Withdraw a Bid on eBay: 8 Steps

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Withdraw a Bid on eBay: 8 Steps
Withdraw a Bid on eBay: 8 Steps

If you've made an offer on eBay, you generally can't withdraw it. But eBay understands that sometimes you can make a mistake, so there are ways to cancel your bid. Both buyers and sellers can withdraw an offer, especially if both parties agree on the withdrawal. The cancellation must be made within a certain time frame. Here's an overview of how to withdraw a bid on eBay.


Method 1 of 2: Withdraw a bid as a buyer

Cancel a Bid on eBay Step 2

Step 1. Check when the auction ends

If it takes more than 12 hours before the auction ends, it is relatively easy to withdraw a bid.

  • Within 12 hours of an auction's end, eBay allows you to cancel your bid if your bid was placed no more than an hour ago.
  • If it's been more than an hour since you bid and the auction ends within 12 hours, you may need to contact the seller.
Cancel a Bid on eBay Step 1

Step 2. Understand eBay's standard bid cancellation policy

If you want to withdraw a bid because you made a spelling mistake or because of communication problems between you and the seller, you can use the standard bid withdrawal form (the "bid withdrawal form"). eBay will allow you to withdraw your bid if you provide one of the following reasons:

  • You accidentally typed the wrong amount. For example, you bid EUR 99.50 instead of EUR 9.95. If this happens, you must immediately enter the correct amount. If you have changed your mind, this does not count as accidentally entering the wrong amount.
  • The description of an item has changed significantly since your last bid. For example, the seller has updated details about an item's characteristics or condition.
  • You cannot reach the seller by phone or email.

    If you have questions about the item but you are unable to reach the seller, you can cancel your bid.

Cancel a Bid on eBay Step 3

Step 3. Fill out the "Offer Withdrawals" form if you think you can make any of the above reasons

You must have the auction number ready and you must select your reason from a drop-down menu (explanation of withdrawal).

  • You can find the auction number in the top right corner of the "description" section.
  • Click on "Withdraw your bid" at the bottom of the auction page. Follow the instructions until you arrive at the "Offer Withdrawals" form.
  • You can also find the form in eBay's help pages.
  • If you select the reason "Wrong amount entered" you will be asked to enter the correct amount.
  • Click "Withdraw Bid" at the bottom of the form to submit the request.

Step 4. If you are unable to withdraw your bid using the form, you can contact the seller

Many sellers are willing to withdraw your offer in consultation.

  • Do contact the seller as soon as possible, remembering that it is up to them to decide whether or not to withdraw the offer.
  • If the seller does not want to withdraw your bid and you win the auction, you will have to buy the item for the amount bid.
  • Withdrawing a bid will not affect your feedback rating. But if you withdraw bids too often, sellers may not allow you to bid.

Step 5. Bids are not binding for cars and real estate

This type of transaction is very complex and eBay knows that these bids cannot form a formal contract between buyer and seller.

Insincere bidding is not allowed on eBay

Method 2 of 2: Withdraw a bid as a seller

Step 1. Go to the "Cancel submitted bids" page

You reach this page from the auction page of the item you are selling.

Step 2. Enter the reason why you are canceling the bid

You may use 80 characters or less for this. There are many legitimate reasons to withdraw a bid, including:

  • A bidder wants to withdraw his or her bid and will contact you to do so.
  • You will not be able to identify the bidder after you have made reasonable efforts to contact us.
  • You end your offer early.
  • You do not ship to the bidder's country of residence.

Step 3. Complete the rest of the form

Enter the item number, the bidder's username and the reason you're canceling the bid. Click on "Cancel Bid".

  • You can find the auction number in the top right corner of the "description" section.
  • The bidder's username can be found next to their bid.

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