How to Access a Motorola Modem: 3 Steps (with Pictures)

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How to Access a Motorola Modem: 3 Steps (with Pictures)
How to Access a Motorola Modem: 3 Steps (with Pictures)

Your Motorola router processes the signal from your internet service provider and forwards it to your network. The modem is usually not something you have anything to do with, but if you are experiencing connection problems and you suspect the modem is the culprit, checking its status is a quick and easy procedure. Follow this guide to learn how to do this.


Access a Motorola Modem Step 1

Step 1. Open your web browser

You can access the Motorola modem through a web browser on a computer or device connected to your network.

If you're trying to access your router, see wikiHow for more information. Your router is where you access your wireless network security, port forwarding, and other network settings

Access a Motorola Modem Step 2

Step 2. Enter the address of the modem in the address bar of the browser

For most Motorola modems, enter in the address bar and press Enter to access it. The page may take a while to load.

Access a Motorola Modem Step 3

Step 3. Read the status report

Once the page has loaded, you will see a status report from the modem. Here you can check if everything is working properly. The numbers shown are just a snapshot of the current status.

  • Uptime: This is the time that the modem has been on.
  • CM Status: This is the status of the cable modem. A working cable modem should be in OPERATIONAL status.
  • SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio): This is the amount of interference the signal is experiencing. The higher this number, the better, and it should indicate above 25-27.
  • power: This is a measurement value for the strongest of the reception signal. Lower values, including negative values, may indicate poor reception. The recommended range for Downstream power is -12 dB to +12 dB, and the recommended range for Upstream power is 37 dB to 55 dB


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