Cleaning a computer monitor or LCD screen

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Cleaning a computer monitor or LCD screen
Cleaning a computer monitor or LCD screen

If you regularly clean your screen, you can see everything much better. There are all kinds of remedies that you can buy for this, but you can also make a suitable cleaning agent yourself. Follow the steps in this article to properly clean your computer monitor.


Method 1 of 3: Cleaning the monitor

Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 1

Step 1. Turn off your monitor

That reduces the risk of electric shocks, and you can also see the dirt better on the screen.

Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 2

Step 2. Wipe off the dust with a dry cloth

Do this in slow, circular motions. Do not press too hard on the screen. Use a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth for dusting. It is best to use a large piece of cloth, because that means you are less likely to leave streaks due to the pressure of your fingers.

  • Some suggestions for non-abrasive cloths:

    • Microfibre cloth
    • Cotton T-shirt
    • Cotton handkerchief
    • Cotton tea towel
  • Avoid the following materials as they are too abrasive.

    • Paper towel
    • dishcloth
    • Paper tissues
Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 3

Step 3. Apply some detergent to the cloth

Never spray the product directly on the monitor. The liquid may drip down and irreparably damage the monitor. Instead, spray the agent onto the cloth. Do not put too much detergent on the cloth at once, as excess liquid can damage the monitor.

Read the sections below on how to make or buy cleaning agent

Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 4

Step 4. Remove the dirt with the cloth

Work in small circles and avoid direct pressure on the monitor. Let the product act on dirt accumulations for a while, do not try to scrape them away immediately.

  • You may need to apply some detergent to your cloth several times for stubborn dirt.
  • Wipe off the excess liquid from the monitor when you're done cleaning.
Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 5

Step 5. Allow the monitor to dry thoroughly

Do not turn the monitor back on until the monitor has completely dried. This reduces the risk of internal damage.

Never use a hair dryer or other appliance to speed up the drying process. Just let the screen air dry

Method 2 of 3: Making a cleaner

Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 6

Step 1. Use the correct water

Do not use tap water to make the remedy. Tap water contains minerals that can damage the screen. Use distilled water instead. You can buy this at the supermarket, or you can make it yourself.

Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 7

Step 2. Add a cleaning agent

The most popular means for cleaning a screen are isopropyl alcohol or cleaning vinegar. The choice is determined by personal preference, both means are very effective. But don't use a combination of the two.

  • Never use a product that contains ammonia, such as Glassex or something similar, it will discolor your screen.
  • In the case of isopropyl alcohol, never use more than half the alcohol in your water/alcohol mixture. In the case of vinegar you can start with equal parts vinegar and distilled water, if it is not enough you can add more vinegar.
  • Vodka also works well in place of isopropyl alcohol.

Method 3 of 3: Buying a cleaning product

Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 8

Step 1. Read reviews

Most brands claim that their remedy works the best. Before purchasing, read online reviews to see what others think of the product.

Some agents are more like a rinse aid than a cleaning agent, so always read the description carefully first

Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 9

Step 2. Buy a cleaning kit

If you do not have a suitable cloth available, you can purchase a cleaning set. This usually comes with a microfibre cloth that is suitable for cleaning a monitor or LCD screen.

Clean a Computer Monitor_LCD Screen Step 10

Step 3. Consider disposable wipes

If you prefer not to use a cloth that you have to wash yourself, you can purchase disposable cloths that are specifically intended for cleaning monitors.

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