Collecting Carrots in Minecraft: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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Collecting Carrots in Minecraft: 14 Steps (with Pictures)
Collecting Carrots in Minecraft: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Minecraft is a game full of diverse materials and tools to create your own unique worlds. One such material is the root. Carrots can be eaten to restore hunger points, or used to attract and breed pigs and rabbits. It can also be used to create a Golden Carrot (which in turn can be used to make Potion or Night Vision) or breed horses, and is the most common in the game, meaning you'll be less hungry. Except as noted below, carrots work the same way in all the latest PC, console, and mobile versions of Minecraft.


Part 1 of 3: Finding carrots

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 1

Step 1. Find farms near a village

If you find a place while exploring, look for farms in the area. There is a good chance - 3 out of 5 - that the villagers will grow carrots, which you can take with you.

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 2

Step 2. Attack zombies

Zombies have a rare chance - 1 in 40 - of dropping carrots when defeated. It happens sometimes, but it's generally not efficient or safe, so don't assume it.

Part 2 of 3: Growing carrots

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 3

Step 1. Use a hoe to clear some farmland

You can make farmland from grass or earth blocks. Using the standard controls, right-click (PC), left lever (console) or tap (mobile) to work with the hoe you've selected in your inventory.

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 4

Step 2. Irrigate the farmland

Each block of farmland must fit within four blocks horizontally, vertically or diagonally of a water block. The water blocks must be on the same level or one block above the farmland.

You can also manually irrigate farmland with an iron bucket made from three blocks of iron. Rain will also provide the farmland with water

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 5

Step 3. Plant your carrots

Carrots are their own seeds, so you can just plant carrots to grow more carrots.

You can find carrots through any of the steps previously mentioned: pecking farms, slaughtering zombies, or searching for naturally formed chests

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 6

Step 4. Wait for your roots to grow

Carrots take eight stages to reach maturity. You will see some orange in the farmland when the carrots are ready to be harvested.

You can speed up the time it takes for the crop to be harvested by using meat and bone meal as fertilizer. Meat and bone meal is made using one bone to produce three bone meal

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 7

Step 5. Harvest your carrots

When you harvest a carrot, you receive one to four carrots from a block of farmland.

  • Harvest by 'digging' the mature carrots.
  • Check out wikiHow online for more detailed instructions and tips on how to create effective farms in Minecraft.

Part 3 of 3: Using carrots

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 8

Step 1. Eat the carrots

You can eat raw carrots from your stash. Each carrot you eat will earn you three hunger points (indicated by one and a half filled hunger icons).

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 9

Step 2. Swap carrots with jacks

Farmers buy 15 to 19 carrots in exchange for an emerald.

Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 10

Step 3. Keep pigs and rabbits

Carrots help keep pigs and rabbits for better food. To breed an animal, you will have to bring two of them close together and then feed a carrot each.

  • Click here for more detailed instructions on how to breed animals in Minecraft.
  • If you have a golden carrot (see next step), you can breed horses and donkeys.
Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 11

Step 4. Make things using carrots (PC and console only)

There are several things you can make with some carrots and other materials. You cannot currently do this in the Minecraft Pocket Edition.

  • Carrot on a stick – Place an undamaged rod in the center left box, and a carrot in the bottom center box.
  • golden carrot-Place a carrot in the center surrounded by eight gold nuggets. Nine gold nuggets can be made by placing a gold ingot in the workbench (even the 2x2 small one in your inventory).
  • Rabbit Stew (PC only) – Place a baked potato in the center, a boiled rabbit in the top center box, a carrot in the center left box, a mushroom in the center right box, and a bowl in the bottom center box.
Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 12

Step 5. Use golden carrots to make a potion of night vision (PC and console only)

One of the main uses for golden carrots, in addition to breeding horses and donkeys, is to create potions for night vision.

  • Make a brewing stand, made using three stone slabs and a fire stick.
  • Make a Strange Potion with a bottle of water and Nether Herb (found in the Nether, usually in fortresses).
  • Make a Potion of Night Vision by adding a golden carrot to a Strange potion.
Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 13

Step 6. Make a Potion of Invisibility with Golden Carrots (PC and Console only)

Use the brew stand to add a fermented spider eye to a potion of night vision.

  • A fermented spider's eye is made using a brown mushroom (found everywhere), sugar (made from one sugar cane), and a spider's eye (1 in 3 spiders drop this).
  • Fermented Spider Eyes always reverse a potion's effect (Potion of Strength to Potion of Weakness, Potion of Night Vision to Potion of Invisibility).
Get Carrots in Minecraft Step 14

Step 7. Strengthen the potion

With either potion, you can add one of the three substances to said potion in a brew stand to make it more potent.

  • redstone-- increases the duration of operation.
  • annealing stone-makes the drink more potent.
  • Gunpowder-Turns the drink into a Splashing drink. This means that once thrown, the potion will affect everyone around. Each person gets a small or larger portion of the original duration of action, depending on how close the person was standing when the potion hit the ground.


  • Don't forget to plant some of the carrots you've harvested to make good use of farmland!
  • Remember that golden carrots cannot be eaten.

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