Check who views your Facebook profile

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Check who views your Facebook profile
Check who views your Facebook profile

To get straight to the point, there is no way to find out which specific people view your Facebook profile and how often. However, there are several techniques you can use to find out how many people are viewing your profile, and you can analyze that information to get clues as to who might be viewing your profile. There are also subtle indications of who interacts with your profile most often. Keep reading to learn more.


Method 1 of 3: Using Stat trackers

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Step 1. Add an HTML box to your profile along with the required application

By default, Facebook does not allow you to place static HTML in your profile. To use HTML you will need to add an app designed to display static HTML or FBML boxes.

  • Search Facebook for "HTML box" or "FBML box." You should see several search results.
  • First check whether the app is of good quality before installing it. Check "About" or "About" to make sure it does what you want it to do, and do a quick web search to make sure it's a real working app and not a scam. Find something like App Name legitimate" or "App Name scam."
  • Since these apps don't necessarily violate Facebook's rules, they are generally allowed unless it turns out to be spam.
  • Once the app is installed, you can place the stat counter in the HTML or FBML box that appears.
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Step 2. Search online for a free counter service (counter service)

There is no HTML code that creates a global page counter. Therefore, you will have to search the Internet for a "free HTML page counter" or "free HTML statistics counter."

  • Please read the terms and conditions of the counter service carefully before using it. Make sure it doesn't require you to enter any personal information, such as your Facebook account login information, and it's 100% free.
  • Know what kind of HTML you're looking for. A CGI script is the best option. These scripts show a graphical counter that is updated every time someone views your page.
  • PHP counters are of no use to you, because such scripts have to be stored as a text file in the directory of your website. You don't have a directory of pages and files associated with your Facebook profile, so these counters in Facebook won't work.
  • Javascript counters are an acceptable option. Facebook does not allow the use of Javascript on its website, but there are free converters available online that convert Javascript into useful HTML code. Search the web for "free Javascript conversion" to find one.
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Step 3. Generate the HTML code

Follow the on-screen instructions to generate the HTML code for your Facebook page.

  • Note that many free counter services require you to create an account in order to use them.
  • You may need to specify the URL of the website you want to use the counter on. In this case, that's the URL of your Facebook profile or timeline.
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Step 4. Paste the code into your HTML box

Once the code has been generated, copy and paste it into the HTML box or FBML box created by the app you installed.

  • You may need to confirm the code by clicking "OK" or "Confirm" for it to be applied to your profile.
  • Depending on the app you're using, the counter will appear on the app's page or on your timeline.
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Step 5. Analyze the numbers

Because this method only shows you how many times your profile has been viewed and not how many visitors you've had, you'll need to keep track of the numbers and think carefully about why those numbers spike or dip.

  • If a friend or old loved one has just returned home after being away for a long time, they may be causing spikes in your page views.
  • If you have just met a new friend, or someone you have met, he or she may be the cause of the increased number of page views.
  • If you have just broken up with someone, or if you have lost contact with a friend, this can result in a decrease in the number of page views.
  • If you suspect that someone is following or stalking you, and you notice that your counter is increasing, this may confirm your suspicions.

Method 2 of 3: Using Analytics

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Step 1. Create a Google Analytics account

A Google Analytics account allows you to track the traffic from your Facebook page. A standard account is free and all you need to do is sign up and then link your current Google account to Google Analytics.

  • If you don't have a Google account, create one. You will need to create a username and password as well as confirm your age and agree to the terms of use.
  • Please note that you can only use Google Analytics to track Facebook pages that are linked to your own businesses. Traffic on your personal profile cannot be tracked.
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Step 2. Add your page to your Google Analytics account as property

In the tab admin click on Create new property.

  • If you don't have an account linked to your Facebook page yet, create a link by clicking Create new property to click.
  • If this account is set up, click on it to open the corresponding page.
  • click on + New Web Property.
  • Indicate that you want to follow a website when prompted, and fill in the information about the company sector and the time zone.
  • click on Get Tracking ID to complete this.
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Step 3. Get a Javascript code to track your grades

In your property's page, click the tab Tracking Info to find the Javascript code.

