Fix bent pins on a CPU

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Fix bent pins on a CPU
Fix bent pins on a CPU

A CPU is an indispensable piece of hardware, but it can also break quickly. If you drop the CPU on the floor or try to place it incorrectly, the pins can quickly bend. Bent pins will not allow you to place the CPU in the socket in the normal way and may cause hardware errors. Fortunately, there are some easy home remedies you can try before you spend money on a new CPU.

Choose a method

  1. Debit card: good general approach.
  2. mechanical pencil: The best method if there are only a few bent pins.
  3. sewing needle: for when the pins are strongly bent.


    Method 1 of 3: Using a debit card to fix the pins

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 1

    Step 1. Find a good workplace

    It is best to place the CPU on a hard and flat surface so that the pins are pointing straight up. Make sure to discharge all static electricity beforehand by touching a grounded metal object.

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 2

    Step 2. Find the right pass for the job

    You can usually use a regular plastic debit or gift card. Find a row of pins that are not bent. Grab a pass, hold it on its side, and gently pull it through the row of pins. When the pass is the right thickness, it should slide between the pins with some resistance without bending any pins.

    • If you don't touch the pins with the pass and you don't feel any resistance, the pass is too thin.
    • If the pass is too thick, you will not be able to pass the pass through the row of pins without bending the pins. Be on the safe side and never try to force the pass through the pins.
    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 3

    Step 3. Pass the pass through the rows of bent pins in all four directions

    If there is only a single bent pin, pass the pass through the rows around the pin, just like with a "hash" (#). This way the pin is bent straight from all directions.

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 4

    Step 4. Try to put the CPU in your computer

    If you can't slide it into the socket like that, one of the pins may still be bent. Sometimes it can be difficult to see if the pins are bent in the middle.

    Important: Do not try to force the CPU into place

    Method 2 of 3: Fix pins with a mechanical pencil

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 5

    Step 1. Find a mechanical pencil of the correct thickness

    This is the best method to use if there are some bent pins. Find a mechanical pencil with an opening that is 0.5 or 0.7 mm in size. A mechanical pencil of this thickness should fit easily around the CPU pins.

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 6

    Step 2. Remove the refill from the mechanical pencil

    There should be nothing in the opening.

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 7

    Step 3. Place the empty opening of the pencil around the pin

    Gently slide the pencil onto the pin to straighten it again. You can see from the angle of the pencil how straight the pin is.

    Method 3 of 3: Using a sewing needle for leverage

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 8

    Step 1. Find a needle of the correct gauge

    If the needle does not fit easily between two pins, it is too thick. A needle has the advantage that it is so thin that you can bend pins straight that you cannot reach with other tools.

    You can also try it with a toothpick or small tweezers

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 9

    Step 2. Slide the needle under the bent pin

    Be careful not to scratch the surface of the CPU.

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 10

    Step 3. Pull up one end of the needle

    This is how you push the bent pin up to make it straighter.

    Fix Bent Pins on a CPU Step 11

    Step 4. Review the situation to determine how to proceed now

    If the pin appears to be fairly straight, then you can try inserting the CPU. If the pin isn't straight enough, try bending it right now with a credit card or mechanical pencil as you can get under it now. You can also try the needle again to try and bend the pin straighter.

    Always be careful if you have to bend the pins a lot as there is a chance they will break


    • Try all the cards in your wallet to see which one fits.
    • Hold the CPU up to a lamp and look through it to try to find all the bent pins. If you can't place it, see if you can see some bent pins in the middle. They are hard to find and you may have missed one.
    • If you can't get the CPU into the socket, check where it seems to be stuck. If he doesn't want to in a certain corner, find the bent pin(s) in that corner.


    • On most modern CPUs, the pins of very thin iron wire are covered with a layer of gold. So they are very soft and supple and break very easily. There is no way to fix broken pins on a CPU unless you have special tools and the right skills.
    • Installing or handling the CPU incorrectly can void your warranty on the CPU (unless the CPU already had bent pins when you got it).
    • Don't forget to apply thermal paste to the CPU if you had to remove the heatsink.
    • Do not bend the pins too much. They don't have to be exactly straight. If they are reasonably straight, they will be straightened by closing the CPU socket. However, by bending the pins back and forth, they can break off.

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