook account verified increases the chance that your Instagram account will be verified as well. If you have a personal or business page, you can initiate verification by clicking "Settings" first. Then click on 'General', then on 'Page verification' and finally on 'Start the verification procedure'. You will need to provide Facebook with your phone number so that a verification code can be sent to you, which you will then enter on the website. After you've done this, Facebook will process your verification request.

Just like on Instagram, it is wise to also post personal content on Facebook to show that the account is really yours

Get Verified on Instagram Step 8

Step 3. Gain more followers on other social media channels

Instagram doesn't verify just anyone. Often they select people who have become famous in some way or companies that are fairly well known. Also try to gain followers on other social media channels. The more recognizable you and your company are, the greater the chance of verification.

  • You can upload your own video content on websites like YouTube. Try to post videos that can be easily shared by others, such as lists and product reviews. If you're running a business, starting a YouTube channel can help increase brand awareness.
  • If you're a singer or comedian, YouTube can be the ideal medium to showcase your skills. Upload a video of your show, then share the footage on Twitter or Facebook to promote your arts. This can help you get more followers, which may help Instagram notice you faster.
Get Verified on Instagram Step 9

Step 4. Find other ways to convince your audience of your authenticity

Instagram will likely verify your account faster if you're a public figure and have some notoriety. Individuals and companies are much less likely to be verified. If you still want to try to have your account verified, make sure your audience knows that you are posting authentic content.

  • Link your Instagram account to your personal or business website.
  • Also share your Instagram posts on other social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Part 3 of 3: Avoiding Negative Practices

Get Verified on Instagram Step 10

Step 1. Do not buy followers or likes

You can buy followers and likes on various websites to boost your Instagram profile. However, Instagram is very precise when verifying accounts and can easily distinguish real followers from fake ones. Buying followers is therefore not a good way to get verified faster, as Instagram values ​​the authenticity of accounts.

Get Verified on Instagram Step 11

Step 2. Delete spam comments

Some fake accounts are set up by companies to follow random people and leave default comments on their posts. These types of comments can have a negative impact on your account, as these types of posts make it seem like you've bought followers when you haven't. Make sure you delete spam messages under your Instagram posts as soon as possible.

Spam comments are often very general or have nothing to do with your actual post. Think of messages like "Cool!" or "Great photo!". Also messages in languages ​​that you do not understand will often be spam. For example, think of comments in Chinese while you post in Dutch yourself

Get Verified on Instagram Step 12

Step 3. Read the Instagram guidelines carefully and follow the rules

Accounts that don't follow the guidelines are most likely not going to be verified by Instagram. Read the rules carefully and do not post photos that violate the guidelines.

  • Only post photos and videos for which you have the rights. Do not post material from others to avoid violating their copyright.
  • Avoid sexual content or very naked photos.
  • Don't post illegal things.
  • Leave respectful comments under other people's posts.

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