  • Turn on the tracking options you want to use and click Save.
  • Select the code and copy it with Ctrl + c via your keyboard, or by right-clicking on it and copy to select.
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Step 4. Convert the Javascript to HTML

Search the web for something like "free Javascript converter" for an online tool that can convert this code into usable HTML.

  • Facebook does not allow the use of Javascript, which is why you convert the code before continuing.
  • Select and copy the new code.
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Step 5. Add the HTML box maker application to your page

Search Facebook for "HTML box". Several apps will be indicated in the search results.

  • Do a short research on the app before installing it.
  • Once the app has been installed, you should see a box on your page, or a box in the app's page, into which you can paste the static HTML.
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Step 6. Place the new code in your HTML box

Right click on the box and select "Paste" to paste the HTML code into it.

  • You can also click with the left button of your mouse and the keys Ctrl + v press to paste the code.
  • Press "OK" or "Confirm" to confirm the code.
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Step 7. Ask yourself what it all means

Analyze your numbers to determine why they are changing and who could be responsible.

  • If you've recently networked with another company or tapped into a new customer base, keep an eye out for increases.
  • Watch out for increases if you've started a new promotional campaign.
  • Expect declines if you've lost a major customer or been part of a recent scandal.

Method 3 of 3: Finding clues on Facebook

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Step 1. View the friends in your chat bar or friends list on your timeline

Facebook specifically states that friends at the top of the chat sidebar are "people you've interacted with regularly or recently on Facebook." The same goes for those friends you find in the friends list of the main timeline.

  • Note that people who simply view your profile without commenting, liking, or otherwise indicating that they have been physically present will usually not appear on any of the lists.
  • The interaction that Facebook uses goes both ways. In other words, the people on your chat sidebar or timeline are people you talk to on a regular basis and those who also respond regularly. The list is not built solely on the basis of people who have regularly viewed your profile.
  • This can help you discover who visits your profile most often, depending on how active you are on Facebook. If you barely connect on Facebook or interact with a large number of people on an equal basis, then the people who connect with your profile will carry more weight when it comes to determining who appears on your chat sidebar or timeline.
  • If you use the friends list on your timeline, you may have to refresh the page several times to get an accurate view. The friends you interact with regularly will appear again and again, but there will always be a few random friends among them. This listing of random friends will change when you refresh the page, but constant friends will almost always show up.
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Step 2. Invite your friends to an event

When you invite friends to an event, you can judge who visits your profile by looking at the type of responses you get.

  • Responses are categorized into three sections: accepted invitations, rejected invitations, and unanswered invitations.
  • It is assumed that the top 5 people on the list in each category are friends for each category who view your profile most often.
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Step 3. Type each letter in the search bar, one by one

In Facebook's search bar, type a search by typing every letter of a possible request. Do this letter by letter, removing the previous letter before typing the next letter.

  • If you recently visited a friend whose name starts with one letter or another friend with that letter, that friend will be the first to appear in the list.
  • On the other hand, if you type a letter not associated with such a friend or if someone whose profile you rarely visit appears at the top of the list of results, chances are the friend shown is the last person you see. page and whose name starts with that letter, or the person who visits the page most often.
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Step 4. Have a look at the friend suggestions

Your friend suggestions can give you hints as to who may have viewed your profile, even if they are not in your friends list.

  • If you receive a friend suggestion from someone without any of you having any shared or mutual friends, chances are that the person being suggested is someone who has visited your profile.
  • If you receive a friend suggestion from someone who shares friends with you, that suggested friend may or may not have viewed your profile.


  • Facebook's privacy policy categorically prevents people from seeing who has visited their profile page. There is no function on Facebook that can allow that, nor are there any third-party apps that can provide that information.Do not install a Facebook app that claims you can view who has visited your profile.

    At best, these apps will try to trick you into installing it in order to access your profile without any restrictions. In the worst case, these apps send spam to your friends, or give your computer a virus.

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