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Chat online
Chat online

The internet has created a completely new form of communication: online chat. Chatting allows you to talk to your friends, family and strangers in real time, and the number of people using online chats is huge. There are several ways you can get in touch with other people to chat, and it mainly depends on the type of chat you want to use. Whether you want to talk to your grandma or meet random people, chatting requires a certain amount of responsibility.


Method 1 of 3: Find a chat program

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Step 1. Decide who you want to chat with

If you just want to chat with friends and family, you have different needs than if you want to chat with a group of people or with strangers. Which chat platform you choose depends on the people you want to talk to.

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Step 2. Use a direct chat service to talk to friends and family

If you regularly want to chat one-on-one or in a group with your friends and family, it's best to use a program or service that makes it easy to get in touch with them. Chances are, everyone you know uses at least one of the chat programs and services below:

  • Facebook – Facebook is a social network that has also grown into a popular chat service. This is a great chat program that most of your friends and relatives probably have access to. You can chat on your computer through the website or use the Facebook Messenger app to chat on the go.

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  • Skype - Skype is one of the most popular chat programs in the world and has millions of users. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and almost all mobile devices. Skype recently acquired MSN Messenger. You can use Skype for video chats and text chats, and you can create group chats.

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  • Mobile chat apps. If you spend most of your time with your smartphone, you probably want to use it for chatting. There are a number of popular programs available for mobile devices for messaging and chatting. These include Snapchat, Kik and WhatsApp. You can create an account for this for free.

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Chat Online Step 3

Step 3. Use browser chats to talk to strangers

There are a ton of chat service websites out there, many of which are designed to connect strangers through one-on-one chats. Many of these websites also allow you to video chat with strangers.

  • Chatroulette and Omegle are two of the most popular services. You cannot choose who to chat with. If you have a webcam, you can use it to video chat on these sites.
  • There are also many sites with anonymous chat rooms. Tinychat, Spinchat and many other websites have anonymous chat rooms based on different interests.
  • You can also chat via Discord.
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Step 4. Use a dedicated chat client to connect with different communities

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is one of the oldest forms of online chatting and has thousands of communities for almost every topic you can think of. IRC may seem a bit overwhelming to new users, but it is a powerful chat protocol that allows you to connect to numerous servers and even exchange files with other users.

The most popular IRC client is mIRC. You can also use a chat program like Trillian or Pidgin to connect your computer to IRC servers

Method 2 of 3: Stick to netiquette

Chat Online Step 5

Step 1. Know the importance of 'netiquette'

Netiquette refers to how you interact with other anonymous users on the Internet. Because you can communicate anonymously with others on the internet, there are many people who abuse this and do not behave properly. The first rule of netiquette is to just be polite. Without the netiquette, the internet will quickly turn into a toxic community full of trolls and people who personally attack each other.

Chat Online Step 6

Step 2. Treat the person you are chatting with like a real person

Remember that the person on the other end of your chat is real and what you say can have a significant impact on someone. Before you send a message, think about how you would phrase something if you were talking to someone in real life.

Chat Online Step 7

Step 3. Greet people when chatting

It is normal practice and a sign of courtesy to say "Hello" when entering a chat room or chatting with someone else. This is especially important in chat rooms because not everyone will notice when new people enter the chat room. Greetings help to break the ice and make people accept you a little faster.

Chat Online Step 8

Step 4. Do not spam the chat

In chatting, "spamming" means the constant sending of messages to the chat room. Avoid sending multiple messages in quick succession, and don't give short, quick replies every few seconds. Take a moment to formulate your answer, and everyone in the chat room will thank you for it.

Chat Online Step 9

Step 5. Use capital letters in the normal way

In chat, WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS IS SAYING, and people will scoff at you and get angry if you do this. You will likely be ignored or kicked out of the chat room. Only capitalize if you really want to emphasize certain words and parts of sentences.

Chat Online Step 10

Step 6. Treat others with the respect you expect

This actually applies to everything in life, but is the only way you can expect to have a good conversation on the internet. If you don't treat others with the respect you expect to receive, you will be ignored.

Chat Online Step 11

Step 7. Learn to use the correct abbreviations

There are a lot of different types of internet jargon and abbreviations that are used in different ways, depending on the person and the community in question. Communities gradually develop their own "dialect", and using this dialect is a way of belonging. Using abbreviations and internet jargon in the wrong way can make you appear as an outsider in a particular community.

Chat Online Step 12

Step 8. Adjust your grammar to the situation

When you chat with your boss, you will probably use a different grammar than when you chat with your best friend. Keep the recipient in mind when typing your replies.

Method 3 of 3: Staying safe

Chat Online Step 13

Step 1. Protect your identity

Treat your personal information confidentially when chatting with people. Don't use your real name as a username unless you trust the other person or the community. Protect information that helps others find out who you are:

  • Bank details
  • Social Security Number
  • Age, place of residence, school or employer
  • Anything that can be associated with you (such as an email address with your real name in it)
  • If you're chatting with your webcam on, make sure you don't see anything that could help the other person figure out who you are. You'll be amazed at how easily people can see things like an address on an envelope or a photo of your high school days.
Chat Online Step 14

Step 2. Know how to avoid trolling

Trolls are people who say things on purpose to provoke people. They often attack others personally in a vicious way. Trolls can make chatting difficult and trick you into giving away personal information that you really shouldn't. Learn how to spot trolls and don't fall for their tricks. The best way to deal with a troll is to ignore him. By responding to the troll, he will only continue with what he is doing.

Chat Online Step 15

Step 3. Only meet people you know from the internet in person if you feel completely comfortable doing so

From time to time, people may ask you to meet in person. Only agree to this if you are comfortable meeting a stranger. Only meet in safe, public places.

Be sure to tell a friend or family member where and when you will meet the person

Chat Online Step 16

Step 4. Pretend everything you do and say on the internet is saved

Treat every conversation as if it can be pulled out later and used against you in the most obnoxious way possible.

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