Spying on text messages: 6 steps (with pictures)

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Spying on text messages: 6 steps (with pictures)
Spying on text messages: 6 steps (with pictures)

Spying on someone else's text messages can clear up a lot of things, but can also be quite tricky to do. While you can jeopardize your relationship with someone, sometimes it can also pay off to take a look at the life someone else is trying to hide from you. If you have reason not to trust someone, spying on someone's texts can be a way to find out what they're doing when you're not around.


Method 1 of 2: Spying in person

Spy on Text Messages Step 1

Step #1. Check out their phone when they are busy

This is probably the easiest way to spy on someone else's phone. Wait for the person to leave his/her phone for a while to run an errand, for example. Read the text messages quickly and view the call history.

Spy on Text Messages Step 2

Step 2. Ask if you can borrow their phone

Leave your phone at home on purpose, or claim the battery is dead. Ask their phone to make a call or send a text message. Don't be afraid to step away for some privacy while pretending to make a phone call.

Spy on Text Messages Step 3

Step #3. Watch their phone while they sleep

This requires a bit of crafty caution. If you get caught, it looks quite garish.

Spy on Text Messages Step 4

Step 4. Have a friend look for you

If you know someone you trust who has access to the phone you want to dig through, you can ask them to dig through the phone's history.

Method 2 of 2: Spying remotely

Spy on Text Messages Step 5

Step 1. Use a USB SIM card reader

These are special USB drives that you can insert a SIM card into and connect to the computer. This way you transfer all data from that phone to your computer, without deleting the information from the phone. This method also leaves no trace. The user of the SIM card will therefore not realize that his/her SIM card has been removed for a while.

Spy on Text Messages Step 6

Step 2. Join a mobile spy website

These are websites that allow you to download a discreet program that downloads the entire history of a phone and copies it to a secure server.

  • These programs are hidden; the owner of the phone does not find out that the program is installed.
  • Mobile espionage keeps track of all new changes made to the phone, and also makes a copy of the entire phone history.
  • These programs automatically save all text messages, phone calls and photos. Even if something is deleted from the phone itself, the data will be kept online.


  • If you've gotten to a point where you really need to be sneaky, it might be better to be honest about your fears and doubts. Discuss why you might have reason to no longer trust the person, rather than start spying on them right away.
  • Don't make it a point that several people see or get their hands on your phone. Be completely open about this.


  • Only use espionage as a last resort. If you get caught, it can ruin your relationship. This isn't worth it unless you're 100 percent sure you need to spy on someone.
  • Don't steal his/her phone, and don't delete/change any of his/her phone numbers. Stealing someone's phone (if you get caught) counts as theft-you can even be sued.

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