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Update Instagram
Update Instagram

Updating Instagram gives you the latest features and fixes errors in the app. You can update your Instagram by going to the app store and accessing your list of apps from the menu (Android) or by going to the update page (iOS), then tapping the 'Update' button for Instagram. You can update your Instagram feed yourself by swiping down on the homepage. You will then see all new messages. When you update an app, you can't revert it back to the old version.


Method 1 of 3: Android

Update Instagram Step 1

Step #1. Open the Play Store app

Update Instagram Step 2

Step #2. Tap on '≡'

This button can be found in the top left corner. This opens a menu with several options.

Update Instagram Step 3

Step 3. Select 'My apps & games'

You will now be presented with a list of apps installed on your device.

Update Instagram Step 4

Step #4. Tap on 'Instagram'

You are now on the Instagram page.

The apps are in alphabetical order

Update Instagram Step 5

Step 5. Tap on 'Update'

This option is at the top of the page, to the right of the 'Uninstall' option, where it would normally be 'Open' (if no update is available).

Method 2 of 3: iOS

Update Instagram Step 6

Step #1. Open the App Store

Update Instagram Step 7

Step #2. Tap on 'Updates'

This button can be found in the bottom right corner of your screen. If updates are available, there will be a red notification here.

Update Instagram Step 8

Step #3. Tap "Update" next to the Instagram icon

The update for Instagram will now be downloaded and installed automatically.

  • You will see a download circle next to the Instagram icon while updating.
  • If you don't see Instagram on the page, there probably aren't any new updates available. To be on the safe side, you can swipe down on the update page to check for new updates.

Method 3 of 3: Refresh your feed

Update Instagram Step 9

Step #1. Open Instagram

Update Instagram Step 10

Step #2. Tap on the 'Home' icon

This button can be found in the bottom left corner of your screen and will take you to your Instagram feed.

Update Instagram Step 11

Step #3. Swipe down on the screen

A reload symbol will now appear. After a while, the page will refresh, and you will see new photos of the people you follow.


  • You can turn on auto-update in Android by opening the Play Store, tapping "Settings" in the menu, and adjusting the "Automatically update apps" option.
  • You can enable auto-update in iOS by opening the Settings app, tapping "iTunes & App Store," and turning on the "Updates" option (under the "Automatic Downloads" heading).

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