How to Remove a Popsocket: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Remove a Popsocket: 6 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Remove a Popsocket: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Pop sockets are trendy. If you have one you know how much fun it is to use them! When attached to your phone or tablet, you can play with the top of a pop socket by pulling them in and out. However, you may want to remove your popsocket from your phone at some point and stick it somewhere else. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is slide your nails under its base and pull lightly.


Method 1 of 2: Removing the pop socket

Remove a Popsocket Step 1

Step 1. Push the top of the pop socket down when it is pulled up

Do not attempt to remove your pop socket from your device while it is still pulled up. The popsocket may then become detached from its base during the removal process.

Remove a Popsocket Step 2

Step 2. Work your nails under the base of the pop socket

Press your nails against the sides of the pop socket base and push until you can feel them slide underneath. You don't have to push very far -- just until you feel you have a good grip on the pop socket. You should already be able to feel the base of your pop socket detach from your phone.

Slip a few inches of dental floss under your pop socket if your nails don't want to fit

Remove a Popsocket Step 3

Step 3. Slowly pull the pop socket off your phone

Gently grip the pop socket as you pull. Work slowly and carefully until the pop socket comes off. Try peeling off the pop socket, starting at one side and pulling to the other side.

Method 2 of 2: Clean and reattach popsockets

Remove a Popsocket Step 4

Step 1. Run the popsocket base under cold water for three seconds

Your pop socket is small and already very sticky, so you don't need a lot of water to clean it and help it re-stick. Too much water can extend its drying time beyond 15 minutes and ruin its stickiness.

Remove a Popsocket Step 5

Step 2. Let the pop socket dry for about ten minutes

Let your pop socket air dry. Place it on a paper towel or regular towel with the sticky side up.

  • Try not to let your pop socket sit for more than 15 minutes. Then he will lose his stickiness.
  • If your pop socket is still not dry after ten minutes, gently wipe its base with a paper towel.
Remove a Popsocket Step 6

Step 3. Stick the pop socket back on your phone or any other flat surface

Any clean, flat surface will work. However, keep in mind that a pop socket may not stick well to surfaces made of leather or silicone, or to waterproof surfaces. Mirrors, windows, tablets and cell phones are the best places to stick a pop socket.

Let your pop socket rest for about an hour before pulling it back up or pushing it down. This will give him time to get completely stuck to your phone again


  • Don't worry about straightening the image on your pop socket when you put it back. You can change its position by turning the top of the popsocket when you put it back.
  • If your nails are not long enough or you are afraid they will break, use a paper clip or safety pin.

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