Block text messages (with pictures)

Block text messages (with pictures)
Block text messages (with pictures)

Unwanted text messages are annoying and can cost you unexpectedly high. Especially if you use src="" -Step-1-Version-5.jpg">

Step #1. Open your carrier's webpage or mobile app

Most carriers offer the option to block text messages or calls through their website or mobile app. For your provider, go to the following websites.

  • T-Mobile: or open the My T-Mobile app.
  • Verizon: or open the Verizon Smart Family app.
  • Sprint:
  • AT&T: Open the AT&T Call Protect app.

    AT&T Call Protect is available for Android in the Google Play Store, and for iPhone in the App Store

Block Text Messages Step 2

Step 2. Register as main account holder

Enter the username and password of your account that you use with your network provider. If it is a family or group subscription, log in with the main account holder's username and password.

Block Text Messages Step 3

Step #3. Look for the text message blocking options

The layout of the website or mobile app can be different with each provider. Use the following search options to block text messages.

  • T-Mobile: Surf to and select 'Block Message'.
  • Verizon: Select 'Subscription', then 'Block'. Then select 'Block calls and messages'.
  • Sprint: Select the 'My preference' tab. Now select 'Restrictions and Permissions' and then 'Block message'.
  • AT&T: Select 'Block'.
Block Text Messages Step 4

Step 4. Select a phone on which you want to block the numbers

If your account is linked to multiple phones, you must select which number the block applies to.

It may be that the provider requires you to add an extra function to your account in order to block the text messages

Block Text Messages Step 5

Step 5. Select the desired blocking option

The providers all have different options for blocking numbers. You have the option to block all messages, block incoming or outgoing messages, block MMS messages or block individual numbers.

Block Text Messages Step 6

Step 6. Select or tap the option to add a number to your blocked contacts list

Depending on the provider's website or app, this could be a button that says "Block Number" or "Add" or a plus sign "+".

Block Text Messages Step 7

Step 7. Enter the number you want to block

Enter the 10-digit number you want to block.

You can probably also add a number from your contacts or call history

Block Text Messages Step 8

Step 8. Select or tap on Save

This will add the number to your blocked contacts list. They can no longer message you.

Block Text Messages Step 9

Step 9. Contact your carrier for additional technical support

If you need more help blocking a number, your provider's technical helpdesk should be able to help you. Contact your provider on the numbers below:

  • AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
  • Sprint: 1-888-211-4727
  • T-Mobile: 1-877-453-1304
  • Verizon: 1-800-922-0204

Part 2 of 6: Block text messages on an iPhone

Block Text Messages Step 10

Step #1. Open the text message mailbox

This is the green icon with a speech bubble inside. Tap the icon to open Messages.

Block Text Messages Step 11

Step #2. Tap a message from the contact you want to block

If you have received unwanted messages from this contact, they will appear in your message list.

Block Text Messages Step 12

Step #3. Tap Information

It's in the top right corner of the post. It provides information about the number.

Block Text Messages Step 13

Step #4. Tap on the icon with the 'I'

This is opposite the number, and shows information about the sender.

Block Text Messages Step 14

Step 5. Navigate down and tap on Block this caller

Now the caller can no longer send text messages. At the same time, the caller will no longer be able to call you or contact you via FaceTime.

Another option is to use Settings to block text messages from someone who is in your contacts but not in your message history. Open Settings, then navigate to 'Messages'. Tap "Phone," then tap "Blocked." Select 'Add'. Now search your contact list for the person to block. Select this person, and he or she will be blocked

Part 3 of 6: Block text messages on an Android phone

Block Text Messages Step 15

Step #1. Open your text message inbox

This is usually an icon with a speech bubble inside. Tap the messaging app icon to open your inbox.

Block Text Messages Step 16

Step #2. Tap on ⋮

It's the icon with three dots in the top right corner. A menu will then appear here.

Block Text Messages Step 17

Step #3. Tap on Blocked Contacts or something similar

You will now see a list of blocked contacts.

  • The menu options can differ greatly per phone and provider.
  • If you have a Samsung Galaxy, first tap the icon with the three dots and then tap 'Settings'.
Block Text Messages Step 18

Step #4. Tap on Add Number

This will add the number to be blocked.

Block Text Messages Step 19

Step 5. Enter the 10-digit number

The entered number can no longer send you text messages. There is no notification of this.

  • You can also block a text message by clicking on a conversation and then tapping the icon with the three dots (⋮). Then tap 'Details' followed by 'Block and report spam'.
  • To unblock a contact, go to the 'Blocked Contacts' option in the menu, and tap the 'x' next to the number you want to unblock.

