Taking revenge on your siblings

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Taking revenge on your siblings
Taking revenge on your siblings

Siblings can be both your best friends and your worst enemies, often both on the same day. But even the best sibling relationships can turn into a minor war. If you want to take revenge on your brother or sister, there are many ways to do it. But be careful - maybe their revenge will be even sweeter!


Method 1 of 3: Get revenge at home

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 1

Step 1. Set their alarms four or five hours late

When you wake them up, tell them they overslept magnificently. Make sure you are fully dressed when they wake up. Be careful; if they accuse you you have to pretend you're innocent and put the blame on them.

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 2

Step 2. Bully them with their least favorite food

Be sure to put the largest portion of that dish on their plate when it's served.

You can also use food they like. For example, if they love ice creams, you can eat all the ice creams and leave the empty box in the freezer

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 3

Step 3. Try to take and hide things from them

Hide their straighteners under the couch or their homework in the microwave. Try to take just one thing each day (something they won't notice right away, like a pen). Hide it in your room and make sure it blends in with your other stuff or simply hide it in your closet. Make the things you take become more important every day, but don't take things that are very important to them.

If they accuse you of putting their stuff away, deny it! If you act like you have no idea what's going on, they'll get even more confused

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 4

Step 4. Glue their deodorant shut

Buy super glue that is invisible once dry and glue all their deodorants shut. If you really want to be mean, you can also glue all their soaps in the shower. This will confuse and really frustrate them.

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 5

Step 5. Apply some masking tape to the faucet nozzle

Leave a small hole in the front. When they wash their hands, the water will spray in their faces! This is a simple but very effective joke.

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 6

Step 6. Squirt whipped cream into their hands while they sleep

When they scratch their nose or roll on their side to sleep, they will stuff themselves with whipped cream. Be careful though, as this could get you in trouble with your parents.

Method 2 of 3: Embarrassing your siblings at school

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 7

Step 1. Change their autocorrect in Microsoft Word

If your sibling has to write a lot of essays on their computer at school, you can play a joke by using their word processing program. Go to 'Autocorrect' under the 'Tools' tab and change the settings so that normal words like 'the' or 'that' are automatically replaced with ridiculous words that don't make sense in the context. Change as many words as you want! If you really want to get them in trouble, you can change words to something like "my teacher stinks" and hope they don't notice in time.

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 8

Step 2. Change the background of their computer

Do this after they go to bed or before they leave for school in the morning. You don't want to give them the chance to notice that something has changed so that they can change it themselves. Change their background to something embarrassing, like a picture of themselves sleeping in a funny way or, if it's a boy, maybe pictures of puppies and hearts that you found on the internet. You know your sibling, so change the background to something you know they'll find embarrassing.

When they open their laptop at school everyone will see their new background

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 9

Step 3. Fill their backpack with underwear

Just before they go to school you have to get their backpack and fill it with underwear. They will be so confused and it will cause discomfort all day long.

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 10

Step 4. Talk to your sibling's sweetheart at school

Introduce yourself and say, "Oh, you must be [name not theirs]." When they say no, pretend you're confused and say that your sister or brother is always talking about this other person. This will give your sibling a nice confrontation!

Method 3 of 3: Planning your revenge

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 11

Step 1. Determine if your revenge is appropriate for your sibling's age

You probably won't use the same joke on an 18-year-old as you would for a 7-year-old. Try to find a joke that is age appropriate.

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 12

Step 2. Choose how you want to take revenge

You can get them into trouble with your parents or simply play a prank. Usually it's better to leave your parents out of this unless it's a really serious situation. You might as well take revenge in a fun way by playing a good joke.

Get Revenge on Your Siblings Step 13

Step 3. Choose your joke

Make sure it's not a predictable joke. There are so many great jokes that it is unnecessary to choose a boring joke. Jokes come in all shapes and intensities, so pick one based on how badly you want to get revenge.

If you know good jokes, you should write them down in a notebook and keep them somewhere where no one will look, like in your desk, under a pillow or in a box. Keep your ideas secret until you decide to use them


  • Be careful if you choose to take revenge on your sibling by causing him or her trouble. After all, this can backfire.
  • If your parents get angry easily about jokes, don't make them too bad. Play it safe.
  • If your sibling is younger, you can hide all their toys and pretend you don't know anything about it. This will frustrate them very much.
  • Make sure the joke is appropriate and won't hurt them.
  • Give them an Oreo, but eat the cream and replace it with toothpaste.
  • Make sure you don't hide things in places where they might just be put. Put them under their bed or in a crevice in the sofa.
  • Hide under their bed while they sleep so you can grab them by one leg when they wake up when you're not asleep yourself.
  • If someone is very artsy, you can dip the ends of their pencils or brushes in clear nail polish. It will be hilarious if they can't write or draw and they won't understand what happened!
  • Don't play a prank that could land your sibling in the hospital or cause them physical injuries.
  • If your sibling is also good with jokes and wants to get revenge, then you should try to pull a better joke every time.
  • When your sibling isn't watching, you can take all their makeup. If you are really mad you can also take all their favorite clothes or the clothes they have put out for the next day.
  • If your sibling likes to game, you can take all the working video games, all his or her favorite games, and hide them in a place where they will never find them.
  • If your sibling has a sign on his or her bedroom door, you can take it off silently when they aren't looking and confuse them by doing this several times.
  • Pour water into their bed.
  • Don't do anything that you would regret in the future. It's easy to go too far when you're upset or angry. Instead, try doing something funny that will make you laugh afterwards.
  • Give subtle hints about the jokes ahead, but don't let it get too predictable.
  • Try to scare them in the most unexpected places. They'll get mad if you do that a few times, but obviously don't hurt them physically.
  • Don't do anything that your parents would punish you for.

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