How to Make a Pusher in Minecraft

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How to Make a Pusher in Minecraft
How to Make a Pusher in Minecraft

A pusher is a block that can push other blocks once it is fed with redstone. Pushers can push most blocks depending on their position and adhesive pistons can pull as well. Making a pusher is very easy, as you will read below.


Method 1 of 4: Making a pusher

Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 1

Step 1. Gather the Materials You Will Need:

  • Find four boulders. Just dig rock and it becomes cobble, or dig cobble.
  • Take a red stone. You can find these underground in a mine.
  • Take a block of iron. This can also be found underground and must then be melted down.
  • Take three wooden planks. Cut down a tree, put a log in your workbench and you get four wooden planks. Three are needed to make the pusher.
Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 2

Step 2. Place all materials in the workbench in the order of the push machine recipe:

  • Place the three wooden planks at the top of the first row.
  • Place the iron in the middle row.
  • Place the redstone under the iron.
  • Place the boulders in the remaining spaces.
Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 3

Step 3. Create the pusher

When this is done Shift-click or drag it to your inventory.

Method 2 of 4: Making a sticky piston

Sticky pistons can push as well as pull. Pushers can only push. This makes sticky vacuums a lot more versatile and allows you to perform tasks that would otherwise require two pushers.

Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 4

Step 1. Make a pusher as outlined above

Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 5

Step 2. Find a slime ball

You get this by killing a slime cube. You can find slime cubes underground in certain segments. When the slime cube is killed, a green slime ball is left behind.

Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 6

Step 3. Place the pusher and slime ball in the workbench, as follows:

  • Place the slime ball in the center slot.
  • Place the pusher directly below it.
Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 7

Step 4. Create the Sticky Piston

When you're done, Shift-click or drag the result to your inventory.

Method 3 of 4: Pushing Machine Drives

Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 8

Step 1. Use any kind of redstone (dust) to drive the pusher and it will start working

The machine begins to push away the block it is placed next to. If it's a sticky piston, then it can pull a block too.

  • The trail of redstone should lead directly to the pusher. It is not enough to place the redstone next to the pusher, that does not work. It may even be necessary to bend the trail of the redstone to activate the pusher.
  • Redstone inputs include: Redstone torch, a lever or lever, a button, etc.

Method 4 of 4: Building with pushers

Make a Piston in Minecraft Step 9

Step 1. Make some items using pushers:

  • Build a drawbridge with a pusher.
  • Make an automatic door with a push machine.


  • Some blocks cannot be pushed or pulled with a pusher. For example, anvils are too heavy. Obsidian, bedrock and portals and Nether portals cannot be pushed. Pushers can't push lava or water either, but they can hold back any of these block types.
  • Pushers cannot push more than 12 blocks at a time.
  • Some items change as they are pushed. For example, a cactus, pumpkin, dragon eggs, sugarcane and jack-o-lanterns turn into drops. This can be undone by walking over them. Melons become pieces, allowing your character to eat them (you can't eat a melon if it's still whole). Spider silk turns into thread, which you can use for things like fishing line and a bow.

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