Part 4 of 6: Blocking text messages on a Samsung Galaxy

Block Text Messages Step 20

Step #1. Open your text message inbox

This is usually an icon with a speech bubble inside. Click the messaging app icon to open your mailbox.

Block Text Messages Step 21

Step #2. Tap on Settings

This is the last option that appears on the menu when you click the three-dot icon.

The menu options may differ per provider or older Samsung Galaxy models

Block Text Messages Step 22

Step #3. Tap on Block numbers and messages

This is under Settings.

Block Text Messages Step 23

Step #4. Tap on Block Numbers

This is immediately the first option on the screen.

Block Text Messages Step 24

Step 5. Enter the 10-digit number

Enter the number you want to block.

Block Text Messages Step 25

Step 6. Tap +

This will add the number to your list of blocked numbers.

  • The exact steps to follow may differ per Android. This depends on the operating system your Android is running on. Your phone may not have this option. If so, look for an app that blocks text messages. (see below).
  • Another thing you could possibly do is open an unwanted text message and click on the icon with the three dots (⋮). Then click on 'Block number' and then on 'Ok'.

Part 5 of 6: Using a third-party app

Block Text Messages Step 26

Step 1. Go to the App Store or to Google Play Store

Tap the App Store icon if you have an iPhone. It's a blue icon with a capital 'A' in it. If you have an Android phone, click on the Google Play Store icon. This is the icon with a colorful triangle.

'Warning' Many of these third-party blocking apps collect user data in order to resell it for marketing purposes

Block Text Messages Step 27

Step 2. Tap the Search icon (for iPhone only)

If you're using an iPhone, tap the search icon. It's in the bottom right corner.

Block Text Messages Step 28

Step 3. Type Hiya in the search bar

For Android, the search bar is in a green frame at the top of the screen. On an iPhone, the search bar is in the center of the screen. You will then see a list of apps that match your search.

Hiya is just one of the many apps that can block text messages. Other apps include 'SMS Blocker', 'Blacklist', 'Call Blocker', and 'Text Blocker'

Block Text Messages Step 29

Step 4. Tap DOWNLOAD or Install at Hiya.

Hiya has a white icon with a blue purple and pink image inside that looks like a phone. This is how you install Hiya.

Block Text Messages Step 30

Step 5. Open Hiya

You open Hiya by tapping its icon on your home screen or in the App menu. You can also tap 'Open' in the Google App store or App Store.

Block Text Messages Step 31

Step 6. Check the box and tap on Get started

By doing so, you agree to the terms of service and data policy. After that, tap on 'Get started'.

Hiya may ask for your permission for certain permissions. When asked if you want to use Hiya by default for making calls and grant access to your contacts, click 'Allow'

Block Text Messages Step 32

Step 7. Tap on Block List

It's the second icon at the bottom of the screen. It's below the icon with a circle with a line through it.

Block Text Messages Step 33

Step 8. Tap on Add a song

It is the first option in the list.

You could also use a recent call or text message to select a contact number or message from it

Block Text Messages Step 34

Step 9. Add the phone number to block

Enter the 10-digit number of the phone number to be blocked.

Block Text Messages Step 35

Step 10. Tap on Block

This is located in the lower right corner of the menu, in the middle of the screen. This blocks the number.

Part 6 of 6: Managing spam

Block Text Messages Step 36

Step 1. Reply to the text message with 'STOP'

"STOP" is the most common response to unsubscribe from commercial text messages. Try this if you receive unwanted messages from a service to which you subscribe. There's no guarantee this will work, but it's quick and easy to try. If it doesn't help, then it doesn't hurt. You save yourself a lot of time this way. Time you will most likely lose if you are put on hold with your provider to block the numbers.

If you have an SMS signature that is auto-populated in the body, don't forget to delete or disable it before sending the message

Block Text Messages Step 37

Step 2. Never reply to unknown ads

Some SMS ads are sent by automated programs specifically made to send ads to random phone numbers. In this case, answering such an ad (even just with the word 'STOP') can actually make the problem worse. An answer means to the program that there is a real person behind the number, with the result that it continues to send advertisements. If you receive SMS spam from a source you don't recognize, please ignore it. If you keep getting spam try one of the other methods.

Block Text Messages Step 38

Step 3. Report spam

Most US providers allow you to sign up for free spam messages. To report spam, copy the appropriate message and send it to 7726 ("SPAM") This special service is administered by the GSM Association. This is an industry association for major mobile carriers. By reporting spam, you not only help yourself, but also other mobile phone users to eliminate this annoyance for good.

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