Improve the range of your mobile

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Improve the range of your mobile
Improve the range of your mobile

Over the past 20 years, cell phone use and ownership has grown massively, to the point where 90% of the world's population has cellphone coverage. But that doesn't mean the reception is getting better. Most users think that they can't change it themselves, but this is not always true. The following article explains what you can do to improve the range of your cell phone without having to wait for a new cell tower.


Method 1 of 3: Changing your position

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 1

Step 1. Stand taller

To get more signal you will have to stand on a higher spot so that there are fewer obstructions, or walk around the obstructions. This is referred to by some as the "Lion King" method, where you hold up the phone, like Rafiki little Simba. This aside, you stand on top of a hill and not at the foot of it, for a better reception.

  • Not all phones are the same. Some can handle weak signals very well, others not at all.
  • Know where your local mobile network provider is so you can hold the phone in that direction and reduce the possibility of potential obstacles between signal and phone.
Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 2

Step 2. Try it outside, or stand by a window

Do not try to call far inside a building or underground. Buildings and other large objects are not really conducive to a good signal. If you have a bad signal on the street, try it at the next intersection, because you often have good reception there.

  • Cell phone signals don't carry far through the earth: if you're underground, you probably won't get a signal.
  • A card for signal reception for your smartphone is useful. These point the user in the direction of the nearest cell tower and are very useful for getting better reception.
Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 3

Step 3. Go to a location where there are no interfering objects

All mobile phones today are digital and therefore more sensitive to a clear signal. In essence, you can compare it to the "best reception" in your field of view. Even if you can't see the transmitting tower, what is the most open path?

  • Also, remember that the signal can be bounced, so the reception you get depends not only on what's in the way, but also on what's bounced.
  • Also keep in mind that not all mobile towers serve as a mobile network.

Method 2 of 3: Easy fixes

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 4

Step 1. Keep your phone away from other electronic devices that may interfere with reception

These are laptops, iPads, microwaves and other electronics. Also turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to allow the mobile to spend more energy finding the signal.

Turn off all other devices as much as possible. If that doesn't work, turn your phone off and on again. Sometimes a reboot can make the problems go away on their own

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 5

Step 2. Keep the battery charged to two bars, or more

The phone uses much more energy during a phone call than when it is on standby. Your battery may be strong enough to try to make a call, but not find a signal. If you notice that the problem is with the signal, charge your battery.

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 6

Step 3. Hold your mobile in the correct orientation

Your cell phone's antennas are designed to project a signal outward, perpendicular to the antenna itself. As a result, a mobile searches for a signal in the form of a donut around the antennas. Normally, if a mobile is held upright there is no problem. However, holding the phone in a weird way, on its side or upside down, can interfere with the antennas' function. Hold your phone upright so your antenna can pick up the signal.

  • On most newer phones, the antenna is located at the bottom of the phone, so it may be better to turn the phone over to get a better signal.
  • In older mobile phones you can find the antenna on the back and on the top (near the camera).
Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 7

Step 4. Use Wifi as mobile signal

Call and connect to the internet the way you are used to. If your mobile supports UMA, you can use the Wifi as a signal carrier, where you have no GSM signal range, or in those areas where the range is very poor. There are also a number of apps that you can download for free, such as Viber, which make a calling connection via Wi-Fi.

Not all devices and carriers support UMA calling. Some Blackberry, Android and other phones support UMA, and it is becoming more common to find it in your mobile

Method 3 of 3: Making technical changes

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 8

Step 1. Try switching to a 2G network

4G and 3G are designed for transmitting high bandwidth to mobile phones; however, the distance between the cell tower and the mobile must be within a certain range to be effective. The further away from each other, the weaker the signal will be. If it is important that you are available to receive phone calls and messages, switch to a 2G network. 2G has a lower bandwidth than its newer counterparts, but offers good coverage in most locations, especially where 3G/4G signals cannot penetrate well.

  • Due to the lower data rate, 2G signals are able to reach difficult places. The only downside is that the internet connection is slower, but it's fine for calling and texting.
  • Finally, your battery will not drain so quickly, because 2G does not require that much energy. Consult the manual of your mobile to see how to set up 2G networks.
Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 9

Step 2. If necessary, use a Smart Signal Booster

A new category of Smart Signal Boosters is now available. These use super-powerful baseband processors to clean up the signal before it's broadcast again (hence the "Smart" in the name Smart Signal Booster). Most Smart Signal Boosters have a gain of 100db (compared to the gain of analog boosters, 63 to 70db). That is a difference of 1000 to 2500 times.

Some of these new boosters, although more expensive than traditional analog boosters, are completely plug and play: they usually work right away without the need for complex installation or outdoor antennas (usually the donor antenna is located in the booster box). Because installation is so simple, they can be used with almost any carrier, requiring no additional installation work. Most of the time, Smart Signal Boosters are carrier-specific (meaning you need to find a booster that's right for your carrier)

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 10

Step 3. Install a mobile repeater

If you have problems with mobile reception in a certain location, such as at the office or at home, try to improve this with a repeater. A repeater can pick up a weak signal with the antenna, amplify the signal and broadcast it. They usually need at least 2 bars of signal where the antenna is placed (usually outside or on the roof) but can improve mobile reception a lot, in addition to extending battery life and download speed.

Some repeaters require technical knowledge, such as carrier frequency, and only work for a particular service provider. If you want a tech story that can improve range for most carriers, use a dual-band repeater for your phone

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 11

Step 4. Upgrade your antenna

A number of cell phone manufacturers make "Hi-gain" antennas for their handsets, which you can have at the store or at home. While these don't improve the signal as such (if at all), but as a repeater these antennas are relatively inexpensive and you are not limited to a particular location.

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 12

Step 5. Switch network

Most networks work independently of each other, and use their own frequencies and place their own cell towers. Chances are that by changing the network, you will get better reception. Most mobile networks today allow you to bring your own phone number with you if you want to change networks.

Some offer you a good deal because you are a new customer; the big companies aren't getting many new customers, so they look for competitors' customers. Look around which provider offers the best service and who has the best offers

Improve Cell Phone Reception Step 13

Step 6. Have a cell tower installed

This may take a while, but where there is not enough coverage, private individuals can indicate that they are making their land available for a small cell tower. Other companies with Wireless Revenue Programs offer the possibility to register your land. If there is then sufficient demand, you will be added to the list of locations for a new transmission tower, and you will have optimal coverage.

They may even pay your phone bill. What could be more beautiful?


  • If nothing works, change service provider.
  • If you want to improve the range in your car, you need a booster or mobile phone amplifier that you can connect to the cigarette lighter.
  • Drought, high humidity and thunderstorms can all cause the signal to be weaker than necessary.
  • If your mobile cannot find a good signal, it will search. The phone uses a lot of energy to do that which is why a weak signal will quickly drain your mobile's battery. Those who have ever forgotten to turn off their phone on the plane know this phenomenon well. If you have a repeater for your mobile, you will find that it seems like your battery is running forever, because it never has to look for a signal.
  • Nowadays you can also buy a mobile phone amplifier. They are offered at various web shops, but KPN has marked them as unauthorized.

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