Get your phone back

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Get your phone back
Get your phone back

Whether your phone has been taken by your parents, taken from you regularly, stolen by a stranger, or simply gone missing, if you handle this situation with patience and maturity, you can get your phone back sooner than you do. maybe thinking of getting it back. If your parents have your phone, tell them you're sorry you made them angry, and show them you mean it by following their advice and rules without complaining. Take your situation calmly, and you will succeed just like that.


Method 1 of 4: Getting a phone back from your parents

Get Your Phone Back Step 1

Step 1. Sincerely apologize to your parents

Tell them how sorry you are for your mistake. This may not work, but it's definitely worth a try, especially if you've made a mistake that you can't correct. Tell them how you plan to do things differently in the future. Express yourself clearly and politely.

Step 2. Explain your reasoning, and pick a good time (not when they're just leaving the house) to talk to your parents

For example, speak to them while they are doing the dishes. Explain to them what you did, why you did it, that you understand why they took your phone, and ask if you can have it back.

Step 3. Don't ask for it too often, because then your parents will think you are completely dependent on your phone

Just ask every now and then.

Step 4. If your parents regularly take your phone away from you for no reason, because they just don't want you to have it, ask why they're doing this, and if you can have some leeway

Get Your Phone Back Step 2

Step 5. Fix the problem

If they want you to clean your room, get home on time, or do some other chores, find out what the problem is and how to make it right. This will show your parents that you are sincerely sorry, and that you are actively working to improve your behavior.

Get Your Phone Back Step 3

Step 6. Do something for them

If it's too late to correct the problem, try to make it right. Clean a room thoroughly. Do your homework without complaining. Try to pick something that will demonstrate that you have learned your lesson.

Get Your Phone Back Step 4

Step 7. Give reasons why you need your phone

Communicate your needs; tell them that someone is texting you for a math assignment, or that you want to call a classmate for help. Say you need your phone for your homework because you took a picture of the board. They may allow this, but will likely take your phone again when you're done. Be patient, and hope for the best.

Remind your parents that your phone is important for your own safety. Ask Them: What If They Need To Reach You During An Emergency?

Get Your Phone Back Step 5

Step 8. Ask what it takes to get your phone back, if they haven't already told you

Then do your best to meet the requirements. Make suggestions on how to improve your behavior in the future if they don't offer ideas.

Get Your Phone Back Step 6

Step 9. Wait

If nothing works, wait. Let your friends know that they need to contact you in a different way. Your parents will be impressed by your patience and maturity, and you may be able to get your phone back sooner than you expect.

Ask for a time limit for the punishment, and when it will come. Then remind your parents when time is up

Method 2 of 4: Recover a stolen phone

Get Your Phone Back Step 7

Step 1. Resist the urge to run after the thief

If someone stole your phone, don't try to chase them. You never know if he or she is hiding a weapon. Simply contact the police as soon as possible so they can deal with the situation.

Get Your Phone Back Step 8

Step 2. Call the police

Notify local authorities if your device has been stolen; they may be able to get him back. Leaving professionals to stolen property situations is the best choice, especially since you may be dealing with dangerous criminals. However, respect the restrictions of the police, as they may not be able to get your phone back either.

Get Your Phone Back Step 9

Step 3. Notify your mobile service provider

They can block your account so that the phone cannot be used with your name and money. They may also be able to track your phone, depending on whether you've used applications like 'Find My Phone' and other location services.

Method 3 of 4: Finding a missing phone

Get Your Phone Back Step 10

Step 1. Call your phone

Use another phone to call your phone. If your phone is on, you may find that it is not very far from you. Have a friend help you by going into different rooms and listening for vibrations or ringing.

Get Your Phone Back Step 11

Step 2. Retrace your steps

Try to remember where you last carried your phone, and go back to places you've been recently. If you went to a cafe the night before, call that cafe and ask about any phones that may have been found.

Get Your Phone Back Step 12

Step 3. Ask people you know for help

Someone you know may have recognized the phone as yours and picked it up, or may have seen where you last used it.

  • Go to a security guard. Sometimes people even give lost phones to security so check with them to see if they got lost phones.
  • Check the lost and found items and ask customer service at stores you've been to if any phones have been found.

Method 4 of 4: Search for a phone your parents stole

Step 1. Look in every drawer in your house

Parents often put phones in drawers, and sometimes don't think you can reach them. If the drawers are locked, look inside by opening the drawers above or below.

Step 2. Look in your parents' bags

They may think you won't know if they carry your phone with them, leaving your phone in their bag. You may have to do some searching to find their bags.

Step 3. Check your parents' bedroom(s)

The parental bedroom is often seen as off-limits to children, but you can prove this stereotype as old-fashioned and wrong.

Step #4. If you manage to get your phone back, take it somewhere safe

Your parents may think they accidentally put it in the wrong place if it ends up in another drawer. Put it in your room, maybe in a locked safe if you have one. This way you can get in and they can't.


  • Use the 'Find My Phone' app to avoid this situation in the future. There are apps you can download to help you find your phone in case you lose it. Make sure your location services for this app are turned on. You can turn this on via your phone's settings.
  • Put a password on your phone. This will prevent potential thieves from getting into your phone, accessing your contacts and other personal information. Choose a complicated password, keep it secret, and remember it well.

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