Remove a link to your Facebook profile

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Remove a link to your Facebook profile
Remove a link to your Facebook profile

Facebook has taken over the internet. By using Facebook links you can log in to various websites with the push of a button. Although this is of course very useful and it ensures that you do not have to create a new account every time to access an interesting website, the use of Facebook links is not entirely harmless. You automatically share personal data with companies and give these companies a look at your internet behavior. This wikiHow teaches you how to unlink a Facebook app or website.


Remove a Facebook Connection Step 1

Step 1. Open your Facebook profile

Make sure you are logged in and go to your profile page or to your personal timeline.

Remove a Facebook Connection Step 2

Step #2. Click the Settings button

This can be found in the top right corner of the Facebook page and looks like a gear. Click in the settings menu for the option 'account settings'.

Remove a Facebook Connection Step 3

Step 3. Click on 'apps and websites'

This option can be found in the menu on the left side of the settings menu, near the bottom.

Remove a Facebook Connection Step 4

Step #4. Scroll through your Facebook links

After you click on 'apps and websites', a list of all the apps and websites you have a Facebook link with will appear. With the help of this list you can make changes per app or website.

Remove a Facebook Connection Step 5

Step 5. Adjust the permissions for a particular app

Click 'edit' to the left of the app or website for which you want to make a change. A list of options and settings for that specific app or website will then appear.

  • Depending on the app or website, you can customize who can see your posts, what data is shared with the app, what notifications you want to receive, and so on. You can remove individual permissions by clicking the 'X' next to the respective permission.
  • Click 'close' in the top left corner of the window when you're done.
Remove a Facebook Connection Step 6

Step 6. Remove a link to an app or website

If you want to remove the complete link between your Facebook account and a particular app or website, click the 'X' icon next to the 'edit' link for that app or website. You will be notified that the Facebook link will be removed. Click on 'delete' to confirm.

  • It is possible that an app or website still stores old data about you. You can contact the company responsible for the app or website to have all your data removed.
  • Removing a Facebook link may mean that not all options of an app or website can be used or accessed.

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