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Block Facebook
Block Facebook

Do you find yourself wasting hours of your time on Facebook when you should be busy with work or studies? Then it is necessary to limit the time you spend there (or your children). This article will show you some methods to get this done.


Method 1 of 3: Download a program to block Facebook

Block Facebook Step 1

Step 1. To block Facebook in a particular browser, download Github's Facebook Blocker

Versions are available on the Internet for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Facebook Blocker gives you the option to block Facebook continuously, or during a certain time of the day (and for which browser).

Block Facebook Step 2

Step 2. For the Mac users among us, download Self Control

Set the time you can spend on blacklisted websites, then add to your blacklist. This restricts access to those websites in all your browsers.

Block Facebook Step 3

Step 3. For Windows users, download Cold Turkey

Just choose which sites you want to block and then choose when you want the block to take effect.

Method 2 of 3: Blocking Facebook manually in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer can block Facebook through the settings of the browser, but you can not set a time limit. You will have to manually unblock this when you want to use Facebook again, and depending on the degree of your addiction, you may end up fooling yourself by unblocking prematurely.

Block Facebook Step 4

Step 1. Open Internet Explorer and select Tools

Block Facebook Step 5

Step 2. Select Internet Options and click on Security tab

Block Facebook Step 6

Step 3. Click on Restricted sites and Select Sites

Type "" and click Add

Block Facebook Step 7

Step 4. Close the windows and try to reach the Facebook website

Method 3 of 3: Manually block Facebook on a Mac

You can use the Mac's Parental Controls feature to manually block Facebook. You will have to manually unblock this when you want to use Facebook again, and depending on your level of self-control you may unblock it sooner. If you want to block Facebook because of your kids, they can't unblock it unless they have access to the admin account.

Block Facebook Step 8

Step 1. Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen on your Mac and select "System Preferences


Block Facebook Step 9

Step 2. Click "User and Groups" to create a new user account without accessing the administrator privileges

This account will be blocked from Facebook through the Mac's Parental Controls.

Block Facebook Step 10

Step 3. Go to System Preferences

Click on "Parental Controls" and activate it by checking the box.

Block Facebook Step 11

Step 4. Select the new regular user from the left sidebar

Select "Try to limit access to adult websites automatically" option. Click the "Customize" button below it.

Block Facebook Step 12

Step 5. In the group "Never allow these websites" click on "+"

Add "" and press the "Return" key on your keyboard. Click the blue "OK" button to block Facebook from this account.

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