Create a good online dating profile

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Create a good online dating profile
Create a good online dating profile

Online dating is becoming a good way for more and more people to find a long-term partner or just a fun adventure. Your online profile allows other people to determine whether they want to contact you or not. To create an attractive dating profile, you need to write a biography that attracts attention. Also add a handful of unique photos to your account. Be positive in your profile and you will quickly attract all kinds of potential partners.


Method 1 of 3: Writing a good biography

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 1

Step #1. Choose a catchy yet simple username

You want your name to stand out from the crowd, but still fit with who you are. Avoid sexual innuendo. Make sure it doesn't sound boring. Go for a username with a pun or fun pun. A really silly or strange name can also work. A pop culture reference is also good, especially if it has meaning to you.

  • A compound name can work well. Combine a few of your interests to create a word. For example Hockey Dancer or Walking Rose.
  • Resist the urge to just put a number after your name. That looks boring, so try to be a little more creative.
  • For your own safety, never use your full name as a username.
Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 2

Step 2. Come up with a catchy title

Use the text at the top of your profile as an opportunity to make an exciting first impression. Choose your favorite quote or phrase from a movie or book that you have fond memories of. Write a short summary of the strangest experience you've ever had, or maybe something from a funny conversation.

  • For example, you might start with, "To truly enjoy joy, you must have someone to share it with," wrote Mark Twain. May I share my joy with you?
  • Don't try to put everything in this introduction. You will have plenty of room later to elaborate on certain aspects of your personality. Avoid summing points as much as possible.
  • It can be helpful to consider the type you want to attract with your profile. What are they responding to? That's the kind of information you should put here or further down on your page. When in doubt, it is always better to keep it broad and filter the comments afterwards.
Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 3

Step 3. Tell a story

The idea is that you show how your hobbies shape your life, rather than list all the points. On the most important part of the page, write a story that weaves in all the details about your personality and hobbies. The more details you can provide, the better.

  • For example, if you love to dance and travel, you can write about your ideal date for salsa dancing in Spain. Or if you've actually had such an experience, you can tell me how great it was back then. How did the music sound? What kind of people were there at the party? Make sure you end your story with a memorable closing.
  • If you really want to get creative, you can link your story to your photos.
  • You can also make a list of things you do and don't want, but more and more people are ignoring those bits because they resemble a shopping list.
Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 4

Step 4. Use vivid language

Try to conjure up captivating images with your words. Instead of stating that you were "looking at something," you can write that you were "immediately grabbed" by that same thing. Be aware that certain words are more likely to evoke positive reactions. Women get more attention if they describe themselves as easy going and sweet. Men do better when they are optimistic and confident.

Funny language is good for both men and women, because both sexes respond positively to puns and jokes in the profiles. However, don't use too many exclamation points at the end of your jokes, because that will turn a lot of people off

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 5

Step 5. Be open and honest about your intentions

If you're just in the mood for an exciting date, be honest and just say so. If you want a long-term relationship, don't be afraid to let them know right away. This, along with information about your age and occupation, will give potential partners a better idea of ​​whether or not they are a good fit for you.

If you want something for the long term, it's best not to say right away how many children you want, or how much you want your partner to earn. These kinds of topics turn people off

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 6

Step 6. Keep your biography relatively short

The entire text on your page should be no longer than three short paragraphs. Anything longer than that, as interesting as it may be, is seen as excessive. Remember that you want to spark interest and you want them to message you. Keep shortening your profile until it's fresh and confident.

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 7

Step 7. Update your profile

After you've made the first sketch, save your profile and close the page. Check it again in a day or two. When reviewing, focus on streamlining the content, checking your spelling and grammar, and removing typos. Most people skip a profile that is poorly written.

Ask a close friend to look at your profile. Have him/her send you suggestions or ideas for improvement

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 8

Step 8. Shorten everything for mobile apps

Add a special quote or maybe a piece of lyrics to your written content. Tell a funny joke or a short story. Again, avoid bullet points, because then many people drop out. Add 4-5 nice photos to complete your profile.

Method 2 of 3: Choosing good profile pictures

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 9

Step 1. Look into the camera

Eye contact builds trust, and makes you look friendly and trustworthy. The best photos are those where you look straight into the lens and give the camera its full attention, and therefore the person viewing your profile.

