Naming a Mob in Minecraft (with Pictures)

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Naming a Mob in Minecraft (with Pictures)
Naming a Mob in Minecraft (with Pictures)

In this wikiHow article, you'll learn how to name an animal or other creature (also known as a "mob") in Minecraft using a number of characters. a name tag.


Part 1 of 2: Getting a name tag

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 1

Step 1. Gather the materials needed to make an anvil

You will need an anvil to adjust your name tag later. To make an anvil you will need:

  • Three iron blocks – For each iron block you need nine iron bars, a total of 27 iron bars.
  • Four iron bars – Adding these bars brings the total to 31.
  • You make iron bars by putting iron ore-the gray rock with orange-brown spots on it-into a furnace that contains coal.
Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 2

Step 2. Open your workbench

A 3x3 grid will open.

If you have not yet made a workbench, you can now do so by placing a wooden plank in all four creation spaces in your inventory

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 3

Step 3. Make an anvil

You do this by placing the three iron blocks in the top row of the grid of the workbench, placing three of the four iron bars in the bottom row of the grid, placing the last iron bar in the middle of the grid and then clicking the icon of an anvil click.

  • In the PE version of Minecraft, you need to tap the black anvil icon on the left side of the screen.
  • In the version of Minecraft for consoles, you can select the anvil icon in the "Buildings" tab.
Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 4

Step 4. You cannot make name tags

You can only collect name tags in the following three ways:

  • Fishing – While fishing there is a chance that you will receive a blank name tag.
  • Buy from villagers – Villagers sell blank name tags for 20-22 emeralds.
  • Looting fortresses – If you come across a chest in a fortress, in an unused mine shaft or in a mansion, there is a 22-40% chance that you will find a name tag in it.
Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 5

Step 5. Make a fishing rod

You will need three sticks and two pieces of wire for this.

You can also combine two damaged rods to make a working rod

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 6

Step 6. Go fishing until you pick up a name tag

You fish, while facing a body of water with your rod in hand, clicking the right mouse button (or tapping, or pressing the left action button) will cause you to cast a line. When the bob of your rod goes below the surface and you hear a splash, press the Eject button again.

In all likelihood, you'll catch a fair amount of fish and other junk before you land a name tag. Name cards are fairly rare

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 7

Step 7. Talk to a villager about name tags

Villages are randomly generated settlements that can be found all over the world of Minecraft. If you know the location of a village and you have plenty of emeralds, you'll probably finish faster buying a name tag than fishing for it.

To talk to a villager you must face him and then right click, tap or press the left action button

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 8

Step 8. Loot a fortress, mine shaft or mansion

There is a fairly good chance that the chests in these places contain a name tag. Since these spots are randomly generated, this method of getting name tags is terribly inefficient if you don't already know where to find a fortress/mine shaft/mansion in your world.

  • Townhouses are extremely rare.
  • As can be expected, looting a fortress is not without risk, due to the hordes of enemies.

Part 2 of 2: Creating a custom name tag

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 9

Step 1. Make sure you have reached at least level one

Your experience level-the green number at the bottom of the screen-must be at least one to create a custom name tag.

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 10

Step 2. Place your anvil on the ground

You will hear a loud "cluck" as you do this.

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 11

Step 3. Take your name card in hand

You do this by opening your inventory, dragging the name tag to your character's hotbar, and then selecting it. The name tag will appear in your character's hand.

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 12

Step 4. Select the anvil

The anvil creation window will open, with your name tag in place.

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 13

Step 5. Enter a name for your business card

You enter this in the field titled "Name" at the top of the anvil window.

In console editions, you will first need to select the field titled 'Name' and then press A or X'

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 14

Step 6. Select the name tag

This will place it in your inventory.

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 15

Step 7. Take your custom name tag in hand

Once you see it in your hand, you're ready to name a mob.

In editions of Minecraft for consoles, you can simply select the name tag and then press Y or Δ

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 16

Step 8. Find an animal or a monster

You have to be careful when naming an enemy mob (eg a zombie), but naming animals like sheep or cows is safe.

Name a Mob in Minecraft Step 17

Step 9. Face a mob and select it

As long as you have the name tag in your hand, this action will cause a text field with the text you put on the name tag to appear above the mob's head.

You can repeat this process on as many mobs as you like, as you can use the current name tag an infinite number of times


  • You can change the text on your name tag if you haven't already used it for a mob.
  • You cannot name a mob using an unformatted name tag.

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