Remove iTunes from your computer

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Remove iTunes from your computer
Remove iTunes from your computer

In case you need to remove iTunes from your computer, you will need to know how to remove all its components. This is a lot more complicated than dragging an icon to your Trash. The following steps will show you how to remove iTunes from your PC and from your Mac.


Method 1 of 3: Windows method

Uninstall iTunes Step 1

Step 1. Make sure that iTunes, QuickTime Player and the Apple Software Update are not running

Uninstall iTunes Step 2

Step 2. Go to the Start menu and click on "Control Panel


Uninstall iTunes Step 3

Step 3. Click on "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel

Uninstall iTunes Step 4

Step 4. Select iTunes from the menu and click "Uninstall

" Click "Yes" when asked if you want to uninstall iTunes.

Uninstall iTunes Step 5

Step 5. Wait for the uninstall to complete

Do not restart your computer if the program prompts you to do so.

Step 6. Uninstall the following programs in the following order using Install or Remove Programs

Failure to remove any of these programs could lead to "unintended consequences," according to information provided by Apple. Removing these related items is essential for removing iTunes completely.

  • QuickTime
  • Apple Software Update
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Bonjour
  • Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)
Uninstall iTunes Step 7

Step 7. Restart your computer

Step 8. Make sure that iTunes and its related components are completely removed

Verify that the uninstallation of the software is complete and correct.

  • Select My Computer from the Start menu.

    Uninstall iTunes Step 8Bullet1
  • Open Local Drive (C:).

    Uninstall iTunes Step 8Bullet2
  • Open the Program Files folder.

    Uninstall iTunes Step 8Bullet3
  • Delete each of the following folders, one at a time: Bonjour, iTunes, iPod, QuickTime. Right-click on these folders if they are in the Program Files folder, and select "Delete." If you don't see these files, it means that they have already been successfully deleted.

    Uninstall iTunes Step 8Bullet4

Step 9. Open the Common Files folder and delete the Apple folder in the same way

  • Click the Start menu and open My Computer.

    Uninstall iTunes Step 8Bullet1
  • Open the Windows folder and then the System32 folder.

    Uninstall iTunes Step 9Bullet2
  • Delete the QuickTime and QuickTimeVR files, if you find them there.

    Uninstall iTunes Step 9Bullet3
Uninstall iTunes Step 10

Step 10. Right click on your Recycle Bin and then on "Empty Recycle Bin


Method 2 of 3: Mac OS X abbreviated method

1446211 11

Step #1. Launch the Terminal

Go to Finder → Applications → Utilities → Terminal.

1446211 12

Step #2. Type in the following command and hit return

In the Terminal, type "cd /Applications/" and hit return. This should automatically redirect you to the Applications directory.

1446211 13

Step 3. In the Applications directory, type the last command

Type "sudo rm -rf" and hit return.

1446211 14

Step 4. Type in your Admin password

This confirms the removal of iTunes. The program and its folders should now be removed from your computer.

Method 3 of 3: Mac OS X extended method

1446211 15

Step #1. Make sure iTunes is not running

1446211 16

Step 2. Find iTunes and drag iTunes to the Trash

1446211 17

Step #3. Open the Activity Monitor

Go to Finder → Applications → Utilities → Activity Monitor.

1446211 18

Step 4. Select iTunes Helper from the list and click "Stop Process

" When asked if you want to stop the procedure, click "Stop." Close the Activity View.

1446211 19

Step 5. Remove the iTunes Helper from Login Items

Click on the Apple icon and go to System Preferences → Accounts/Users & Groups → Login Items. Select the iTunes Helper entry and click the minus ("-") sign to remove it.

1446211 20

Step 6. Click the Go To tab and select "Go To Folder


1446211 21

Step 7. Type "/System/Library/Extensions" in the box and click "Go to


1446211 22

Step 8. Drag the file AppleMobileDeviceSupport.pkg to the Trash

Ignore this step if no such file exists.

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