Mail to a mobile phone: 4 steps (with pictures)

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Mail to a mobile phone: 4 steps (with pictures)
Mail to a mobile phone: 4 steps (with pictures)

Did you know that you can send an email directly to a mobile phone number? This wikiHow teaches you how to send an email to someone's cell phone number if you don't know that person's email address. After sending the e-mail, it is converted to an SMS and sent directly to someone's mobile phone.


Method 1 of 2: Locating the address

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Step 1. Find the person's mobile number and carrier

To send an email to a mobile phone number, you need the number and the carrier, or the phone company where the number is registered.

If you don't know the provider, you can look it up by entering the number at

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Step 2. Find the domain of the provider

Each carrier has a special domain, or email address, that you can use to email to cell phones on their network.

Some carriers have two different domains: one for texting and one for messages with pictures and other attachments (MMS). If so, take the one you need

  • Here you will find the domains for a number of large (international) providers:

    provider Domain
    AT&T (SMS) (MMS)

    Verizon (SMS) (MMS)

    Sprint (SMS) (MMS)

    US Cellular (SMS) (MMS)

    Boost Mobile
    Virgin USA
    Rogers (Canada)
    Orange (UK)
    Vodafone (UK)
    Orange (India)

Method 2 of 2: Send the message

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Step 1. Open your email program or website

You can email to mobile phones using most email apps or sites, such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo!

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Step 2. Compose a new email

  • To create a new message, look for a button with a pen icon, usually at the top of the screen, or a


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Step 3. Enter the recipient in the 'To:

' field.

To do this, you'll need to enter the mobile phone number without the country code or other punctuation marks, followed by the carrier's email address.

For example, to email the US number (123)456-7890 with T-Mobile, address the message to [email protected]

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Step 4. Send the message

The recipient should receive the message in the SMS app after a few moments.


  • Set your e-mail program to 'Plain Text'. Many e-mail programs use HTML messages, which can lead to many problems when sending e-mails such as texting. By turning off HTML you avoid mixed messages.

    The procedure for this differs per e-mail program. In Gmail, click the "down arrow" in the lower right corner of the "Compose" screen and choose "Plain Text." If you are using Outlook, click on the 'Message Options' tab and select the 'Plain Text' format

  • Keep the message short. Most mobile phones can receive messages of up to 140 characters. If the message is longer, it may be aborted or not sent at all. Keep your messages under 140 characters to ensure they are sent properly.

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