  • Sunglasses look very good on many people, but they do make you closed and cool. Only put one photo with sunglasses on your profile.
  • A natural look is always beautiful in a portrait. But if you feel more comfortable with makeup, just do it. Just make sure you don't put on too much makeup and that it looks as natural as possible.
Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 10

Step 2. Smile

Research shows that 96% of people respond more positively to a big smile (which shows the teeth) than to a 'sexy' grin or pursed lips. Smiling makes you look more approachable and shows others that you are happy. You don't have to put only smiling photos on your profile, because that looks weird with action photos, but try to choose as many photos as possible with a smile.

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 11

Step #3. Be the only one on your main profile picture

Your first profile picture should only show you. Then your potential admirers can instantly recognize you from all the other photos. Use a photo that shows your best physical features. The more you can see of your face and body, the better.

It's very tempting to use a selfie, but try to find another photo. Selfies often don't look very social, and the mirrored photos usually look staged

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 12

Step 4. Throw in some action shots

Include a few photos of you doing something you enjoy. Do you like football or tennis? Then add photos of you in the field or on the track. Do you do paragliding? Then show a picture of you in the air. With these kind of shots you attract people with the same interests.

An action photo is a good opportunity to show your whole body, which is often a requirement for online profiles

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 13

Step 5. Also include some 'social' photos of you with your friends

Include a photo or two of you with friends or family. Avoid the late-night-at-the-cafe photos, but choose something that shows you have an extensive social network. This shouldn't be your first photo, but it's a good choice for somewhere in the middle.

Consider obscuring your friends' faces if you know they'd rather not be seen online. You can do this with free photo editing programs

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 14

Step 6. Use only good quality photos

No one wants to look at a fuzzy photo. Post photos that are sharp, with a good background. Bright colors and lots of light is usually good. Those photos are automatically associated with cheerfulness and summer fun.

  • When people are asked to compare photos of the same person in the winter and in the summer, they are found to be more attractive and fun in the summer.
  • Professional photos can be a good option, as long as they're not too staged and uncomfortable. However, don't use a professional photo taken with a flash, as it can make you look 7 years older than you are.

Method 3 of 3: Avoiding the common pitfalls

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 15

Step 1. Focus on the positive

Reread your profile and remove all negative stories. People don't look for a partner who is down in the dumps. It helps to focus on what you do want, not the turn-offs. Tell your readers that you love hiking and the outdoors, but not that you hate sitting indoors.

  • Don't talk about your ex. Nothing is worse for a romantic mood than rehashing the past. These are all topics that you can broach when the relationship is a bit more advanced.
  • Don't write that you never expected to start dating online. That can come across as if you actually reject it, and that you feel better than people who think this is a good option (which includes you right now!).
Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 16

Step 2. Stay honest

The goal is to meet people in real life, so if you lie, it will eventually come true. Find someone who will accept you as you are. Be honest about how old you are. Add recent photos to your profile.

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 17

Step 3. Be confident, but not arrogant

Posting an online dating profile leaves you vulnerable, and some people respond by ditching all modesty. Try not to brag in your profile, especially when it comes to your personal appearance. Write about your hobbies without saying how terribly good you are at something.

For example, you can say: "I find that playing the piano helps me relax after a busy day. And I'm getting better at it."

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 18

Step 4. Be sparing with sexual innuendo

Unless you're just looking for an adventure, be careful about using sexual references. Anything you write can be misinterpreted if you're not careful.

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 19

Step 5. Avoid clichés at all times

It's never a good thing if your profile ends up reading like an old-fashioned personal ad. Even if you like long walks on the beach, it's better to mention that during a later conversation. Try to stand out in the crowd.

Instead of saying that you like to eat out with friends, mention your favorite restaurant or dish. Or tell a nice story about a dinner

Write a Good Online Dating Profile Step 20

Step 6. Leave nothing blank

When you write that you'll "tell me something later" you seem lazy rather than mysterious. Fill in all parts of your profile, even if you have to be a little creative with your information or your approach. Then you show that you put time and effort into a possible relationship.


  • It might help to dress up a bit before writing your profile, as if you're going to play a part.
  • Make sure to update your profile regularly. Add new stories and check your posts regularly.

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