Getting on Facebook at school: 5 steps

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Getting on Facebook at school: 5 steps
Getting on Facebook at school: 5 steps

The following information will still allow you to access Facebook if it is blocked at school. It also works with YouTube, Twitter or other sites.


UnblockFacebook Step 1

Step 1. Go to a proxy site like or

Use a search engine for more options.

UnblockFacebook Step 2

Step 2. Enter the site you want to visit, i.e. Facebook or any other site

UnblockFacebook Step 3

Step 3. Do what you want on the site and click the window away when you're done

UnblockFacebook Step 4

Step 4. Some schools have blocked, but not.

Just type an 's' after 'http' every time you open a new tab.

Step 5. You can also use VPN software like if proxy sites are not working


  • Always delete your cookies and history when you are done.
  • Some schools block the search term "proxy". In that case, just change one letter in the word proxy, and you'll still get the desired search results.
  • Another way to access a blocked site is to enter its IP address.


  • The network may be monitored by teachers or janitors.
  • Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder.

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