Get Likes on Facebook

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Get Likes on Facebook
Get Likes on Facebook

Nowadays everyone has a Facebook account. And everyone wants thousands of friends and hundreds of Likes. Here's how to become famous on Facebook!


Method 1 of 3: Making your page awesome

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 1

Step 1. Provide nice photos

The photos on your Page, such as your profile picture and cover photo, give people a first impression of who you are. So it's important that they are good photos. Provide an interesting profile picture and make sure the colors of the pictures go well together.

  • For example, take a nice black and white photo of yourself as a profile picture and combine that with a cover photo, also in black and white, where you are walking in the woods or doing something else that you enjoy.
  • Photos that go well together create a more professional look.
Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 2

Step 2. Develop a personality

You want to come across as a great person, someone who does interesting things and has interesting opinions. Make sure people get the full picture of you by sharing your opinions, participating in discussions, and showing what matters to you. People need to feel like they know you, so that's why you need to make it easy for them, let people understand what you stand for.

Always be cheerful and positive. If you keep complaining about others or things that drive you crazy, people will quickly give up. They have enough problems of their own and they just want to see someone who can turn something negative into something positive

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 3

Step 3. Post good content

The posts you post should be interesting. Don't talk about the laundry piling up in the corner of your bedroom and don't try to get attention with a whiny tone. Instead, write fun stories, good jokes, cool photos, and fun facts. Put things on Facebook that are relevant to others, a message that can make someone's day. Anything better than something boring or boring.

  • Use your talents! If you sing, draw, write or are good at something else, show it! Record videos and show photos to get people interested in the cool stuff you do.
  • You can also share interesting content you've found on other sites, such as Tumblr, Reddit, Upworthy, or other popular sites. You don't always have to come up with something new to post.
Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 4

Step 4. Don't overdo it

Don't post too much, never let people know what games you've played and don't use your Facebook page to promote others. If companies offer you a discount in exchange for a like, just ignore it! Something you post should never look like an email being sent straight to the spam box. If your posts start to look like spam, people will quickly remove you from their news feed.

Method 2 of 3: Get as many followers as possible

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 5

Step 1. Make sure your page is public

If you want many friends on Facebook and want many people to see your posts, your page must be public. That is very important to get more followers. Remember: never post anything you will regret!

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 6

Step 2. Get a lot of friends

First, make friends with everyone you know in real life, if possible. Become friends with everyone you know from school and also become friends with all their friends. If someone you're not already friends with replies to one of your messages, send a friend request right away. If you see someone on a fan page that you think might be interested in what you have to say, send a friend request! The more friends you have, the more people will see your posts and respond to your posts.

  • Even make friends with people you don't know well or have only met once. No one actually has 500 real friends, so don't get discouraged when you see the huge friend lists of other Facebookers.
  • Don't forget to make friends with people you haven't seen in a long time. You may even actually become friends again!
Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 7

Step 3. Join communities and groups

Find a group you're interested in and join. Fan pages, groups, anything that makes you feel like you're joining like-minded minds and feel like you can contribute something meaningful. Groups and communities are great ways to get to know people and make friends outside of your immediate environment. it can give you a voice in the rest of the world!

Try not to align yourself with everything and everyone. Find your niche and focus on that

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 8

Step 4. Encourage interaction

The posts you make should get people to comment, like, or interact in other ways. So post questions, opinions on controversial topics or inspiring quotes and stories. The more likes, comments, and shares you get, the more likely Facebook is to make sure everyone sees your posts.

An example message might look like this: "Not for anything, but I think Wilders really went too far this time. What do you think?" or "Next Lowlands, actually I really want to go… Who's coming?"

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 9

Step 5. Provide interaction

Keep it going. A lot of interaction with people makes them feel like they know you and it gives you the chance to get to know new people. So say something about their messages and photos, congratulate people on their birthday, find ways to keep in touch with all your friends.

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 10

Step 6. Get the timing right

You have to post important messages at the right time. If you have something to say that you want a lot of people to see, it comes down to good timing. For example, choose Saturday mornings or weekday evenings, then you can be sure that many people are on Facebook!

Method 3 of 3: Expanding your scope

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 11

Step #1. Also use Twitter and Instagram

Put things on Twitter and Instagram, then you ensure that many more people see your content. Always have a link to Facebook so that people can find you there and become friends with you. Make sure the posts don't overlap too much: give people a reason to follow you on different platforms!

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 12

Step 2. Link your Facebook page to a blog

Start a blog to make people feel even more connected to you. You can do that on Facebook, but it works better on a separate site, because that helps increase your audience. Make sure the content on your blog is as interesting and personal as it is on your Facebook page. Provide a link to Facebook so people can become friends with you there.

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 13

Step 3. Promote yourself on other websites

If you have a blog, find ways to promote your blog to get as many visitors as possible. Find communities that will be interested in what you have to say, tell them they'll find out if they become friends with you.


  • Make sure you are logged in every day.
  • Make friends with people who are already famous.
  • The goal is to come across as cool and interesting, the kind of person people brag about being friends with. And then you make sure that you make these people feel like they know you well (even if they don't). They will want to be friends with you because it is good for their own image. Being associated with you makes them seem more interesting.
  • Don't forget to congratulate people on their birthday!


  • Don't be mean! You have to be nice to everyone.
  • Don't post anything you might regret later. You won't be the first to lose your job over a stupid Facebook post.
  • Watch out for political or religious statements.
  • Becoming famous isn't all fun. Prepare for the less fun aspects.
  • Don't be rude in your comments.
  • Don't call yourself famous. Don't be a narcissist.

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